5 Crazy Things About Google You Didn’t Know Before

Every day you are using google. Do you know that there are some cool facts about Google that you didn’t know before. EduMovLive.com  collected come of those amazing things about Google. Here, you can see 5 Crazy things about Google you Didn’t Know before

There’s no doubt regarding it, Google is that the leader in search. However what you did not know? Google will do such a lot of. Google affords it’s workers the flexibility  to have fun and make some terribly cool projects. Generally, these  projects become like  the cutting room floor, and generally, they become one thing nice.This fast guide can showcase some cool things that you simply will do with a fast Google search that you simply most likely had no plan about!

This fast guide can showcase some cool things that you simply will do with a fast Google search that you simply most likely had no plan about! So here are 5 Crazy Things about Google That You Didn’t Knew Before.

Crazy Things about Google:-

When Google was launched as a search engine it was a basic search engine. But with time it has evolved to a new height. Now Google is the best search engine, with some of the Best App that can ever be contained in one box.

1.Translate symbols or characters by drawing them

If you go to Google Translate, there’s an option where you can manually draw things like Chinese characters, which will then be translated for you into English.

crazy Things about Google

crazy Things about Google
Crazy Things about Google

2. Google India is already one of the 10-most-visited sites in the world

Google is one of the most likely search engine used by net users for searching. It is one of the India’s  website which receives  more page views or visits as compared to any other search engine website. It gets approx  1.3 billion page views a month on PCs alone. so it becomes the  world’s 10th-most-visited website.

3. View and Play all the old doodles.

By clicking on “I’m feeling lucky” without anything in the search bar, you will be presented with all of Google’s old doodles and games back until when they started in 1998.

crazy Things about Google

Play Google Doodle Over Here

4. Set a Timer

If you set  any amount of time on google, which is followed by “timer”,  so you will get a countdown, and you can even make it sound an alarm at the end.

cool Things about Google
5 Crazy Things about Google

5. Play zerg rush

Another bit of proof that Google  does not want you to do your work. Destroy the Os by clicking on them before they destroy the rest of the page.

crazy Things about GoogleSo these were the simple 5 Cool Things about Google that you didn’t know. We will be back with more information and facts like this. Keep connected to EduMovLive.com for more updates.

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