Business Strategy: The Increasing Relevance of Scenario Planning

Every business has faced risk at some point in time or may face risk in the future. It’s also not sure that a business that has already faced the risk economically or financially will not face the risk again. It’s nothing like that risk in business is uncertain, so you have to prepare accordingly to avoid such types of risk. Your business strategy should be very strong to avoid these risks. Scenario planning will be very much effective to reduce the potential problems you will be facing while doing business before they can do any kind of damage to your business.

The decisions in business should be based upon analysis of the situation and the data you have rather than gut feelings and intuition. But there are some problems regarding data, as gathering and getting data will be a difficult thing to do even if you did it data always provide information about the past of the business it cannot give any information about the future of the business. Yes, we can use certain strategies to overcome these types of problem one is proper scenario planning, and the other is to have a good business strategy.

future of business
future of business

Also, it will help you to develop and create a plan on how to achieve your business goals. To develop a business strategy for the long term will let you understand where you are standing in your business and where you want to reach in business in the near future and what are the things you have to do to achieve the goal you have set to achieve.

Here are a few Benefits of Having a Proper Business Strategy.

Benefits of Business Strategy
Benefits of Business Strategy

1)    Your focus in business will be clear-

If you have a proper business strategy, then you will be very much clear about your business goals, and it will be easier to achieve it. You should also see what is the current strategy of your business is and whether it’s working properly for your business or not if it’s not working then change your business strategy. Changing business strategy will give you focus, clarity, and direction to you in your business.

2)    It will give a proper understanding of business-

Once you are done with your business strategy, it will help you in the growth of the business. Business strategy includes customer satisfaction, financial performance, sales and marketing, staff turnover, and many will also help you do a swot analysis of your business. Swot analysis means strength, weakness, opportunity, and the threat for your will help you to understand the business environments who all are your competitors in the market.

3)    It makes business more durable for the long term-

You must have seen much business will be at the top in one year, and on very next year, you might hear the news that business is in debt. As the world markets and industries are changing rapidly, an organization that doesn’t have proper planning and proper business strategy will have to face a lot of trouble in this rapidly changing business environment. According to some reports in every three companies, one company that will be the leader in his industry might not be in the market in the next five years because of not having a proper business strategy.

4)    You should have a proper discussion on business strategy-

If you are planning for a proper business strategy, then you need to discuss it with your senior members about the business strategy you are planning. How are you going to implement this strategy on your business how far it will be effective. What will be its outcome, and every member should agree to your business strategy.

5)    It will give you a proper result –

Having a proper strategy will give your business a better performance. You will waste less time on the things which will not be profitable for long terms. It will help you in increasing the market share and profitability of your will help you in achieving your business goals, and also it will make a road map of how your business will function within a budget you have set.

What do you mean by Scenario Planning?

Scenario planning will let you make assumptions about what is the future of your business, how will the business environment change, and if the business environment changes suddenly, what will be your plan. If we consider scenario planning more precisely, then it’s all about what is the future of your business and what are the uncertainties and what are the realities of the business. It sounds very simple, and you will not have to put much effort into this type of planning, but remember this simple planning can help you in an uncertain situation and will help you in guiding your organization for the long term.

scenario planning
scenario planning

If you take an example – the military or army uses scenario planning to handle unlikely situations in their operations, just by making assumptions and anticipating every event.

The best example will be of farmers; they plan a scenario according to the weather if the harvest will be good or not. It also helps them to assume what will be the sales of their product.

Scenario planning is very much important if you are running an organization or having a business; if it is not done properly, you will face the risk of increased costs and also missing opportunities.

How can scenario planning be properly used?

The idea of having scenario planning is very simple. It will help you to understand critical uncertainties in your business, and it let you develop and discuss what will be the impact of these uncertainties and how to respond in this type of situation. If you are aware or have some hint about what will happen, then it will become easy for you how to deal with this type of situation. You should have a proper strategic management process to have the right scenario planning.

There are some steps and processes to develop scenario planning.

After you have identified critical uncertainties and driving forces the goal will be how to develop a various scenario that is likely to of the best way to do all these steps is to organize a workshop for all the participants which will help you to brainstorm the participant and it will also help you find proper solution.

I) you can identify driving forces-

You should start with what are the big shifts in economics, society, politics, and technology shortly and how it will affect your business and company.

ii) You can identify critical uncertainties-

once you are done with your driving forces, pick up only two uncertainties which will have more impact on your business. If we take an example in if you are in agribusiness then the uncertainties of this business will be consumer demand and food prices. You should also see that in which direction these uncertainties will take you.

scenario planning development processes
scenario planning development processes

How can scenario planning be helpful for you?

1)    It provides a stress test –

It is a test, or we can use it as a plan for how a business will respond to financial problems or crises if it arises. It will help the business to reduce the pitfalls or possible losses and let you grab the business opportunity and also help you to identify strategic should be done with proper corporate level  can also be used to know about the robustness of the plans you have made against various scenarios you have already faced. Knowing what your best case scenario is and which one is the worst will be the proper way of doing a stress test for your business. If you know where you exactly want to be and where you don’t want to be, then accordingly, you can develop strategies.

2)    You can make an agile business-

In business, you will see and understand variable outcomes, so after seeing this, you can get prepare for multiple eventualities. It simply means that your business management systems will be flexible, and it will be adaptable to an immediate change in the business environment. If you have an agile business, then you will be able to respond effectively and rapidly to both internal changes and external changes. You can take competitive management examples.

3)    It will help in the growth of a business-

By predicting various scenarios, you will be able to identify the future of your business. And if you can identify the future of your business, then your business will grow and expand rapidly, and you will not lose any opportunities you will get. You should have proper working capital and set up offices in new places in this thing scenario planning will help you in growing your business with no or very little risk.

Setting up a new business is not easy; you will need new staff to hire, freelance fees, and many more things. In this thing, scenario planning is very much helpful.

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