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Brothers Movie Reviews and Rating- One of the Best Movie of Akshay Kumar

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Brothers Movie Reviews- An excessive drama, brothers spills a lot of blood and creaks profusely of bones on the way to establishing the primacy of brotherly love. The movie has loads of both- emotion and drama. This action drama movie is directed by Karan Malhotra and produced by Hiroo Yash Johar and Karan Johar as well. The movie is the official remake of the English Movie Warrior which is released on 14th August 2015 on week of Independence Day.

Brothers Movie Reviews and Rating:-

Bothers received mixed to negative reviews from critics labeling it as not thrilling enough. At this time it works for the emotion to seep in but many times over-elaboration dilute the punch. For those who are fans of a good mix of emotion and action could love brothers for its nature to shuttle between the two. But if you have not watched, this could be a novelty for you. Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra have literally put their blood and sweat into the characters they play. A well-deserved clapping for these two actors, which are not only look convincing as brothers but also as the mean machines that they turn out to be. Action is familiar ground for Akshay, but even off the ring he plays the role of helpless father and helpless son effortlessly. Sidharth goes about doing his job with a lot of sincerity and dedication.


Brothers is a huge disappointment on the account of its slow pace and lack of emotional connects. The movie gets mixed reviews by the audience and movie experts and has collected 3 out of 5 points. At the box office, the movie will enjoy huge treads over the weekend due to Independence Day holiday and lack of credible opposition at the cinema halls. The real struggle for the movie however will start from Monday onwards, which would turn out to be the deciding factor of the destiny of the movie. This movie is for both family and youth. Although the youth would enjoy it a tad bit more as Akshay and Sidharth give you one of the best Bollywood action scenes ever. Brothers makes for one great weekend watch, that you just ought to see. The two brothers compete for the MMA championship and end up facing each other in the ring at one point with end in a fantastic final.

Movie plotting:

Brothers remake of the highly entertaining and presentation packed 2011 film Warrior. It is high-octane personal drama set against the blood curding background of mixed martial arts MMA. In this movie Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra play brothers David and Monty respectively. David leaves the street life and becomes a teacher; Monty still carries incinerate of fighting and he learnt from his dad. The movie begins when Jackie’s release from prison and we get a backstory of why he ended up there and how his sons perceive him after so many years. Jacqueline Fernandez plays Akshay’s wife who has a daughter fighting a life-threatening illness. Karan Malhotra takes a lot of time to build up the drama and textures his character with finer details that sometimes don’t matter to the story. However, the real hero of the movie in the MMA, and the money making scenes comes post interval. Monty and David’s fight and whether these brothers make peace with their past or take the bloody road of revenge is what the film is about.

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