Business Ideas in India for Beginners with low Investment

Business ideas in India for beginners – Starting a business is just not only about the ideas, but it’s about making the ideas happen. The aspiring ones find themselves struggling with the Ideas and Investments, before joining the hustles. You may have several business ideas for beginners in your mind but there are times when you lack the proper directions and decides to switch the plans. The most aspiring people struggle to find a balance in this period.

Starting any business need utmost Confidence and Determination before you step into the entrepreneurial arena, you have to be very clear about your business.

 Some of the Best Business Ideas in India for Beginners 

  1. Incense Sticks (Agarbattis)

Due to the large demand in India and abroad, India’s Agarbatti market is growing like anything. Agarbattis Business ideas in India for beginners are used in most of the Indian houses, and their demand and popularity rise during the festive season. Due to the rising popularity of meditation in other countries than India and associated use of agarbattis, their exports have also grown up. The first step in the manufacturing of Agarbattis includes buying essential oils with fragrances such as rose, Champa, jasmine, sandalwood, etc. and bamboo sticks. The Sticks are then coated with the Oil and Dried. For Bulk production of Agarbattis, automatic and Semi-automatic machines can be used. Once the sticks are made and labeled, they are all ready to sell in the market.

Incense Sticks
Incense Sticks
  1. Shoe Laces

After China, India is the second-largest producer of footwear. The Country manufactures shoes can be classified into several categories such as Casual Shoes, Sports Shoes, Formal Shoes, and Others. The Demand for the Shoelaces is pretty high as well. The manufacturing of shoelaces is done by fastening the aglet (plastic tube fixed tightly at the end of Shoelace) and by weaving a band. The woven band is usually made from Nylon, Polyester, Cotton, etc. and the aglet part is made of Plastic. There is also a requirement for Shoelace braiding machines, apart from material for aglet and lace.

shoes lace
  1. Handmade Chocolates

India comes on the top of the chart when it comes to Chocolate Consumption. Chocolate is a stress buster and mood lifter, either it be sweet or bitter. According to a survey, the sales of chocolate confectionery in the market has grown up by 13 percent between the years 2015 and 2016 in India. Therefore, If you have no idea and you want to start your business, you have a new business idea in India that is, manufacturing the Chocolates. The requirement of the approximate capital of Rs 40,000 – Rs 50,000 is a must to purchase the packaging and raw materials.

Handmade Chocolates
Handmade Chocolates
  1. Blogging

You can start Blogging and give out some informative updates to the people. It doesn’t need any big investment. Initially, it can take a few months or a year to drive out the traffic and to start earning an income with Blogging. There are thousands of people in the USA, in India and all over the world who make $25,000+ per month with Blogging. It has become an excellent opportunity for people who are looking for low investment business. You can start Blogging with as low as Rs 2,000.

  1. Mobile Phone Repair Business

According to a recent survey, by the end of the year 2022, India will have nearly 700 million smartphone users. This figure will further grow exponentially as more and more brands enter the market at cheap rates. Consequently, demands for the person or the outlet that offers mobile repairs are also expected to increase. It can also credit recharge and sell accessories.

Mobile Phone Repair Business
Mobile Phone Repair Business
  1. Tiffin Service

One of the best Business Ideas in India for beginner is Meal or Tiffin Services. The demand for the delivery of meals to homes or workplaces has Increased Nowadays. You can start your small scale business right from your Kitchen by preparing fresh meals and deliver it to homes and Offices.

Tiffin Service
Tiffin Service
  1. Handmade Candles

Candles are always in demand that makes this an extremely popular business option. During the festivals, the demand for candles is popularly high. The demand for therapeutic and scented candles is on the rise with many hotels, households, and restaurants. Using to create an ambiance.

To start the business, the raw material used includes thread, aroma oils, wick, wax, molds and more.

The Business of Candle making can be started at approximately Rs 20,000-Rs 30,000.

Also need some candle making equipment’s apart from major raw materials such as pour pot, weighing scale, hammer, thermometer, melting pot, an oven to melt the wax.

Handmade Candles
Handmade Candles
  1. Disposable Plates and Cups

There is extensive use of Disposable food-grade plates and cups during events, picnics, functions in India. These Disposable plates and cups are also used on a large scale by hawkers and vendors. Disposables are usually made of paper that has emerged as an alternative to Steel, Plastic, Glass, etc.

Disposable Plate making machines played a majored part of the investment.

The Cost of the machine is over Rs 50,000 depending upon the capacity.

Disposable Plates and Cups
Disposable Plates and Cups



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