Behind the Scene Video of Dilwale Movie: Real Heroes of Action Movie

The thing about Rohit Shetty is that when you think about his movies, you think of cars flying. It’s something of a joke now – you know there’s a Rohit Shetty movie coming up. So you ask how many cars he’s blowing up this time. You see the trailer of a Rohit Shetty film. Your attention goes to the cars and explosions. You meet Rohit Shetty at an event, and the first thing you say is rueful, “what did you do to those cars, man?!” Not because of anything else, but because everyone only thinks about the cars, not the guy who’s inside the car putting his life at risk just to execute a major stunt. Here is a video that will surely touch your heart, the Behind the Scene Video of Dilwale Movie.

Behind the Scene Video of Dilwale Movie:

Why the team of Dilwale has come out with this incredible behind the scenes video, where they show you the kind of work that goes into an action sequence. It features an extensive conversation with Rohit Shetty and snippets from the stuntmen and action directors who make it all happen.

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We all know how much Rohit Shetty loves cars and actions. A trailer of his upcoming movie Dilwale and we start talking of the number of cars he would be blowing. Rohit many times in his interview has been even questioned as if he had some sort of jealousy with those cars. Rohit Shetty’s films are known for its incredible action sequences. The cars and the explosions have always thrilled the audience and kept them at the edge of their seats. The Dilwale team has come out with a breathtaking Behind the Scene Video of Dilwale, in which they show us the kind of work that is put in to create an exciting action sequence. The video features an interview with Rohit Shetty and interesting snippets from the action directors and stuntmen.

Dilwale is one of his biggest movies and he seems to leave no stones unturned for this. He has come up with the biggest stunt team from Bulgaria and South Africa for the highly nerve-racking stunts in his forthcoming movie.

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Behind the Scene Video of Dilwale

This time, Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are busy with the promotions of their upcoming film Dilwale. The duo recently made an appearance on a Malayalam TV show. Much to the surprise of the audience, SRK and Kajol recreated a romantic scene from the classic film Chemmeen and also recited dialogues in Malayalam. Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale will see the reunion of this much-loved on-screen couple after several year. The film is slated is slated to hit the theaters on December 18.

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