Best Hill Stations near Bangalore for a Relaxing Vacation

Hill Stations near Bangalore – Bengaluru is famously known as “SILICON VALLEY OF INDIA”. Also, this city is known as Sandalwood as it houses the Kannada film industry. Bangalore is a city which has a multi-religious, multi-cultural and a multi-racial character which is signified by its numerous religious places and so because of its multi-cultural aspect, Bangalore is also known as “GARDEN CITY OF INDIA”

Planning a quick road trip to hills, why not go for Bangalore, away from the hustle of the city, spend a relaxing time with your loved ones. While Visiting Bangalore, a visit to Bangalore hill station is a must. The demography of Bangalore city is best suited to attract tourists to its nearby hills along with the well-connected and maintained road network thereby making ease for road trips.

Some Hill Stations Near Bangalore for the Perfect Vacations –

Being in Bangalore never lets you get a shortage of its hill stations, Bangalore hill station are those places which you can never get bored off, they prove to be so relaxing that you may opt for them anytime during vacations.


Nandi hill station near Bangalore within 58 kilometers. If one is looking for a short relaxing break with not much travel, you may opt for Nandi Hills. Adding to it Nandi hills Houses Tipu Sultan’s summer place on its top. The best time to visit the Nandi hills is from October to June. You can go for paragliding here if interested. Also one can get an amazing view from the top of hills to be captured or to get clicked with.

nandi hills
nandi hills


Coorg is mainly known as “SCOTLAND OF INDIA” for its amazing lush gree view. Coorg is also famous for its coffee plantation and also possesses some of the spices plantations which one can visit as well and could buy some coffee to take back home if interested.

From an amazing view and weather, it also offers visitors with its golf and trekking options. Visiting Coorg in monsoon has its own amazing experience and apart from it the best time to visit Coorg hills is October to march, it is near Bangalore at around a distance of 255 kilometers


Yana is something different from all the above hill stations near Bangalore, as it is a secluded region situated in Sahyadri mountains in the abundantly green forests. It offers nature’s view for the best thereby providing you with the best view for mountains, calm waterfalls, holy temples as well as vast rock formations and various other natural elements to be seen. The temple is a well-known pilgrim spot for the trek and is situated at a distance of 460 kilometers from Bangalore The best time to visit Yana hills is January, September, and October.

yana hills
yana hills


Horsley Hills is a perfect relaxing location at an altitude of 1265 meters and if you are a nature lover, it is specifically enchanting and has ample species to be a spot like Beedi leaves, Bluegum, Eucalyptus trees and Sandalwood and so on. Gangotri lake and environmental parks are two of the places to be visited here out of many. The best time to visit here from February to May and it is situated around 166 kilometers from Bangalore.


Yercaud hills is a comparatively small town but its big when it comes to mature and amazing landscapes. The pleasant weather adds to its beauty and joy of having a vacation here. There are numerous things one can go for such as hiking, trekking, boat rides, etc. This place is mainly known for its plantation for coffee, guava, orange, cardamom, and black pepper. It is situated at a distance of 228 kilometers from Bangalore and the best time to visit this place is October to June.

yercaud hills
yercaud hills


It is a places to be visited for a must of you are peace and a nature lover as this is counted as the most popular hill station near Bangalore due to its lush green forests and tall-stunning mountains. And also you could go for trekking if interested. BHADRA and TUNGA could be spotted here specifically for pictures. It is situated at a distance of 240 kilometers from Bangalore and the best time to visit here is September to march


Kemmangundi is the perfect place to disconnect with the world and it unwinded in its beauty. Raj Bhavan, Z point, Rock Garden, Kalhattagiri falls and so one are some of the main attractions of this place. This place is situated at a distance of 245 kilometers from Bangalore and the best time to visit this place is from September to April.



OOTY is a perfect romantic place to be visited during the march to June or from September to October along with its beautiful botanical gardens, lakes and lush tea gardens. The main attractions are Ooty lake, St Stephen’s Church, Doddabetta Peak, and Kalhatty waterfalls. It is situated at a distance of around 272 kilometers from Bangalore.


