Business Through Faces: 7 Essential Tips For An Effective Emoji Marketing Tactic In 2020

Emojis have become a trend nowadays that even the marketing industry uses it for business purposes. Using emojis for promoting a brand is a form of marketing that becomes one of the primary factors why a specific small business immensely grows and becomes famous. No hesitation why up until now, you can recognize various companies with some emojis being applied. There are proven tips to use various emojis in any marketing campaigns effectively. Some of them are the following:

Effective Emoji Marketing Tactic

Be The Source Of Positive Vibes

Using fun and cute emojis is one of the most effective marketing tactics. Everyone loves to see a brand promotion with great aesthetics and applying emojis that convey positive emotion adds to the art and beauty of the brand. Pleasing aesthetics always trigger positive vibes, and in return, people will patronize your products.  But before sending good vibes, make sure that your business is authorized. This will make clients trust your products. Aside from attractive aesthetics, you can add 100 emoji symbols to prove that your business is 100% legit and authorized.

Emojis Should Be Aligned With Your Audience

There are hundreds of emojis available on your keyboard. Thus before you start engaging it in your marketing tactic, know your plans well. Recognize your needs and your audience’s needs. This will help you generate the perfect emoji to use for your marketing campaign.

Understand What They Mean

If you don’t know what the underlying meaning of that particular emoji you want to use, never consider it to include in your promotion, misconceptions about the campaign are one of the leading factors of unwanted failures. Thus, make sure that you already know the meaning behind the emoji before you use it.

Think emojis as your visual presentation. If you do not understand its underlying social context, people come across your brand promotion who know what they really mean will misinterpret your whole business. So it’s highly important to understand the emoji intent so that you can convey the exact information with the help of the right emoji.

Establish Your Emoji Marketing Tactic

After understanding the basic context behind the emojis, you want to apply in your brand promotion, develop a strategic emoji marketing. Ask yourself how you are going to use those emojis for your campaign.

Establishing your emoji marketing strategy is one of the fundamental steps in ensuring the smooth flow of your campaign because you already have a developed framework to follow. It also allows you to be consistent with your plan, which is a leading factor in a successful business. So try some emoji marketing strategy experiments to form your own ways to successfully reach the audience.

Ensure That It Suits Your Brand

Determine first what kind of business brand you have to choose what type of emojis you need for your marketing. Is it elegant, serious, comical, or professional? Emojis should match your business intention to avoid any confusion from your potential clients, and it should be consistent.

Apply Emojis On Your Social Media Accounts

Since most of the potential clients can be found in various social media, applying emojis across all your social media accounts is an effective strategy to promote your brand. Every time you share or post content related to your business, add some touch of emojis to help people understand your campaign. However, you should consider a few essential social media marketing tactics before embarking on the whole online campaign. Tips below can help:

  • Determine the type of emojis that your online audience loves to engage with. This is a big help in hooking up their attention to patronize your business campaign.
  • Knowing what your competitor’s audience is fond of is also an essential tip in understanding how the online world flows.
  • Identify what kinds of emojis used by your online competitors that hooked the attention of numerous customers.
  • Gather information and study how you can benefit from the online community.

Never Confuse It With Your Business Message

Emojis can add a lively effect to your business campaign, but it should not mess up your initial business message. Although adding it is a useful technique, emojis are not made to replace your original message. Never make it a substitute for any essential words you have for the campaign, as this will just confuse your potential customers. Use it wisely in the right places to deliver your business message in a good way.


From mobile conversation to online marketing campaigns, we can notice how emoji works that give us numerous benefits. Thanks to the development of technology that allows us to be creative in doing business. With consistency and excellent emoji marketing planning that has already been discussed above, for sure, any one of us will attain success. We are fortunate to exist in this digital era.

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