4 Oris Watches That Screams Luxury

It’s hard to pick a singular watch from a brand if you truly like what the company is producing. Watch enthusiasts know that when you invest in one brand, you’d need to have at least three of its best timepieces – or at least the best ones for your taste and need. However, with brands in the mid-range category that markets themselves as an affordable luxury, you can go ham with your selections.

In this article, we’ve collated the best Oris watches you can buy. The below watch suggestion is only for those who are looking for quality luxury brands. Even though there are many other luxury watch brands out in the market, I’ve picked Oris just because of a few features which you will get to know when you go through the whole blog post. From a classic diver’s watch to a versatile timepiece you can wear on any occasion, Oris has never been without options. Founded in 1904, Oris got its name from a nearby brook on the company’s first headquarters. When you get an Oris watch, trust, and believe that you are getting its history and heritage. Here are the best watches from the Oris brand. Let’s see one by one in brief:

Oris Watches- Big Crown Pointer Date

Big, beautiful, and bold. These are three words that aptly describe the Oris Big Crown Pointer Date watch. Classically handsome, it’s one of the many Oris watches you can wear on special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries. The watch’s style skews to more vintage styling, but it’s versatile enough to be worn at any event.

Under the hood, you get a 36mm green dial – not the biggest – but the magic lies on its crown. The crown accentuates the watch’s face to make it look bigger than it really is. You get an in-house automatic movement with a pointer date mechanism, 26 jewels, and a power reserve of 38 hours. For the crystal, you get top of the line domed sapphire on both sides and a stainless steel case.

Oris Audi Sport Black Dial

If you want your watch to be a thing that will attract attention instead of blending in the background, you’ll find that the Oris Audi Sport Black Dial is the perfect fit for the job. At 44mm, everybody will gawk at it. And with the titanium finish in matte black, it certainly is a looker of a watch.

The leather strap is perforated to breathe, fitting nicely on average-sized wrists. The crown has bi-directional bezels, made from a complementary black ceramic material. Luminous hands adorn the black dial, with an automatic winding chronograph movement powering the watch inside. It’s part of a limited edition collection, and your best bet of getting it now is second-hand.

Oris Diver Sixty-Five

A classic among watch enthusiasts, the Sixty-Five is as iconic as the brand itself. There are three subcategories for this diver’s watch: the Sixty-Five, the Sixty Five with a period on it, and the Sixty-Five Chronograph. We’d say if you have the dough, get one of each, but if you’re gunning for just a singular model, we’d say go for the Sixty-Five Chronograph in black dial and stainless steel.

Looks-wise, the watch won’t be a slouch in a room full of Rolexes and A. Lange’s. Its multi-steel bronze case is as premium as it looks, with domed sapphire on both sides. The crystal is anti-reflective as well – you won’t have to worry about readability in full sun, as well as scratches. Water-resistance is at 10 bars, so pool parties won’t be a problem.

Oris Men BC3 Day-Date

The BC3 collection of Oris has been its default pilot watches, but since evolved into something more experimental, then commercial. But at its innermost core, these watches are still pilot watches. The BC3 Day-Date in particular, is a handsome watch, with 16 models for you to choose from. Its styling is more on the casual side, with nylon buckles and straightforward dials.

You can opt for stainless steel straps though, but with the watch’s silver and blue dial, it’s more recommendable if you pair NATO straps with it. The movement inside is an in-house automatic winding day-date, with 26 jewels, and a 38-hour power reserve. Top crystal is an anti-reflective flat sapphire, with stainless steel see-through mineral glass for the back.


Oris has been privately-owned since its conception, and it still is one of the Swiss watchmaker companies that aren’t part of the bigger conglomerates, like Omega and Swatch. Its marketing program is based on its operations, opting for accessibility rather than exclusivity. That’s why you probably have a local Oris dealer in your area. I hope that this piece of blog helped you in deciding which luxury watch to go with. Your comments are suggestions are most welcome in the below comments box.

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