Australian vs American Wedding: The Differences

Australian vs American Wedding: If marriage is on the cards, you must be looking for wedding ideas. Most of the articles that you will find online are about American Weddings. Even though there are a few similarities, you can easily distinguish between Australian vs American Wedding. You need to know about them if you are an Australian who is planning his/her wedding. Let’s look at some of these differences:

1. Both Of Your Parents Will Walk Down The Aisle

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In the US, only the father of the bride walks with her down the aisle. But that is not the case in Australia. Instead, both the parents have to accompany the bride while she is walking down the aisle. Moreover, the parents often walk down the aisle with their son as well. This is not typically seen in the US.

2. Receiving The Bible

In the US, it is pretty common for the wedded couple to get gifts from their friends and family. The same tradition is seen in Australia, but with a difference. One might gift the couple a bible. If you are having a Christian Wedding in Australia, you will receive a bible for keepsake after the wedding. The bible that has been passed down might be extremely old and present in the family for generations.

3. A Ceremony Involving The Guests

Australian weddings have a ceremony where the guests have to participate, known as the ‘unity bowl’ ceremony. In this ceremony, the guests need to fill up the bowl with different colored stones. This ceremony takes place during the wedding ceremony. This ceremony has a deeper meaning for couples. Different colored stones represent different qualities, people, and values. The couple gets the bowl after the ceremony. It is a sign of unity and support towards the couple from their friends and family. However, this ceremony is not that common in an American Wedding.

4. No Rehearsal Dinners

Rehearsal dinners are a part of American weddings. Before the actual wedding, friends and family of the couple are get together to eat dinner. However, this is not the custom that is popular in Australia. In Australia, only 30% of the women have thought of including rehearsal dinners in their wedding ceremony.

5. Didgeridoo is quite common

Whether or not you have an Australian or American wedding, the music is crucial in both cases. In an American Wedding, a DJ or a band is in charge of the music. But things in Australia are a tad bit different. Apart from the wedding band, you might be able to hear a low and smooth sound at weddings. If you do, the sound is made by an instrument called Didgeridoo. It is an indigenous musical instrument in Australia and is played during the wedding. Guests do not play the Didgeridooall the time, but you might be able to hear it at one point or the other.

6. The Couple Might Skip Dinner

In an American Wedding, there is always a dinner arrangement after the wedding. But that is not the case for Australian Weddings. The couple in an Australian Wedding may only choose to serve champagne and appetizers. But the appetizers are available in huge quantities for the guests to drive away from the hunger.

7. Smoking ceremony

The name might be misleading as it does not involve cigarettes. The smoking ceremony at Australian Weddings is quite common. Plants and herbs burnt for their healing powers, and then the smoke is waved over the couple to bless them. This ceremony is not common in American Weddings. Guests are in charge of this smoking ceremony.

8. Stone ceremony

Stone Ceremony is a crucial part of Australian Weddings. A lot of couples prefer including it in their wedding celebrations. In this ceremony, the couple has to throw a stone into a river, which symbolizes staying together despite the changing environment. According to several reports, this ceremony started when the early settlers in Australia were broke and couldn’t buy an engagement ring. However, such kind of ceremony is not common in American Weddings.

9. Lamingtons are important

In American Weddings, a three-tier cake is a must. However, that might not be the case for Australian weddings. Also, most Australian weddings have cake. The guests prefer having Lamington as dessert.

These are some of the customs which make Australian Weddings a tad bit different than American Weddings. Apart from these differences, you also need to keep in mind to choose the right wedding photographer to capture your happy day. Make sure to plan for your wedding with a lot of time on your hand. Remember that apart from planning, you need to enjoy your wedding day as it is a lifetime experience.

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