The Anointed of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome brings the gospel to your living rooms.

Renowned man of God, the great Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (D. Sc., D.D), teacher, televangelist, healing apostle; as Founder and President of the Christ Embassy has heeded the calling of spreading the gospel unto all nations. Through the newly launched cable TV, the able man of God will be passionately executing the extraordinary works of God in the United States and the different corners of the world. “Go thither and preach the gospel,” seems to be the driver of the anointed Chris Oyakhilome. Through the blessed cable TV network, the anointed of God, the one and only Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, together with other ministers of the gospel will be on an outreach mission to transform lives. Cable TV network is really a sign of God’s doing.

Christ Embassy is an established God’s ministry, fortified with faith and a clear demonstration of the works of God. Under the stewardship of the great Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the ministry is serving God’s purpose in US, UK, Nigeria, and South Africa, transforming people’s lives. The renowned man of God, and the anointed one Chris Oyakhilome has been ministering through authorship, prophetic ministry, and healing. Millions of people stand as witnesses of the work of the Lord as manifested through Pastor Chris. For real, it is the call of God, to have such a worldwide outreach.

The launch of the Lord’s instrument, the cable TV network, by Pastor Chris, will be presided over by his covenant brother and a mighty man of God Benny Hinn. The Loverworld Inc. which is the other name of the ministry will be seeking to strengthen the faith of believers. It is the shared platform where sermons will be taught, miracles will be aired, confessions will be made, and prophetic healings will take place. It is surely the platform for God’s doing. It is time to reach every household with God’s presence.

Cable TV channel is based in California, USA though thanks to the internet it is available globally. Ideally, the blessed network will be airing a series of shows that will be a blessing to the lives of many. From apostolic crusades, informative conferences, power breakfasts, special sermons, prophetic insights, to Christian news; all this in one – the Loveworld USA. Important and renowned men of God, such as Kenneth Copeland, Marylin Hickey among other mightily used servants of God will be ministering. Besides, the patrons Pastor Chris and his covenant brother Pastor Benny Hinn will be presenting flagship programs which will be reaching you one on one.

The channel and the ministry are surely the doing of the Lord, the tune to a blessing and a transformative life. As Pastor Chris and Benny have said, they delight in the demonstration of God’s work through the network, not in the US alone but worldwide.

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