5 Future Technologies That Will Be Mainstream in 2020

The¬†future technologies¬†are the best and an exciting place with technological developments rapidly accelerating‚Äďthe concept of universal digital transformation promises to become a reality quickly. To boost the user experience, some of the influential business leaders in various fields like Apple, Twitter, Amazon, and Google have courageously leveraged the emerging¬†future technologies¬†and its developments such as Big Data and¬†artificial intelligence.

If you’ve been following the news about¬†future technologies, then you’ll be conscious at a faster rate of the unremitting pace of technology and its effect on consumer expectations.

The technology has absolutely revolutionized the way we do business and continues driving from banking to healthcare and e-commerce via different industries. Most of these emerging future technologies are obscure and ephemeral, while some future technologies are easy to swing and incorporated into corporate organizations.

Top Five Future Technologies that would be Influential by 2020

1) Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the digital currency that is designed to serve as an exchange token. The transactions are checked using sophisticated encrypted cryptography to keep the entire process secure. Cryptocurrency has already revolutionized the financial sector, and the market today contains millions of coins. Some of the commonly used digital currencies are Lumen, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. 


With many companies coming forward and embracing¬†cryptocurrency¬†as the payment method, there’s no question that this technology is here to stay. Market researchers have already predicted that¬†cryptocurrency¬†will substantially increase in market size over the next few years.

2) Artificial Intelligence

From the very first day, this disruptive technology was introduced artificial intelligence has always been a fascinating concept. Artificial intelligence refers to a computer that can think for itself, without being programmed to do so by humans. The benefits and effects of accuracy underpinned by artificial intelligence have allowed companies to exploit this technology to deliver better customer activities.

artificial intelligence
artificial intelligence

Companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have invested heavily in the integration and promotion of¬†artificial intelligence¬†capabilities. To give the customer a trouble-free experience‚ÄďAmazon has launched a high-tech cashier-less retail store called AMAZON GO. The leading e-commerce retail giant has revealed its plans to open 3000 AMAZON GO stores by 2021 across different parts of the country.¬†

3) Blockchain 

Blockchain technology is an increasingly popular and fast-growing futuristic technology. Blockchain technology refers to the decentralization of digital Léger, which is the basis for highly secure use. In the business context, customers use the practical way with this technology and prevent fraud from ensuring security. 

With simple tracking and access to the information, companies have applied the technology to everything. You can create a unique experience with those complex algorithms. Customer transaction with this technology is safe and secure in any sector. The IT technologies are used within the B2B industry and the extensive transaction framework for brand building and customer loyalty programs.


This shared ledger system is expected to generate $3.1 trillion in enterprise value by 2030, according to a Gartner Report. This technology, with the help of sophisticated architecture, facilitates smooth interactions by providing transparency and reducing friction among businesses outside the system

4) The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things reflects one of the significant innovations in home technologies. With growing acceptance, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, the Internet of Things has more useful for everyday life in recent years. With these devices, more aspects of the home can be easily integrated with better internet usage. Such methods allow the user to monitor anything through voice command and small personal assistants, from air conditioning to their protection. From these apps, you can quickly expect and make your home life more straightforward.

voice command
voice command

Apple has announced its plans this year to roll out the HomePod, and Samsung is reportedly working on its Bixby technology to compete with the Google and Amazon systems ‘ success. You should expect one of those apps to improve your home life and the homes around you by 2020.

5) Echobeat

Earphone evolution has undoubtedly come to long way-from traditional headphones to cable earphones, and the music lovers always look for the most convenient and reliable ways for enjoying various tunes. It has now moved to another step forward a few years ago whenever the wireless earphones introduced the world that changed many people’s listening habits. The cable-free earphone system wasn’t really perfected, though-until now!


Echobeat are groundbreaking wireless earphones that shook the audio industry when they came out. Constructed with the need for the premium sound, Echobeat rapidly became one of the most popular products on the market, providing top-notch combinations of sound quality and ergonomic design, leaving no one indifferent! 

Concluding Thoughts

In addition to its security uses, businesses such as Amazon and Google have started applying the technology to regular consumers to ease shopping and browsing on the sites. With all the latest developments in future technologies, it is reasonable to expect that the software will be deeply entrenched in business and consumer practices by 2020.

The possibilities, as well as advantages these five future technologies offer, are seemingly endless. Most of the experts believe that taking advantage of these highly advanced technological trends and possible inventions in our society and workforce will improve our lives. In any company, the speed of technology innovation can generate significant opportunities to grow and provide the right service at the right time.

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