Our Favorite Magazines To Pass The Time During The Coronavirus

If you are looking for a new magazine to pass the time, it can be so difficult to choose which magazine you want to subscribe to! With so many options on the market, you can easily be overwhelmed as you are checking out your different choices.

However, don’t allow the large number of magazines on the market to dissuade you from finding a new favorite! Right now is  the perfect time to pick up one or two new magazine subscriptions since everyone is stuck inside at the moment because of the coronavirus. Whether you’re looking for helpful tips, a new skill, or you simply want to learn more about something interesting, take advantage of the amount of time on your hands and learn something new from one of the magazines below!

1)  Country Sampler

Country Sampler is a constant fan favorite because of its amazing decorating tips! The perfect magazine for anyone who has a love of southern country style decor, Country Sampler has everything you could be looking for. The magazine offers style tips for how to make small changes to your home to give it more of a “country sampler” atmosphere. It also tells you where every piece featured was bought at, so you can hit the town for a shopping spree if you fall into love with a couple of the pieces featured within Country Sampler!

If you’re looking to save money, or if you simply love arts and crafts projects, the magazine also features DIY articles for country style decorations that will look amazing in your home! Some of these articles show you how to create a new piece of art while others show you how to distress furniture to give it more of a country-style feel. Even if you aren’t fantastic with crafts, the magazine makes it easy to follow with a step-by-step process so you will always have a clear idea of what you need to do next.  Country Sampler magazine also lists the supplies that you will need to make each of these DIY projects a reality. With having a lot of time in your home at the moment due to the coronavirus, but a lack of stores to shop at, these country crafts could be the perfect way to pass the time while also adding a nice touch of country style to your dream home.

Check out Country Sampler on MagazineLine today to start making your home feel like a farmhouse!

2)  Taste Of Home

If you have ever thought about expanding your repertoire of meals, now is the perfect time! (if you can find the ingredients you need while  you’re at the store that is.) Taste of Home has a wide variety of recipes in every single edition. There always will be an ingredient that will be sure to please someone in the family- even the pickiest of eaters!

Unlike some other cooking magazines, this kitchen-must-have only features realistic recipes. They’re real recipes from real people like you! The magazine will show you all the steps necessary to make a five-course meal while also providing more simple recipes that you can create when you’re more pressed for time.

If you have kiddos at home at the moment, now is the perfect time to get them into the kitchen with you! You can help them learn how to cook while also making it fun for them. This could be a great distraction away from school or video games while also providing some time together for bonding. Cooking with your kids could be a bit of a messier or a longer process, but it will certainly create memories that you all will never forget!

Whether you’ve had more family members move home because of the lockdown or if you’re simply looking for some new recipes to spice things up in the kitchen, then Taste of Home could be the food magazine for you!

3)  Family Handyman

Now is the perfect time to take all of those home projects that you’ve been putting off for ages. From how to create storage drawers, to giving your garage a makeover, to building a shed, Family Handyman has all kinds of tips for projects that you’ve been wanting to check off of your “to-do” list. Maybe you’re an expert or maybe you’re someone who is just getting started- either way, Family Handyman provides step-by-step instructions to help you through the whole process! On top of offering helpful tips, the Family Handyman also gives hints on how to save money during your projects! Pick up the Family Handyman today to get started on your next at-home project!

Whether the Country Sampler, Taste of Home, or Family Handyman is more your style, now is the perfect time to pick up some new reading material! Tackle at home crafts, cook a new meal, or begin a home makeover project during the lockdown of coronavirus.

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