7 Types of Fashion Clothes You Must Own

With the sales coming up, there’s always that temptation to get yourself new clothing. And, with thousands of colours and styles available, the choice of selecting what to buy is very complicated.

Whether you are a fashionista, buying clothes for work or simply love dressing up, there are some fashion clothes that every woman must own. These are classic styles that never go out of fashion. Once you have these wonderful clothes in your closet, you can mix and match them with your existing and new purchases to form classy, timeless outfits.

Types of Fashion Clothes You Must Own

If you are wondering what these are, then have a look at our post below. We have listed the top 7 fashion clothes that should be a part of your wardrobe.

1. A White Tee

Versatile and trendy, the white tee shirt goes with many outfits. You can wear it on jeans, pants, slacks and even with a skirt. For more formal occasions, a white tee shirt can even look amazing under a smart blazer. What makes a white tee a must-have is that it matches any colour in your wardrobe and it looks smart for a casual as well as semi-formal dressing. While wearing a white tee shirt, make sure it is always ironed crisply as a crumpled tee can look sloppy.  

Types of Fashion Clothes

2. The Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress or LBD as it is commonly called is a dress that never goes out of style. Available in so many styles, the LBD is special because you can customise it to suit your personality and body type. Year in and year out, the LBD has always featured in the trendiest clothes for the season and has been sported by celebs to awards, gala shows and even rocked by fashionistas and fashion influencers. The dress is an amazing choice for an evening do and looks stunning when paired with the right jewellery.

Types of Fashion Clothes

3. Dark Denim

Some consider the dark denim to be a party jean, but it is not just that, it’s an excellent piece of clothing for work, a semi-casual event and even for a lazy Sunday brunch. Just like the white tee, you can pair a number of fashion pieces with dark denim. Go for a cool look with a printed top or a graphic tee or go corporate with a formal shirt, you’ll look stylish in a pair of dark denim jeans. Choose either skinny style or boot cut. If you are feeling adventurous, culotte dark denim jeans are also a good choice for a fun evening on the town.

Types of Fashion Clothes dark denim

4. Peplum Top

Peplum is one style that comes into fashion so often through the years that it always makes sense to have a few pieces in your closet ready to wear when the time is right. Whether it is for work, play, a night out with the ladies or shopping with your gal pals, a peplum top lends polish and femininity to your ensemble. Pair it with a denim skirt, leggings or jeans and you’ve got yourself a look that’s often featured on the trending list of magazines and fashion portals.

Types of Fashion Clothes peplum top

5. A Blazer

A blazer instantly transforms your outfit into something dressy and chic. You’re gonna need something stylish and modest to wear to a business meeting or a fashion outfit to a formal event on those cold evening, the answer is a good blazer. It is just the right fashion accessory to have.

Types of Fashion Clothes blazer

6. Ankle Pants

Slim ankle pants are a flattering style for almost any body type and they’re formal enough to wear to work, too. For days when you just want to head outdoors in summer and are too lazy to dress up, a nice pair of ankle pants will serve you well. Put on a top or a striped shirt over it and you’ve got yourself a fashionable look. Ideally, you would want to stick to ankle pants without any designs or patterns.

Types of Fashion Clothes ankle pants

7. A types of fashion Cashmere Sweater

The office AC and winter can be hard to tackle. It gets cold and you’re often uneasy and uncomfortable. For such occasions, you can beat the heat with a cashmere sweater. It’s oh so luxurious and cozy – perfect to feel at home away from home. Stylish, trendy and a classic, a cashmere looks extremely fashionable and stylish when paired with a top over jeans. Or wear it with a cool corduroy skirt and tights for an edgy and retro look straight out of the 70s. No matter how you wear it, one thing is for sure: your cashmere sweater will never go out of style.  


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