15 Awesome Things to Do In Sri Lanka

Srilanka is famously called by two different names. The pearl of the Indian Ocean this name is given this country, or to the island nation because of its unmatching natural beauty the country has got, and the extraordinary biodiversity it has. The shape of the island is like a teardrop and is located off the coast of India, which makes it very easier to see in maps. This is the reason it called the teardrop of India. The country covers an area of 25,332 mi2, which is a little larger than West Virginia, a state in the US. But in Srilanka, the wildlife is very diverse.

It’s home of around 123 species of mammals such as elephants, crocodiles, and leopards. It has got 178 species of different reptiles and 277 species of different kind of birds and various other amphibians’ species. It has a very diverse culture and landscapes which are spread in various regions of Srilanka. Visting this country is considered to be one of the most adventurous things to do. There are many things to do in Srilanka like hiking, underwater diving, visiting wildlife sanctuaries and parks. Srilanka attractions places are world-famous. The food and culture of Srilanka are unique.

Here are some of the Awesome Things to do in Sri Lanka-

1)    Hiking at Adams peak –

In Srilanka, Ella is a spot for hiking. Some of the hike views are phenomenal in Ella, and the region is best known for beautiful mountain ranges and tea plantations. If you want to enjoy some of the most unforgettable views without any hiking then Adam peak is the best treck to do so.with a beautiful sunset.it is one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka.mainly trails start with inline which is moderate with further tea plantations. It will take you up to 1141m above sea level. The trail is properly marked, and it has well-maintained stairs and paths to treck and to walk. There are various places and viewpoints where you can take perfect photos once you reach the top of the Adams peak. As you continue walking along the ridge, the trail which is present will get wider and wider. Once you reach the top, you can have a 360-degree view. It a place which gives you unimaginable views and also an ideal way to spend the sunset time, don’t forget to visit the arch bridge and Ella rock.

Hiking at Adams peak
Hiking at Adams peak

2)    The train journey from Kandy to Ella-

The train journey from Kandy to Ella is one of the most important things to do in Sri Lanka.This epic, and the scenic train journey is not just for Sri Lankans or people who are visiting from nearby countries, but it is for the whole world. The most amazing thing about this train journey is that the ticket cost is just $1.50. During the train journey, you can easily walk through carriages; you can purchase snacks and foods if you want from the vendor who is present. You can open the door easily and watch the tea plantations as it passes by. The train will cross through many bridges and villages. View from both the side of the train will be breathtaking. The train will pass through vast tea plantations, farms, and villages overlooking the mountains. For a moment you will be having a green view of the lush forest, and suddenly it will change to woodland.

3)    Safari at Kaudulla Park –

If you have visited Srilanka then don’t forget to visit the kaudulla national park it is one of the best things to do in Sri Lanka.it will a lifetime experience for you. Here in this park you will be taken into an open jeep and will start your jungle safari. You can spot various types of monkeys and owl during safari. You will get a chance to view massive heard of elephants mainly near the lake as elephants visit lakes to drink water. You can see calves following their mother and many more adventurous things which will give you a wildlife experience.

Safari at Kaudulla Park
Safari at Kaudulla Park

4)    Yala national park –

Yala national park was made a wildlife sanctuary in 1900, and later on, it was made national park.eariler this park was used as a hunting ground under British rule. Yala park is home for 215 species of birds and 44 varieties of mammal.it has got the biggest population of leopards, sloth bears, jackals, spotted deer, crocodiles, and peacocks. The best time to visit this park is around February and July.

5)    Sunset at Dalawella-

Once you have visited Srilanka, the next thing you must have thought about it what to do in Sri Lanka, and it is one of the important factors. So you don’t have to worry at all you should visit the dalawella beach. The rope swing of a palm tree at dalawella beach is world-famous.it is a perfect place to have afternoon fun and to watch the sunset and to hang out with your friends. This beach is present in the town of Unawatuna in the south of Srilanka. Once you have completed the things to do in Colombo, you can take a train from Colombo to dalawella beach, which will only take two hours and the cost of traveling is very cheap. The swings which are now world-famous were built by guys who work at dream cabana just for fun, but later it became the most talk of the town spots to visit in Sri Lanka. Dream cabana is a guest house on this beach.

Sunset at Dalawella
Sunset at Dalawella

6) Udawalawe park –

Udawalawe national park is famous for elephants and also other animals like leopards and also various types of birds. Elephants present here are very large in number because of the udawalawe reservoir, and it is one of the important sources of water for the elephant. There around 600-700 elephants present in this park, and you can easily spot them. The diversity of udawalawe is very rich. You can also spot wild boras, water buffaloes and peacocks.

7)    Gal vihara-

It is a Buddhist temple at Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka. It is also a world heritage site. Srilanka has various specimens for Buddha statue, which are made with solid stone. The sculptors of gal vihara are of maximum expertise and greater skill. Gal vihara is a shrine of Theravada Buddhism like other Buddhist shrines. Gal vihara shows the influence of Buddhism and Mahayana during the 12th century. The stupa was constructed by king parakrambahuin between 1153-1186 a.c.

Gal vihara
Gal vihara

8)    Abhayagiri dagoba –

The most important to do in Sri Lanka is to visit the place. This colossal dagoba was originally 100 meters and was also one of the greatest structures in the ancient world. The height was only comparable with the pyramid of Giza in ancient times. The view of this monument is magnificent, abhayagiri Dagoba is about 75 meters high above the forest floor. Here you can have a look at large footprints of Buddha on the northern side, and on the eastern and western side, you can have a look at moonstone, which is made up of concentric stones.

9)    Climbing the Sigiriya rock

It considered eight wonders of the world. Its architecture is truly astonishing. This fort is has seen many invasion and wars, making it a historic site.it is one of the best tourist places in Sri Lanka.it is 370 meters above the sea level and 200 meters high than the forest below. This ancient fortress consists of various abandoned waterways, canals, and wells.

Sigiriya rock
Sigiriya rock

10)    Nine Arch bridge in Ella-

It spans around 91 meters and has a height of 24 meters. One of the wise things to do in Sri Lanka is to visit this place if you are with your friends.it is famous for its beautiful and magnificent nine arches and which is especially located in a dense forest. Near it, tea plantations are done. The Bridge was built between demerara station and Ella during the British period.

11)    A road trip is a must if you have visited Srilanka-

The best things to do in Sri Lanka are to take a road trip on the south coast of Sri Lanka. You can get a car or a bike on rent and go through each town that comes in your way, and you can stop for shopping and can some coffee at every beach you come across.

road trip sri lanka
road trip in Sri Lanka

12) Explore the markets in Srilanka-

You can explore various markets in Sri Lanka as there are large numbers of markets present in this country. You can have some local dishes and new fruits and can meet some of the local vendors.

13)    Lords restaurant-

After completing your whole journey to various tourist spots of Sri Lanka don’t forget to have a good meal at lord’s restaurant. It provides dishes of both eastern and western flavors. The Srilankan and Thai curries are very famous. It is best to have cocktails.

lords restaurant sri lanka
lords restaurant sri lanka

14)    Pidurangala rock –

One of the best to do in Sri Lanka is to visit pidurangala rock, which has very different features like a mirror wall and the lions paw. Despite having a temple, it has a more natural feel.  It is a popular spot of watching the sunrise. Many tourists visit this place only to see this sunrise.

15)     Get a tattoo carved in your body in Srilanka-

One of the most exciting things to do in Srilanka if you ever visit this country is to visit tattoo studios. You can choose according to your choice. You can have various designs of tattoos at a very nominal price.



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