Chinese Quotes About Love and Marriage

It is curious that a country like China, tormented by wars, conflicts, and dictatorships, is the source of so much wisdom.

Chinese proverbs have little to do with love and romance. Their goal is usually to find meaning in life, find wisdom, or explain human behavior. However, there are some examples concerning the heart that are truly beautiful.

“People fix their hair daily, but why not their hearts?”

This quote may seem simplistic, but it holds a lot of meaning. We are constantly focused on being visually appealing. We spend a lot of money on expensive clothes, we spend a lot of time and effort perfecting our haircuts, and we look forward to putting on the best smile that we have. We are absolutely obsessed with the way we look. But what if this time can be spent in a better way?

Think about it: how will your life be affected if you pay less attention to your physical appeal and think about what’s deep inside of you?

And this is the key to understanding this proverb; it’s about the fact that you cannot hide behind stylish outfits and expensive haircuts if your inner world is in chaos. And for it to be at peace, you should work on it and spread the love.

“Long-term feelings lead to long-term consequences.”

Life is moving at a very high speed. Every day, we are constantly barraged with all sorts of information, commitments, and emotions. The world seems chaotic, but one thing hasn’t changed about it, and that thing is love.

Chinese quotes about relationships

The sincerer and stronger the love is, the more enjoyable the relationship will be.

Sincere feelings are becoming scarce; our world is that of casual acquaintances and short-term solutions. It’s completely normal to get something new just to throw it away as soon as you are done with it. This quote represents the fact that you should always focus on long-term things rather than short-term value, especially when it comes to something that brings you inner peace.

“The heart never speaks, but you must listen to it in order to understand.”

Yeah, our hearts are unable to speak, but … an attentive listener needs a few words to understand the message. At this age of rationalization and scepticism, there seems to be no room for raw emotions that guide us to things that we desire the most.

This quote has a lot of deeper meaning to it; it’s beautiful and sad at the same time. It’s beautiful that our hearts can lead us to the most wonderful adventures and experiences that we’ve ever seen and thought of. But it’s sad that you are constantly afraid of letting it all go. All of this new-found wisdom should be properly used; that’s why we’ve got a great single women dating site for you. Don’t be afraid of finding new and exciting love in your life.

“You cannot ask for love; it must be deserved.”

Fundamentally speaking, you cannot just make someone love you against their will. I mean, we cannot just come up to a random person on the street and ask for their love; that’s not how it works. But the answer lies within yourself; it’s been there all along – you have to give that love so that the possibilities of them loving you back increase exponentially.

Do not ask people around for love. You have to love them first and get back their love as a reward.

“He who fears suffering suffers from fear.”

It’s only partially connected to love, but it still holds a lot of meaning and wisdom. This will be more relatable to some people out there that are afraid to express their feelings. Perhaps they are afraid of starting a relationship because of all the possible pain that comes with it. But being afraid is to suffer; fear is our worst enemy, especially when it comes to something as important as love.

This fear that stops you from loving someone, from exploring new things in life, is a form of pain that you are suffering from.

A lot of meaning is held in these amazing quotes; it’s amazing how much wisdom can be stored in just a few words. These quotes tell us that we have to let it go. In fact, our destiny and things that happen to us are only dependent on ourselves. If we fear and do not listen to our heart, we will rarely find people that we like. These popular sayings are just a reminder of this. To be happy, to experience more love in your life, you have to give that love to someone first. That’s at the heart of it; to see love around you, you have to spread that love and see it grow. The tree won’t come to be if no seed was planted.

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