10 Delightful Employee Reward and Recognition Ideas

The employer gestures are the best thing that any employee would ever expect. Welcome gifts, goodbye thanks note, and many other such things that an employer does to appreciate the efforts and hard work of an employee. There are many such employee reward and recognition ideas that an employer can follow to make a friendly environment at the office instead of the typical boss and employee relation. There is a dilemma about employers to be strict and rule-bound. Break the ice and let your employees know that you are different than the boss with whom they had a bad experience in their last job.

Ten Employee Reward and Recognition Ideas for an Employer to Implement Today

1. Welcome Package is not bad

Introduce a goodie or a freebie on the first day of joining of an employee. It creates a positive impression for the company in the mind of the new joining. Mugs, pens, cards, bags, and many other gifts can be presented to an employee on their first day with a motivational quote imprinted on it. Give an item that they can keep on their work table and flaunt it to others. A little push to a worthy talent is always going to be profitable for the organization to earn a dedicated employee. So, next time an employee joins your company, get a gift packed.

Welcome Package to new employee
Welcome Package to new employee

2. Give a pleasant introduction to the new employees

Introduce the new joining with your present colleagues and office staff verbally as well as through personally attached mails. Let the people appreciate and welcome the new joining with a pleasant smile. Being friends with the existing colleagues will help one sustain in the environment and adapt the same for working peacefully.

On the first day, almost all guys or girls are nervous and hesitate to speak up with others. As an employer, you can drop an attached mail to everyone with a proper introduction of the new employee and ask them to interact on a good note. Let them celebrate the fresher delight amongst themselves.

3. Give a warm introduction during meetings

If you are hiring an employee as your business representative, then you must introduce him/her to your clients in the meeting room. Bring him/her up to the podium and introduce him/her to the room and get applause for any new target met. Let him/her share the feelings about the company and the ease or complexity of the work.

Give a warm introduction during meetings
Give a warm introduction during meetings

If you are hiring one for presenting your products or projects, then let them make a real presentation and give them ease for making mistakes for a better introduction to the clients and higher authorities of the company. Add it to your list of employee reward and recognition ideas to win the trust of the employee.

4. Give them awards

Play games or just give work appraisals every month to provide employee reward and recognition for work motivation. Keep monthly sales rewards for all the employees who meet the requirements and deadlines. The employee who gets the maximum deals or attends the maximum calls satisfying the customers will get a money appraisal or a public recognition appraisal in front of all the other employees to motivate everyone to achieve the designated heights.

5. Work anniversaries and birthday celebrations

Celebrating work anniversaries of every employee makes them feel special about their presence in the company. Every employee must feel known and feel their importance in the organization for that you can put up small celebrations during the completion of one year in the organization. Another thing that will make an employee feel happy is birthday celebrations.

Work anniversaries and birthday celebrations
Work anniversaries and birthday celebrations

The birthdays of an employee are known by the company, and as an employer, you can make them cut a small cake with the entire team to make his/her birthday special. These are small staff appreciation and employee reward appraisals that boost the work motive of an employee and helps them enjoy the job rather than taking up stress.

6. Shout out in a team project

In a team project, as a team leader, you can give a shout out to the member who contributed most of his/her time and efforts resulting in successful execution. A shout out or a monetary appraisal will be the right employee recognition. Make them feel special about their struggles and actions and let their day brighten up.

7. Take them to a coffee treat

Team coffees are very usual but try taking one of your employee who has been working hard since the first day and talk life and not work at the coffee table. It is also a relation-building employee reward and recognition idea that will help an employer know more about the person and its work motive. The employee will praise you for finding time from a busy schedule to talk about life happenings.

Take employee to a coffee treat
Take an employee to a coffee treat

8. Handwritten note by Employer

A handwritten note by an employer to an employee carries a lot of emotion, and it builds a good bond amongst them. The work will be as good as the relationship between boss and employee. Give a written leave approval for a vacation to the employee for meeting the given targets last month. Offer them an appraisal or increment in a handwritten note for a better emotional touch as an employee recognition award.

9. Play corporate activities

Corporate activities are something that brings together individuals to form teams to win prizes and rewards. There are many such games available for corporate employees to play. Keep attractive bonuses ready for the teams to compete with one another for winning the task. It cools the serious workspace moment and allows individuals to work efficiently in a relaxed manner.

Play corporate activities
Play corporate activities

10. Give a Social Media shout out

Give a shout out to your hard-working employee over your official website or social media to let all your clients know about the raw talent you possess. If you have multiple branches, then the exposure is an excellent employee reward and recognition for the employee to be globally known in all the offices of the current organization.

These are the ten best employee reward and recognition ideas for an employer to take concern for their employees. It becomes essential for every organization to put up new innovative ideas for giving importance to worthy employees to motivate them to work harder. You can also introduce an employee recognition program in your company to help make it easy for you.

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