The Top 10 Common Mistakes Made by Freshman

Common Mistakes Made by Freshman- The first year in college can be very hectic especially if you don’t know what to expect. Most students anticipate a life where the will enjoy their new freedom and also meet fantastic people. The truth is that there are a lot of challenges proportional to each advantage you get in college. For instance, the social and financial freedom a student gets in college may bring about poor performance in academics, mental and physical stress, and huge financial messes.

Common Mistakes Made by Freshman

10 Common Mistakes Made by Freshman

Below, we have discussed some mistakes that you are likely to make as a freshman and how to mitigate them.

1.) Skipping Classes

There is no one to push you around to do things in college. You are considered an adult unlike in high-school. You can choose to attend classes or not. Most students miss classes especially after attending an all-night party. The experience you get after attending classes personally and participating has the greatest stake in your grade. Setting a morning alarm will ensure you attend early classes on time. Remember you have paid for all the classes and wasting money earned by your parents or loaned is not right.

2.) Poor time management

With the overwhelming freedom, most students don’t know how to do with their time. They just don’t know when to study and when to have fun. Some student believes that life in college is more on the fun side than reading. Don’t forget that you are not being followed up by parents or teachers to do things. By planning and managing time well, you can avoid a lot of stress, you can avoid a lot of mental and physical constraint that comes with frustration.

3.) Being obsessed with phones

The majority of students spend their time on mobile phones inside and outside of class. More than ninety percent of them check their phones for non-academic purposes while a lecture is going on. Besides texting, students are addicted to social media, surfing on the web and checking emails. Though some lecture forbids mobile use class, are very notorious in it, the freshman students not being left behind which in turn results in poor grades.

4.) Poor budgeting

College comes with a lot of expenses which include accommodation, food, transport, and books cost on top of the tuition fee. To most students, this is their first opportunity to manage funds on their own away from their parents. It can be frustrating especially if you don’t have a reasonable budget plan to follow. Most colleges offer tips to first years on how to build and follow a budget.

5.) Living beyond your means

Most students fall into the temptation of spending money when around their colleagues due to peer pressure. Some of the things that students spend money on is dining out, buying outfits, all this to show that they fit in. students should choose friends wisely, stay on budget for instance by utilizing the meal plan offered by the college. You can leave cheap without compromising fun.

6.) Misuse Student Loans

Most of the students in the first year just spend money without caring about how they will repay them. Most of them hardly keep account of how much they spend. It is good to budget for your funds well to not only ensure they last you through college but also reduce your debts after graduating.

7.) Staying Away from campus

Most freshman students think that sharing rent with some roommates will save them money than living in the campus dorm. Though it is cheap, living off-campus comes with extra costs like transportation.

8.) Neglecting sleep

When students get away from home for the first time, the tend to stay up long hours and having inadequate sleep. This may impact negatively on their studies as it affects concentration.

9.) Not getting help

Being responsible and being able to figure things on your own does not mean that you should not seek help. Getting assistance helps you understand your responsibilities better and make good decisions. Hire Do My Homework Now for any assignment help you need.

10.) Not having a good social networking

Some freshman hides in their rooms due to fear of exploring the new environment. It is important to make new friends, participate in clubs, events among other activities that will boost your social network.

The majority of new college students makes at least one of the mistakes discussed above either deliberately or due to lack of knowledge. What is most important is mitigating the mistakes done and considering your future decisions more critically.

If you also have some common mistakes made by Freshman in mind, feel free to mention in the comment section below.

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