Best Places to Visit in January for Hot Weather

With New Year holidays January has been a month for fulfilling travel enthusiasm. Commonly, the weather remains at the colder side during January in most parts of the world. However, there are some parts where the temperature remains on the hotter side. Indeed, these are considered the best places to visit in January. People in search of such a destination can go through the following recommendations.

Best Places to Visit in January Around the World

All these destinations are quite soothing from temperature perspectives and are safe enough to be visited with the entire family.

Cape Town:

Cape Town indeed is one of the best places to visit in January. This one of the prominent cities in South Africa has been a favorite among travel passionate. Being specific about January, the climate remains perfect for the tourists. It feels like soft summer days. The maximum temperature felt here during the January days is around 27 degrees Celsius. Though there remains a possibility of slight drizzles, that is quite rare. In short, the environment remains fantastic for tourists.

Cape Town
Cape Town


Sydney is another one of the best places to visit in January. This southeast part of Australia has been a prominent attraction among tourists. To be specific, people from around the globe visit the very renowned Opera House. Moreover, this is one of the finest destinations to travel during January for the perfect weather it provides. This is the hottest phase of the year in Australia. The temperature, on average, remains around 27.4 degrees Celsius during these days. The possibilities of rain also remain there due to humidity. But, this is not an issue for travellers as it doesn’t last long. Rather, the wind speed of around 15 mph makes it perfect for the tourists to visit.


Here comes another one of the best places to visit in January. This eastern Caribbean territory has been one of the favourite travel destinations for many. Specifically, it attracts a lot of visitors during the New Year days of January. The average temperature remains around 29 degrees in Barbados in January. Beaches in Barbados have been the favorites among many. The wind speed of around 12 mph is quite soothing as well for the body. One may enjoy the fun festivals at different parts of Barbados during these days. It’s the best part of the year to visit Barbados for the adventure freaks. Starting from scuba diving to rafting, all types of activities can be enjoyed being here. Specifically, the stays at the resorts are fascinating, having incredible views around.



The Bahamas has always been one of the best places to visit in January. It can provide tourists with incredible sunshine for at least eight hours every day. To be specific, the north part of the Bahamas is a must recommendation to be visited during January days. The temperature constantly remains around 27 degrees throughout here. Wind speed is also excellent. No reason to worry about the rain and all. Interestingly, it can be both a nice summer and winter destination for travel enthusiasts. However, considering the fact that the number of summer destinations is lesser, it is more preferred during the hotter days of January.

Zanzibar Archipelago

This is one of the best places to visit in January with the entire family. In comparison to the above destinations, the temperature remains slightly higher. Maximum temperature can reach around 32 degrees here in the Zanzibar Archipelago during the summer days. It varies between 25-33 degrees. However, the soothing wind speed never allows the humidity to dominate. This has been one of the favorite destinations among surfing passionate. Most importantly, don’t miss the special January mangos here in Zanzibar being a tourist; it’s tastier than you expect. Rain is not a threat.

Zanzibar Archipelago
Zanzibar Archipelago


Cuba undoubtedly is one of the best places to visit in January. Talking about temperature, it remains around 27 degrees during the day time under the sun. The temperature gets cooler obviously during the evening times, remaining around 16-17 degrees. This sort of temperature can be felt all across Cuba. People interested in warm places to visit that should be culturally rich can find Cuba an excellent option. The best part is that despite being sunny, the UV threat doesn’t remain here in Cuba. In short, it provides the healthiest sunshine during the day times. Moreover, Cuba has been one of the excellent destinations to be visited along with the whole family.


Tanzania is certainly the best place to travel in January. However, the chances of rain remain a bit higher in comparison to the other places mentioned above. Still, the temperature level remains soothing enough for a satisfactory visit. In general, the temperature remains around 25 degrees during January here in Tanzania. Talking about activities, those interested in safaris can find it an excellent place to be at. In fact, it’s always been a special destination among wildlife enthusiasts. Moreover, Tanzania tour can be accomplished at a much lesser budget in comparison with the above-mentioned places. Those interested in exploring wildlife from very close are recommended to visit Tanzania during January. It can be an excellent destination to visit with the entire family during January.



Florida has always been one of the best places to visit in January. No matter you visit during the early part of the month or the later, the temperature remains equally excellent. In fact, summer in Florida is comparatively longer in comparison to others. Temperature can reach around 33 degrees during this part of the year. Specifically, central Florida is a must-visit during summer. This kind of environment remains there till April here in Florida.


Tasmania is certainly one of the best places to visit in January. In fact, the month of January is the hottest of all seasons in Tasmania. This makes Tasmania witness tourists flocking at the highest rate during January. The temperature level remains around 25-27 degrees throughout the season here in Tasmania. Wind speed remains perfectly soothing for the travelers. The incredible environment is the reason that summer festivals are organized all over Tasmania. There are enough options one can have regarding adventure activities as well. It is an absolutely fantastic place to be visited with the entire family.

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