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72% Indian Companies Faced Cyber Attacks in 2015

72% Indian Companies Faced Cyber Attacks in 2015– Cyber Crime threat has become an enormous problem in India, there are about 72% Indian companies cyber attacks in 2015 with monetary expand spying the most motives, additional by skilled services organisation KPMG on Monday. According to  professional services firm 94 % respondents 94 % respondents indicated that cyber-crime is a major risk which is  faced by organisations, but however amazingly solely %  indicated that it forms a part of the board agenda,” the KPMG Cyber Crime Survey Report 2015 prepared by KPMG in India.

72% Indian Companies Faced Cyber Attacks in 2015
72% Indian Companies Faced Cyber Attacks in 2015

Indian Companies Faced Cyber Attacks in 2015:

The Report of Cybercrime Survey 2015 has been disclosed on Monday by KPMG in the presence of Mumbai Police Commissioner Ahmed Javed in India, makes an attempt to analyse the readiness of organisations in India to touch upon cyber crime and incidents by unearthing its process and its extent, besides highlighted preventive measures to touch upon this menace. over 250 respondents from the likes of CIOs, CISOs, CAEs, CROs, COOs and connected professionals from across Asian nation participated within the survey.

According to Mohit Bahl, Partner and Head Forensics, KPMG in India, cyber criminals have understood the potential of an illicit financial gain and have begun behead highly extremely technology-driven frauds.

He also said that , “These cyber-frauds, by nature, are complicated and troublesome to find. Organisations need to strengthen their cyber incident response process along with building strong interruption and detection systems. Cyber forensics, therefore, is changing into a essential element of fraud investigations”
The Bombay police contains a dedicated cyber police office and is unceasingly strengthening itself by enterprise training to deal cyber-crime cases, he aware. “It is important for the citizens, each corporates and people, to remember of cyber risks and not fall a prey to the phishing scams.

Javed said, “We are enterprise a drive to educate  and build an awareness among peoples  with relevancy cyber-threats”

Cyber Attacks in 2015
Cyber Attacks in 2015

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