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20 Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Japan

Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Japan- Hey, so you are planning to travel to Japan! That is a fabulous decision. Japan is the truly fascinating destination. It has its unique cultural sides, mesmerizing natural beauty, and attractive technology. Not only must you be aware of the fantastic Japanese cuisine. As Japanese people have a unique and distinct language and culture, as a traveller have a lot of things to know about Japanese culture and other dos and don’ts before heading to this beautiful country. Otherwise, you may have to fall into awkward situations which you surely do not want. Don’t worry. You are the right place.

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20 Things You Should Know Before Traveling To Japan:

Here you will get to know what you should do in Japan and what you should not and many others pieces of information that we bet; you will be very helpful for your tour.

1.) Always Have Sufficient Cash In Your Pocket: In Japan, you should be careful about certain things like having enough money in your wallet. As cash rules Japan, if you want to buy food, drinks, medicine or anything in most places, the payment method is only via cash. Suppose you enter in the restaurant and order some delicious food, and later you find out that they only accept cash and you hardly have that in your pocket, you can surely guess how awkward the situation is going to be. Though some department stores or big hotel accepts credit cards, it is better to be prepared with enough yen because foreign cards are not accepted in most of the Japanese ATM.

Always Have Sufficient Cash In Your Pocket

2.) No 24 Hours Metro Service: Well, you might be quite surprised to know that in Japan there is no twenty-four hours metro service. Despite being such a developed country with all kind of conveniences, this system can give you a tough time if you do not plan your night out properly. So leave early for stations if you do not want to miss the train because at night once you lose the last train, it may not be a charming situation if you are not very adventures person. It is better to be through the doors between 11:30 pm and 1 am. In case you miss the train you can opt for cabs to reach your destination, but that can sometimes be quite pricey. So you must keep these in your mind for a hassle-free night plan.

avoid metro service in japan

3.) Keep These Things In Your Mind In The Japanese Restaurant: Though it is better to avoid entering restaurants and coffee shops, if you are on the budget because it can cost you quite a lot and be buying biscuits, cakes, noodles, etc from local shops, can help in such situations. But in case if you want to taste some authentic Japanese cuisine or try some popular restaurant foods in Japan. There are some things you have to keep in mind. For example, you are willing to pay the bill after the meal you can cross your foreigners in the shape of ‘X’ and the waiter immediately will come to your table with the bill. Sometimes there are also buttons to call the waiter. Other things you must not tip the waiters. It is considered to be very offensive and unacceptable. If looking at the menu is making you confused about what to order, you can indicate something from the displayed plastic food replicas. When you enter the restaurant, wait for the few seconds for the waiter to direct you to your particular table. Make sure to take off your shoes when you enter into a traditional Japanese restaurant.

Keep These Things In Your Mind In The Japanese Restaurant

4.) Your Tattoos Are Not Going To Be Appreciated: We understand that there may be a lot of stories behind your tattoos and they are the artistic expression of your soul. But there are certain things to know before going to Japan. If you have tattoos, Japanese people consider tattoos as a taboo. Because tattoos are related to criminals there named as yakuza gang. That is why you cannot enter any traditional Japanese place if you are inked.

Your Tattoos Are Not Going To Be Appreciated

5.) Buy Rail passes: If you follow these tips for traveling in Japan it is going to be very helpful. Buying a Japan rail pass can save you a lot of money. Moving around a specific region can be very easy if you do this. An unlimited pass, valid for countrywide is going to make your journey quite trouble free as you can access buses, bullet trains, ferries, computer trains with the help of this pass. Apparently, there is certain validity period of these passes like seven, fourteen or twenty-one days. If you buy JR passes even before arriving in Japan, you have to validate the passes at a JR office showing your passport and voucher.

Buy Rail passes japan

6.) Japan Is Safe Country: If you are wondering if the country is safe enough then stop worrying right now. Japan is featured on top lists of world’s safest nations. If you are a female and want to travel solo and hesitate at the same time for safety reasons, then you can buy your tickets right now. But that does not mean that you can neglect your security. Do not flaunt your cash or provoke anybody and if you stay away from shady remote places, then it is and wisely.

Japan Is Safe Country

7.) Learn Basic Phrases: Japan gives value to etiquette to another level. So there are some necessary things to know before traveling to Japan. It is crucial to learn some basic Japanese phrases and gestures. For example, you must learn to say “thank you,” “excuse me” or “please.” Because in Japan only a few people speak English as they take pride in their nation’s language. Not only should you also stock some essential keywords for the bathroom, exit, karaoke, etc so that you can ask for help when you need. It is better to prepare yourself than to face problems.

japanese Learn Basic Phrases

8.) No Hibachi Restaurants: If you love those fleshy Japanese restaurants and expect the chefs to juggle knives like dream or put onion stacks on fire and cook the meal in front of you then you must be disappointed to know that these are not available in Japan. You can expect a teppanyakirestaurant maximum. In most Japanese restaurants you have to cook food for yourself tableside. Though for some people it is cool we are sorry for the rest.

No Hibachi Restaurants

9.) Be Self-Sufficient With A Translator: Be it a menu in restaurants or sign on the road or station, it is better not to expect English translation because apart from significant tourists spots there will be hardly any English translations. So you have to stock Japanese words. You can help of translators but be prepared. You can go ahead with language translator device as well.