Agumbe is best hill stations for a large family group or friends or for an office trip as it is less crowded hill stations near Bangalore among the ones and has a peaceful vibe and a perfect climate making it a perfect trekking spot. It is situated at a distance of around 340 kilometers from Bangalore and the best time to visit this place is November to February.



Kodaikanal is a most peaceful hill station near Bangalore at an altitude of 7000 ft. above the southern tip of the upper Palani hills and is situated at 469 kilometers away from Bangalore. It offers various attractions such as Coaker’s walk, pillar rocks, Silver Cascade and so on. The best time to visit here march to June.


This small hill town has so much in it such as its food, its places, its amazing view and so on. One cannot complete his trip here without going to Sentinel rock falls and Kanthanpara falls. The best time to visit here March to June and it is situated around 275 kilometers away from Bangalore.



Munnar is a most visit place for nature and animal lovers as it is home to national park and Himalayas (specifically the highest peak of the Himalayas in the south region ), along with it has many attractions such as seeing endemic animals, relaxing at the lake and mattupetty dam, and exploring the various museums. The best time to visit this place is April to August and it is situated at 438 kilometers from Bangalore.


Vilparai a home to cascading waterfalls and also to the tea and coffee plantation sites along with it one can observe the fauna including the animals such as gaurs, monkeys, elephants, deers, etc. It is situated at a distance of 418 kilometers from Bangalore and the best time to visit here is June to August.


It has dense lush forests along with the waterfalls and also offering the visitors the place to hike and also one can get amazingly good pictures here. The best time to visit here is September to January and is situated at around 392 kilometers from Bangalore.



One of the most famous hill stations near Bangalore is Kudremukh which is a sub-range of western ghats and has over 6000 ft. high namesake peak, cool weather, immense greenery, diverse wildlife and so on. The best time to visit this place is March till May and is situated at around 332 kilometers from Bangalore.


This hill station is situated at around 296 kilometers from Bangalore and the best time to visit here is March till May and this place offers dense mist touching the ground along with the green forests with an uninterrupted silence and the best place to beat the heat of Bangalore.


Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in the state of Karnataka, with an altitude of 6300 ft high giving you an amazing experience of trekking in western ghats. The best time to visit here is September to April and is situated at a distance of 265kilometer from Bangalore.



The cool place is situated at a distance of 239 kilometers from Bangalore and it has Dolphin’s nose point and sim’s park, Lamb’s rock and some other similar attractions.


Kolli Hills offer its visitor with attractions such as Tampcol medicinal farm, sidhhar caves, and various other viewpoints and also it is situated at around 259km away from Bangalore.


Brahmagiri is a hill station near Bangalore at about 253 km from it and along with that it has an altitude of around 5276ft. The dense forests and grasslands are the main peaceful attractions of this place.



Sakleshpur is a hill station near Bangalore at around a distance of 221km from it and is surrounded by greenery, clear-blue sky, located between the Bisle reserve forest serves regional fauna to be seen here.


Pushpagiri is home to Kumara Parvatha, and various other attractions like a wildlife sanctuary and trek points too. It is situated at a distance of 256km from Bangalore.


Billigiriranga Hill is homes to many animals like sambhars, barking deers, wild dogs, and sloth bears and so on. It is situated at a distance of 177km from Bangalore.


Yellagiri is located in Tamil Nadu and is around 159km away from Bangalore, it serves as a paradise for the ones who love peace and nature. It also offers paragliding and hiking space.

paragliding in yelagiri
paragliding in yelagiri


Hogenakkal is a small set of various waterfalls where one can sit and observe the fall taking a dip in a section of a plunge pool, it has an amazing view and is situated around 128km away from Bangalore.


Kunti betta is a location for night trekking, this is the hill where Bhima killed Bakasura. Once you reach its top you could see the lights from houses gleaming like stars, this is situated around 126km from Bangalore.

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