Can a BBQ Catering Melbourne Make Your Event a Success?

With people of various cultures, it can be hard to think of things they could have in common. But with BBQ catering Melbourne, there is a style of cooking food (meats in particular), in which all people can enjoy together. BBQ is not just a tradition in Melbourne; it is love for food and a way of life around here. From corporate parties to family gatherings, a simple weeknight meal, or weddings, a barbecue is a way to go.

Barbeque Serving Guide – Meeting Expectations

Whether you are throwing an office party with 50 people or serving a small gathering of friends and family, you need to know how much food to order. Making your BBQ catering in Melbourne a success can be a challenge.

Meal portion per person can be especially tricky, and companies offering event catering in Melbourne can help you understand the requirement. They will provide the best quality of smoky, delicious non-veg BBQ for your event. 

BBQ Catering
BBQ Catering

To Keep Portions in Perspective:

  • The portion for a single person is 1/3 pound of meat. As a thumb rule, men will eat more than their female counterparts, but this may or may not be valid for the people you are inviting.
  • The portion of one adult is equivalent to the portion of two small children – this does not include teenagers – they can be treated as adults
  • Apart from the meat, you will also have to serve side dishes, some dessert and remember for the adults you can have a modern sweet with a kick of sour and spicy. But for kids, you need a super sweet dessert, that tickles their taste buds.
  • Also, keep in mind that a BBQ in the afternoon which may continue into the late evening will demand a higher quantity of food.
  • A sit-down serving can restrict the portion, while the liberty to move from one stand to another can lead to consumption of bigger portions.
  • You also need to keep in mind wastage caused by burning or dropping of the food. Experienced caterers will keep this in mind while prepping the food that they want to serve. They also are aware of no-shows and extra people dropping in unannounced and are prepared to handle the extra burden without breaking into a sweat.
  • Remember while eating barbequed foods prepared by great expert caterers, your guests are more than likely to eat extra portions if the food is delicious. So, ensure that it is ample for people to satiate their taste buds – if there are no leftovers at the end of the party, you will know that the catering has been a huge success.

If you cannot decide on the servings on your own, a good idea is to consult a catering expert and take their advice. Caterers understand the time taken to marinate the food and can manage the grills without serving undercooked or overcooked meals. It is a great way of ensuring your guests are getting hot food when they want and cooked to their liking.

Why BBQ Catering in Melbourne?

Generally, when people plan for outdoor cooking, they prepare the food while their guests are present. While it is a great exercise, as a host, your focus will remain on the food and not the guests. Another reason for choosing BBQ catering is that the aromas of meats and vegetables cooking on an open grill will make everyone salivate. There is a choice of juicy meats accompanied by sauces that people of all ages enjoy. So, go ahead and plan a BBQ for the people you love.

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