COVID-19: Just another Pandemic or New learning For Everyone

On December 2019, 31st China came up with the first reporting of an unknown pneumonia in Wuhan, China. Since that day the whole world has come into the darkness of this disease. On 30th January, 2020 the Public Health Emergency of International concern and on 11th Feb, 2020, World Health Organization (WHO) gave it the COVID-19.  The number has been increasing since the day 1 of this pandemic, every nation is trying to beat off this disease none successful, few nations are able to control the growth rate, and however, no nation seems to be without the effect of the disease.  

Let’s talk about the statistics of the world and top 10 nations affected till date as per WHO:

United States11,48,7051,50,37166,605
United Kingdom1,82,26028,131
Covid-19 death rate | DigiDir

Date: 03rd May, 2020 3:59:00AM (IST)

In the past also, there has been few pandemic: 

1981-present- HIV since 1980s HIV has claimed the lives of more than 32 million people and 37.9 million people are living with HIV till the end of 2018. 

2009-2010: H1N1 swine flu- The swine fly pandemic affected an estimated of 60.8 million people, 274,304 hospitalization and 12, 469 deaths.

Cholera- In the 1990s, though the pandemic had officially ended, however, before the end there were at least 4, 00,000 cases and 4,000 deaths.

1918: The Spanish flu- From Jan 1918 to Dec 1920, this virus infected an estimated 500 million people and killed around 6, 75,000 people in the US alone and approximately 50 million worldwide.

The Black Death: Peaking in Europe between 1347 and 1351, the Black Death was responsible for an estimated 75-200 million deaths.

Lessons to be learned

Now, let’s talk about what we need to learn from this pandemic and save not only us but the future of the world. 

Every nation has come to help each other, however, there are few who has already suffered a lot from the starting of this disease. We need to make sure of few important things, Social distancing and quarantine has helped a lot of countries to control the rate of increasing number of cases.

The social distance has been effective as this disease spreads through contact or being nearby to any affected person. Also, in normal day if we implement this to our day to day life it will keep us from any other disease as well.

Covid -19 | DigiDir

Quarantine: Getting out of home for important reasons only, in the past whole month every single person who stayed with the family, but never gave the time to the family has started sharing the one important thing that can make a family whole again: The Time.

I agree we should have a social life, outside the home, outside our office. However, we should also keep one simple thing in mind that Time to the right people are really important to grow and keep ourselves safe.

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