15 Growth Hacking Strategies for Monetary Profit to your Business

Entrepreneurs of today are putting more emphasis on the growth of their great business idea than investing time in educating themselves about the required strategy for it. You need to know about some of the best traditional marketing methods, or you can call it hacks for your Business to grow to a commendable level. It is very essential for all the entrepreneurs to ensure substantial growth for their company. There are numerous growth hacking strategies for the entrepreneurs to implement on to their plan for increasing the product impression to gain maximum targeted customers. In this article, you will know about different growth hacking measures for small Businesses to extend the services to maximum subscribers or consumers.

Essential Growth Hacking Strategies for Businesses

Referral System

Many startup companies need new skilled employees. Therefore they initiate a scheme of referral system. Here, the existing employees are asked to drop a referral of their friend or relatives for the available job post. Every time a referred friend gets the job, the existing employee receives a reward. By this idea, the startup business will get skilled employees at less effort and a little investment. Work needs to progress at a fast pace, and therefore employees need to be hired to improve the workforce. You need to take up maximum clients and projects possible during the initial period to build a reputation.

Send gifts via emails

Usually, most of the companies follow the trick of sending random advertisement mails to the customers to promote the offers and deals on products or services. Stop doing just that as most of the customers are getting irritated and frustrated by the unwanted mails. Moreover, you can try to do one thing, you can send a gift via emails such as a free discount coupon, movie tickets, or others to gain their interest in your services. Do not keep any strings attached to the offer as the offer will be neglected for sure. Showcase your services, give a little of it for free. Take it as your capital investment and earn more and more customers.

Earn the trust of the customers

The growth hacking strategies are implemented on the business strategy to develop the business ethics to earn maximum reputation amongst the targeted customers. For earning the trust of the customers, you need to ensure that they can give back their customer feedback. From the time of ordering the product or service till and after the date of delivery, the customers must get access to give feedback at any moment. The product you sell by committing your online website, you need to deliver it with the same promise to reduce the count of negative feedback. Negative feedbacks are the motivation, but the hard work you do is all about making its count zero.

Customers trust
Customers trust

Give an exclusive deal

One of the best growth hacking strategies that are hot and exclusive in the current scenario. People are boosting their business strategy by giving new deals with hefty discounts and blink a timer underneath it. It triggers the customers to rush to the website and make their purchase before it either stock out or times out. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, then you must follow this conventional marketing method to gain maximum customers in less time. Increase your business website traffic by launching an exclusive deal within a time period. Create that scene amongst the customers with your advertising skills that it is the only time they can get the product at this price, and your work is done.

Use creative tactics

Business tactics are very much considerable while you are starting up a company. Use creative tactics such as implementing contact numbers of different countries to your contact information to gain a better market impression. Your clients and customers will make a positive approach towards your company with a great impression increasing your market size. There are many successful businessmen out there who have started up their Business with unique business tactics that resulted in successful outcomes. A strong business tactic warns other competitors in the same field to stay aware of your ideologies of product development and customer satisfaction.

Reward loyal customers

It is one of the most critical growth hacking strategies, where you must reward your loyal customers with fair deals. The customers who are sticking to your services for the long run, since you have started your Business must be paid with something worth appreciating. Give them a gift coupon or a freebie to thank them. When you are a startup, this becomes much more important for you. Every customer you acquire, you must learn to manage them and hold them for the long term. Negative feedbacks are common as it takes time to streamline services. Make your customers play games over your site, and on winning, give them gift coupons for restaurant or movie discounts.

Reward loyal customers
Reward loyal customers

Piggyback strategy

The piggyback strategy is one of the unique growth hacking strategies for a startup business. In this, if a customer avails our service or even adds a product to his/her cart. It will be highlighted on his/her social media handles such as Facebook. By doing this, the particular product is showcased amongst millions of other users of Facebook. At least a few of those users will turn up to your products, and your business will experience a hike. For example, an online music application highlights the song played by the user on his/her Facebook feeds to advertise and promote a particular playlist. The customers give you this access while they install your business application.

Give premium subscription for free

It is a very thing to compromise, but you need not have to give the subscription free for a lifetime. Make it stipulated for a month or two. Give an ad for the same saying that it is a bonus offer for the new members. Explain the features and benefits of the premium subscription for which they must spend money on your service. But, let them enjoy their free subscription for a month. Out of every ten customers, at least two customers will surely buy your services after the free days are over. It is the strategy that takes time but is a powerful growth hack for the success of the company. Keep the pricing of the subscription low for a start to attract customers.

Plan your business goals

Make sure you have set a goal for an active business that must be determined before commence. The growth hacking steps and strategies is a whole different thing. But first, you need to acquire your business goals. Determine your business goals by expanding your plan and discussing it with your team. The goals are the main point of the act in a startup business. You can find your flaws and errors in the strategy only after you execute it systematically. Without a plan, you will only shoot your ideas unanimously and will get no positive feedbacks in return.

Plan your business goals
Plan your business goals

Run Paid Ad campaigns 

You can promote your product and services over social media channels by giving a minimal amount. Here are some of the things that you must do in your d campaign to generate more profit.

  • Add some of the ad extensions such as location, contact, and others to give additional information to the visitors that will lure them to click on the ads that will redirect them to your services.
  • Add primary keywords to your ads to make it more robust and visible to the audience for better traffic generation.

These strategies will eventually generate better website traffic and increase the production rate for your startup organization.

Make Partners

You can also seek partnering options with other renowned brands to sell their products or services that will eventually improve the sales rate of your company. It is one of the most important growth hacking strategies popularly used by most of the famous brands of the world.

Talk to your buyers directly

You can talk to your targeted customers directly over social media platforms or internet bulletins. It is one of the most profound techniques to gain a maximum customer base and earn a reputation in the market.

Retargeting methodology

Retargeting is a type of methodology that implements on the site visitors who did not purchase during their visit. You can set up an automated program to send them a mail with exclusive offers or show them the Facebook ads of the product they showed their interest while on the site. These processes are known as a retargeting process.

Use Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has the sole motive of increasing the website traffic on your site. With guest blogs, you can implement SEO and PPC that will help you rank high on Google. People will find your blogs on top pages and will enter your website to explore your services.

Collaborate with influencers

Amongst the growth hacking strategies, you can also collaborate with the influencers to generate a higher market size. A report says that a company can make 40% higher revenue due to the efforts of the influencers.

These are the 15 top growth hacking strategies for an aspiring entrepreneur or a large scale organization. Follow these ideologies to experience super-fast growth in the Business on a massive marketing cycle.


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