Be Self-Sufficient With A Translator

10.) Driving Or Walking On Road Tips: You have some important things to know before traveling to Japan. The driving and walking direction are different from the US. In Japan, you have to walk on left side of the road or drive on the same side. You have to park your car on the left. Not only that, left side of elevators or escalators are used in Japan.

Driving Or Walking On Road Tips

11.) Essentials You Need To Carry: When you are in Japan, you must take a map indicating your destination name both in Japanese and English. It is much convenient to roam around a new place. You should carry a tissue paper or a hanky for hygiene purposes as you will be using a lot of public toilets. Do not forget to carry a notepad along with a pen so that you can write down or draw anything if someone does not fathom your language. You can surely take a camera but make sure if the place where you want to capture is permitted for photography.

Essentials You Need To Carry in japan

12.) Dig Into Department Sushi: Sushi in Japan can be very expensive for valid reasons but no need to worry if you are a sushi lover but your budget is not that high. It is not always possible to splurge on chirashi. But that can stop you from delicious sushi.

Dig Into Department Sushi

13.) Research Before Going To Any Animal Cafés: The concept of animal café might be cool, but before going to visit any animal café make, sure to research on the place thoroughly to know if the area is animal-friendly or not.

Research Before Going To Any Animal Cafés
‘Cat Time’ (Neko No Jikan) cat cafe opened in 2004 as Osaka’s first cat cafe where customers pay by the hour to enjoy the company of cats, Osaka, Kansai region, Japan, Sunday, Jul 3, 2011. Osaka has ten cat cafes.///Osaka Cat Cafe

14.) Nomihodai An Exciting Place For Alcohol Lovers: Do you want unlimited alcohol? Then enter into the Nomihodai at Izakaya. In Japanse language the meaning of ‘Nomi’ is ‘drink’ and ‘hodai’ means ‘all you can,’ so, in a word, Nomihodai means ‘All-you-can-drink.’ One thing, you have to keep in your mind, you get a limited time to drink all you want, and that is maybe one hour to two hours for 5$ to 20$. Some terms and conditions will be applied to your deal. You should ask before you buy. Sometimes you may be asked for entrance charge. But it is cent percent guaranteed that you are going to enjoy the whole thing.

Nomihodai An Exciting Place For Alcohol Lovers

15.) Use Quite Speaking In Public: As well as everything else you should know the primary things to know before going to Japan. Practice quite speaking when you are in public place. Use your minimum voice to share your feelings with others and avoid using excess words when you chat in public. People of Japan are conscious at the time of talking because they want to keep their conversation private.

Use Quite Speaking In Public

16.) Things You Should Restrict Yourself: Gesturing with your fingers to someone, taking pictures of someone without their consent, greeting someone strangers in public with saying a ‘hello,’ speaking loudly or losing your temper, all are serious no-nos in Japan. So be careful to handle any situation that does not make your day worst. People of Japan do not want to upset someone. Moreover, they are worried about this fact. Don’t take their ‘yes’ about something as their appreciation because they mean ‘no’ in some cases when they are not comfortable.  You should read their mind through the indirect form of communication.

Things You Should Restrict Yourself
Traveler taking photo in Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine

17.) Smoke In A Specified Area: Do not smoke openly in restaurants. More or less every restaurant in Japan has a smoking spot, where you can smoke freely. Sometimes you will be surprised to see, that there are smoking areas in outside too. So avoid smoking publicly.

Smoke In A Specified Area

18.) Their Thoughts Behind Wearing A Surgical Mask: If you notice somewhere, surgical mask on someone’s face, you may think that he/she is trying to avoid germ then you would be wrong. In a matter of fact, when people in Japan do not feel well, they use to wear it so that they can stop the spreading of germ to their colleagues, friends, and family.

 Their Thoughts Behind Wearing A Surgical Mask

19.) Small Gift Means A Lot: As you cannot tip in this country, you can offer a little something of appreciation when you are impressed by their service. This may be a keychain or a souvenir of your country. It can be anything but make sure to thank them and bow to show them respect. This is one of the significant things to know about the Japanese culture. They will feel ashamed if they don’t have anything to offer you in return, so avoid making a too big deal.

20.) Experience Traditional Hotel Of Japan: If you want to give a royal treatment to yourself or your loved one then you should know about ryokan, Edo period which are the traditional Japanese inns from the early of 17th These will give you a unique hotel experience. You can sleep tatami mats which are rolled onto the floor. You can get traditional Japanese breakfast and can experience communal bathing facilities. It will not be, but you can take these amazing experiences for at least one night and make your dreams real.

Experience Traditional Hotel Of Japan


Japan is a beautiful country to visit. The climate of Japan is delightful that you never feel uncomfortable. Everyone knows that this country is known as ‘the land of rising sun.’  Sometimes you can come in contact with nature, and you will fall in love with the fantastic view of this country. Their infrastructure is another thing to see. The people of Japan are well hearted, and their culture will surely attract you. So don’t worry, make a solid plan before your trip, follow the above tips for traveling to Japan and go. Happy journey!

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