10 Things Every Film Maker Can Learn From Mollywood Movies

Malayalam movie industry is one of the best movie industry in India. This industry did produce some of the best talents in the country. If you are a celebrity in the Mollywood, people are going to treat you like a demi-god on the earth. People love movies in India, and they go crazy for movie stars.

People check the latest Malayalam movie news to keep themselves up to date with the most recent happenings in the industry. Why do people go crazy for the movies that they make in Mollywood is one question that is haunting people and filmmakers across the globe?

10 things that movie enthusiasts and filmmakers can learn from the Malayalam Movie industry.

If you are planning to become part of the film fraternity or merely a movie enthusiast, here are some things that you can learn from the Malayalam movies. You will not discover these things anywhere else:

Slow and Draggy: Outsiders’ view on Malayalam movies is that they are quiet and lengthy. The director seems to take his own sweet time to narrate a scene. But, when it comes to Bollywood, Tollywood, or Kollywood, filmmakers are in a hurry to wrap up the movie as soon as possible.

When you compare Mollywood movies to Other industries, you will see that the narrative in the Malayalam films is very descriptive. You are not going to miss a thing in the play. But, movie scenes in other industries do not make sense as they are half-baked.

No Ego At All: The moment ego enters, any artwork will destroy. In every other film industry, celebrities and filmstars focus more on what they are going to get out of the movie they choose.

Since heroes get godlike treatment, they never settle for anything less. In Mollywood, actors do not mind to work in any role that is exciting as long as the plot requires it. They do not mind sharing screen space with other co-stars. As a result, they did make some of the best films in India.

Low Budget Is All Fine: The present trend is that in most of the other movie industries, filmmakers spend a lot of money to produce movies. Some movies are made out of 100 to 300 crores budget only to become a disaster at the box office.

But, most of the Malayalam movies now are created with a low budget, but they keep the cash registers ringing. These ventures are quite beneficial to the producers and all other technicians and actors that work on that film.

Songs In Other Countries: These days, in most of the industries, it has become a norm for people to go out of the country and dance to the tunes that the music directors compose.

But, in Mollywood, filmmakers do not take their actors out of the country for shooting the song sequences. They create the entire song sequence within the country, if possible, in God’s own country.

Influence the People: Most of the Mollywood movies get inspired by real-life events. They try to drive a change in society by focusing on problems that are plaguing the country, especially the state. All the movies focus on aspects such as sex, religion, drugs, politics, and adultery. They take controversial subjects to create exciting plots that keep the audience glued to the climax.

Women Make a Difference: While most film industries are still using plots that have a misogynistic approach, Mollywood is swiftly drifting away from this path. In almost all the movies, people no more view women as sex objects, brainless, or as eye candy.

Women Centric Movies: A few films in Malayalam did focus on bringing some of the best women-centric roles on the screen. There are no item songs in any of the Mollywood movies, which is an excellent thing.

The Human-Like Characters: While most of the film industries are busy creating characters that are larger than life, Malayalam movies stick to human-like characters. They do not want to make films that make no sense and waste time of a film-goer. With an emphasis on the plot and fascinating, controversial subjects, people are going to have the best time.

Welcomes Fresh Talent: Mollywood is always on the lookout for fresh talent. They look for youth and new faces who can make a difference in the movie industry. It is one industry where people from all religions and communities make a name for themselves if they have the talent and skills.

Writer Get the Recognition: In almost all the movie industries in India, you will observe that the credit always goes to the director, no matter how good the plot is. It is only in the west and the Malayalam movie industry that people give credit to the writers.

Even if you check the latest Malayalam movie newsyou will notice that if a film does well at the box office, the reporters give the entire credit to the writer.

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