The Skill section in your executive resume increases your credibility in front of the hiring managers as a jobseeker. The more relevant skills that you choose to add to your resume show the employers that you are capable of the job position. It is needless to say that employers pay more attention to the skill segment. Thus, while applying for the job, one needs to be very sure about the skills they share.

On the one hand, where the professional resume writers will suggest you go through the job posting before applying for the job, to understand the relevant skills that you can add, they can also advise you some other skills to add to.

Here are the 10 best skills that you can include in your executive resume:

must have skills in executive resume

  1. Active Listening: To become a great problem solver, you need to be a good listener first. You can’t rely upon your assumptions while working effectively. An active listener is also patient at the same time and that is how a job seeker should be.
  2. Communication: Most of the job postings you will see may include communication skills to be an ongoing requirement, but even though there is not any mention regarding the same, you still need to have excellent communication skills. At least that is what the hiring managers expect.3
  3. Customer Service: Whether you are applying for a service industry job, or a company which manufactures goods, you need to face the customers in both. Either it is directly or indirectly, you need to stay connected with the expectations of the customers. Excellent customer service leads to significant profitability and when you are good at customer service, that is more like one of the key skills for resume.
  4. Computer Skills: You don’t need to have any computer skills until you are in the stone age. But in the current scenario, you need to have computer skills which are more than the basic. From the job posting, you will know the computer skills that you must add to your executive resume.
  5. Management Skills: While LinkedIn profile writing, you must have found this segment, which asks for the management skills that you have acquired so far. You also need to create a visual resume with specific management skills which demonstrate that you are capable of applying for the job position.
  6. Problem Solving: The hiring managers understand the importance of having a problem-solving skill. While you are well equipped with a recommendable problem-solving ability, it makes them believe that you can face any barrier and problem in the business process gracefully. If you have polished your problem-solving skill with time, don’t forget to make mention that to your executive resume with relevant examples.
  7. Leadership: If you have previously worked with an organization and have managed a group of people with outstanding leadership qualities, your executive resume needs to have a mention regarding that. While you are working with an organization, you will sooner or later have the opportunity to lead others. If you have a leadership quality, the hiring managers must know that through your executive resume.
  8. Time Management: Though it is a must for everyone to value the time, still time management is counted as a management skill that you can add to your executive resume. No employer will ever like any job seeker who doesn’t value time or can’t perform on time.
  9. Adaptability: When you are adaptable to new and every situation, it becomes easy for you to perform productively. When you quickly adapt to the surroundings, people and ambience, all of them no longer stay the reasons for you for not being able to perform efficaciously. Every organization looks for such a professional who has better adaptability.
  10. Transferable Skills: Transferable skills are those which you have acquired while working with the past employer. These are the skills which help you when you are going for a job change. Ambition, creativity, empathy is some of the transferable skills that you can mention in your executive resume.
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