Difference between Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt Certification

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification vs Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: Before directly jumping to discuss the distinction between Green Belt Certification and Black Belt Certification. Let’s start with short basic to help newbies i.e. what is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification vs Six Sigma Black Belt Certification:

Six Sigma can be defined as a methodology through which an organization can enhance the capability of its business process while reducing waste on another end. Increase in performance and making the process consists in all steps, ultimately results in minimization of any defect and improvement in profit which is inversely proportional to defects. In a few studies, it has also been found that it has impacted employee morale as well.

In crux to this, we can say that that the endmost objective of Six Sigma training is to “reduce the non-uniformity in the process” with the fundamental anchor is to “uplift the process which results in customer happiness”

After the understanding of Six Sigma, the question arises that how many belts are there in Six Sigma certification? As per current market and data, it’s better to count as 3 belts in total as per project level because White and Yellow Belt’s content has now been merged to Green Belt. And now people mostly everyone starts with Green Belt certification. Master Black Belts are usually ones who are Six Sigma instructor but it has no obligation that you cannot do so.

Traditional certification list comprised of:

Here, different colours show a different level of expertise to quickly understand the skill set of a professional. Mastering any of the Six Sigma Belt accompanies long-term and short-term advantage for both the individual and organization.

For our article’s purpose, we would be gazing into Green Belt Certification vs Black Belt Certification.

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification:

For beginners, Green Belts are the ones usually on operation execution level so they might need some sort of guidance from time to time as per the quality project’s demand. They are expected to showcase their ability and efficiency in implementing the Six Sigma project.

There are some outstanding institutes and professional, wherein the Green Belts are also trained on the same benchmark as of Black Belt training.

It can be expected that a Green Belt professional will be serving as a part-time contributor for a project or as a part-time team leader of the quality project, it totally depends on the size and structure of the organization. In addition to this role, Green Belt also oversees their day-to-day responsibilities. It is also presumed that a Six Sigma Green Belt will utilize his learned skill into his day job for the betterment of the organization.

The expectations outlined for Green Belt professional also draws a clear line between them. Generally, they are expected to:

  1. Lead the quality project sometime/ whenever asked as they are able enough to carry out the approach
  2. Sharing knowledge of the analysis tools learned in the Green Belt certification with the co-workers, which may or may not include lower belts professional
  3. Overseeing/ Completing at least a quality project within the organization
  4. They are expected to work as a team leader in the case when there is no mentor and this is usually in small size firms
  5. Recommending improvement project in their domain.

A few years back General Electric invested in a huge proportion of its employee to undertake Six Sigma training and so does many other companies does nowadays to get quality experts.

Other than this when Six Sigma is in so demand professionals are acquiring these certificates to add on to their resume’s and the least one to show the working knowledge of Six Sigma is to have a Green Belt.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification:

Black belts are usually the one in more senior position than the Green belts but it might not be true to say that all Black Belts are senior but their role if correctly portrait they would be a change agent as a full-timer. They are the one who has mastered the Six Sigma methodologies which give them a more clear picture of things when it’s time to apply the Six Sigma approach. Black Belts are also the mentor for Green Belt and might have a whole team of other lower level belts in order to manage and coach them effectively.

When they work they have to look through end to end project i.e. cross team as well not just a single domain like Green Belts usually does. Whenever there is an issue in terms of approach or the Green Belts are not sure or stuck someplace they seek out to Black Belts for help and Black Belts are expected to give them suggestion and solution for the same. They are also called as Technical Expert of Six Sigma methodology, other than this Black Belts can give out a suggestion to an individual to go for higher certification if that professional shows more calibre though this is not an exactly written duty as a mentor it comes as feedback.

Usually in an organization Black Belts performs on several different projects around the year which may or may not contain high-value projects specifically. If talked about tenuity and promotion than it has been seen usually around 2 years and numerous projects they get a promotion. Indeed, Black Belts are on the crucial factor of manpower in terms of delivering and leading the project and that all comes into play once they have mastered the skills of Black Belt tools and have thorough knowledge and logic on implementation. 

Six Sigma Green Belt Certification vs Six Sigma Black Belt Certification: In a nutshell-

Green Belt Certification Black Belt Certification
Shallow understanding of DMAIC process In-depth understanding of the DMAIC process
Works under the mentorship of Black Belt Works as a project lead without any supervision or sometimes under the mentorship of Master Black Belt
Single Project leading Multi-Project leading
Restricted to their own work area Cross-team and multiple areas working
Trained in analysis tools but with limited understanding as compared to Black Belts Trained in advance analysis tools and change management philosophy

To summarize, Six Sigma is getting severe popularity these days is an organization of service provider to manufacturing everyone requires a qualified expert. And alone a quality expert cannot do all task by himself he must have a knowledgeable team to understand his directives, to get this sorted it is also very essential to have set of Green Belt expert as well in the project in order to successfully apply the methodology of Six Sigma and achieve the final motive of cost reduction and quality improvement. As far as personal level advancement is of concern, it’s very certain that an individual gets a salary hike depending on the experience and qualification. There are many factors along with certification that decides the package so there is no way to average out a Six Sigma Green Belt’s or a Black Belt’s average salary but it would always be more than those with no certification on the similar benchmark.

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