10 Road Trips in India You Must Take Once with Friends in a Lifetime

It doesn’t generally make a difference what you do or how old you are, everybody merits somewhat outside air from time to time. We can all utilize a Road Trip to shed old skin and carry on a bit, de-stretch, overlook our inconveniences and gain some affectionate experiences en route. Here is the list of amazing and lovely places where you must go once on Road Trips in India in your lifetime!

Road trips are the out of sight way to cloying your urge and get out of daily work life. Leave behind the everyday drama and escape to serene. Pack your bags, kick your motors and make memories which feed your soul.

10 Road Trips in India
10 Road Trips in India

If you are willing to explore India well, Road Trips are the ideal way to do it. Nobody can give you a better company than your Friends. You may wonder where to go next? EduMovLive suggest you a few wonderful Road Trips in India that can be best done with friends.

10 Road Trips in India:

Here’s providing you a very short list of the top best road trips in India to take before you give up the ghost.

1. Road Trip from Maharashtra to Gujarat : Mumbai – Rann of Kutch (620 km)

Take a detour from Mumbai, the city of dreams to Rann of Kutch, land of white desert. Mumbai is the city which never sleeps, its always glistening.
10 Road Trips in India

Rann of Kutch is the place where blue sky meets the white land. Explore the road from Mumbai to Rann of Kutch and escape from city lights to smack in the middle of nowhere. Witness the serenity throughout the road trip.

2. Road Trip in Andhra Pradesh : Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley (114 km)

Twined up with enticing winsomeness of lush greenery on both the sides of the road. Mountains and hills on both sides of the road provide a picturesque view throughout the road trip.

10 Road Trips in India

Vishakhapatnam being a port city is one of the largest and highly populated city of Andhra Pradesh. Whereas Araku valley is in Vishakhapatnam district, where a variety of tribes live in.

10 Road Trips in India
10 Road Trips in India

3. Road Trip from West Bengal to Sikkim : Darjeeling to Pelling (73 km)

Give a treat to your eyes and soul via this road trip, the journey from a lush tea garden giving you the aroma of finest tea leaves to reaching the view from the third highest peak of the world.

A very tranquil road is constructed from Darjeeling to Pelling. You can stop at various tea stalls and each one of them will provide you one of the gnarly tea you might have ever had.

10 Road Trips in India

4. Explore Roads of Old Silk Route (68 km)

Old Silk Route is one of the ancient networks which cultivated quid pro quo of Western civilization and Oriental. In Sikkim, Jelep La Pass is connected via this route to Lhasa in Tibet.

10 Road Trips in India

Head from Gangtok, Sikkim and end to Nathang Valley. While on the trip you will get to see Thambi view point, Mandakini waterfall, and Menmecho lake.

10 Road Trips in India

5. Road Trip from West Bengal to Odisha : Kolkata to Puri (498 km)

The scenic greenery and villages on both sides of this road will delight you as much as the destination will. Take a weekend trip heading from Kolkata to Puri and visit various pilgrims like Jagannath Puri and Konark Sun temple.

10 Road Trips in India

At the off shores of Puri beach witness the heavenly sunset. We would recommend you to leave Kolkata before dawn.


6. Road Trip from Himachal Pradesh to Jammu-Kashmir : Manali-Leh Highway (823 km)

The photographic view of mountains and hills covered by snow clads will make you stunned. Many of the roads are at high altitudes which are challenging in its own way for the riders.

10 Road Trips in India

Amidst the road trip, you will get to see a panoramic and artistic view of Rohtang Pass which is located at an altitude of 3900m and 52 k away from Manali.

10 Road Trips in India

7. Road Trip from Telangana to Kerala : Hyderabad to Kannur (886 km)

One of the well-known nature’s treats in south India, Kannur and Hyderabad is the city which is known for its narrow lanes, chai shops, Nizams and brimming market areas.

10 Road Trips in India

Once you reach Kannur, experience the private beaches in Kannur. It will be a road trip which ends at peace.


8. Road Trip from Kerala to Tamil Nadu : Pamban Bridge (441 km)

Pamban bridge is a scaffolding bridge connecting Pamban via Rameshwaram island to Tamil Nadu. This bridge is survived by clean blue water all around which will leave you stunned.

10 Road Trips in India

A back fence talk is heard regarding this bridge, a man lets his son die to save thousand of other people’s lives. It is a boon for the bike riders.

9. Road Trip from Rohtang Pass to Chandratal Lake (37 km)

Rohtang Pass is located at a high altitude in eastern Pir Panjal Range which is 51 km away from Manali. whereas , Chandratal lake is located in Spiti district at an altitude of 4,300 metres in the Himalayas.

10 Road Trips in India
10 Road Trips in India

On your way to Chandratal lake from Rohtang pass, get the breathtaking view of mountains, greenery, and aroma of lush green forests.

10. Road Trip from Jammu-Kashmir to Himachal Pradesh : Leh-Srinagar Highway (414 km)

On your way from Leh to Srinagar, travellers will get some eye-popping views on the road. Riders will witness the spectacular change in contrast of nature’s colour of mountains.

10 Road Trips in India

Leh is considered to be the place which is mandatory to be visited by each one, once in a lifetime.

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