10 Amazing Facts about Australia that may Surprise You

Free time is the most precious currencies in this modern world, and if you are a nature lover, then visiting Australia is the best decision. Touring Australia with families and friends is a beautiful experience which you will remember only by the best things like the beach in Australia, exotic flora and fauna and charming and friendly people along with the facts about Australia.

Australia is a country with amazing places to visit. Australia’s island has numerous and most unique destinations like pine trees, national parks, beaches, peaceful nature, and a lot to appreciate.

Interesting Facts About Australia That will Amaze You

1) Australia has more Kangaroos than People

Several data report that the total Kangaroos population now stands at nearly 50 million. There were almost 45 million kangaroos back in 2016, which means more kangaroos are found in Australia than people!

Australian Kangaroos
Australian Kangaroos

2) Aussies love Vegemite

Wondering what Vegemite is? Who, you may wonder, is vegemite? Vegemite is an Australian food item one must at least taste once in their life. It is a thick spread containing various vegetables and spices made from the leftover brewers ‘ yeast extract. The Australians typically apply the Vegemite spread on the pastries, cracker biscuits, crumpets, toast, and sandwiches.

3) Dingo Fence of Australia is longer than the Great Wall of China

I bet you did not know one of these amazingfacts about Australia. We all know the Great Wall of China. It is famous all over the world, and it’s truly spectacular. Did you know that the dingo fence in Australia is longer? The fencing of the national dingo reaches 5600 kilometers. Amazing isn’t it?

Dingo Fence
Dingo Fence

4) Australia is the sixth-largest country across the world

Many people don’t consider the land below as one of the world’s largest nations, but the total area is a whopping 2.9 million square miles or 7,69,2 000 km². That’s slightly smaller than the continental U.S. But with only three people per square kilometer, Australia is the least densely populated country.

5) Australia has more than 10,000 beaches

Do you know that there are more than 10000 beaches in Australia? Phew! If you plan to visit one beach a day in Australia, then you would take around 27 years to explore these 10,000 beaches in Australia.

beaches in Australia
beaches in Australia

No doubt sailing, as well as other sports on the water and the beach in Australia, are so popular! If you have plans to visit Australia then you can book your stay in resorts near Australia.

6) Do you know an Australian drink 96 liters of beer in a year?

Besides Goon (the famous cask wine), the Aussies often enjoy a beer. They drink 96 liters of beer per annum on average! Isn’t it one of the most surprising facts about Australia?

7) Australia has the longest Straight Railway Track

The Trans-Australian Railroad passes Australia’s Nullarbor Plain from the Port Augusta in the southern Australian to the Kalgoorlie in West Australia. It contains the longest stretch of dead-straight railway track in the world, a total of 478 kilometers (297 mi) between Ooldea’s 797 km west post and Loongana’s 1275 km west post.

Straight Railway Track Australia
Straight Railway Track Australia

8) Wildlife of Australia

Australia enjoys exotic flora and fauna because of the remarkable isolation for 1000 years. Right from the Kangaroos to quokka, they are the big draw for the tourists.

Australia is another home to around 10 of 15 most poisonous snakes and spiders in the world. Also, Australia has saltwater crocodiles and sharks in huge numbers. Some other animals include cassowary, the funnel-web spider, stonefish, and the blue ring octopus. Another interesting fact about Australiais that Australia has over 150 million sheep, whereas the population of Australia is around 20 million.

9) Australia is the smallest Continent but the biggest Island

One of the interesting facts about Australia is that it is the world’s largest island and the smallest continent. Australia is the only nation to govern a whole continent and its outer islands. The mainland is Earth’s largest island and the smallest continent.

Australian island
Australian island

Few scientists have declared that the Great Barrier Reef was dead in 2016, but the coral reef that is largest in the world is still alive. The interesting facts about Australia are that the Great Barrier Reef is visible from the space being so large and must be protected from pollution.

10) Dialects and Language in Australia

Throughout Australia, there are more than 200 different languages and dialects spoken, including 45 indigenous languages. Mandarin, Vietnamese, Arabic, Cantonese, Greek, and Italian are the commonly spoken languages in Australia apart from English.

On the whole, Australia is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy your holidays. It has prettiest spots genuinely.

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