Hemorrhoids Laser Treatment: 5 Things to Know

Piles or Hemorrhoids are the swollen veins in the anal area. This generally happens due to sitting for long and continuous which causes swelling in the veins and tissues in the anal area. The other common reason for this disease is unhealthy eating habits. Eating low- fiber junk food and consuming very less water each day leads to the formation of hard stool. A lot of strain is put on the blood vessels and veins in the anal area at the time of passing stool. Drinking less water makes the stool very dry, putting more effort on the blood vessels and tissues in the anal area.

There are four stages of piles. The third and fourth stage of piles is very painful. The patient has to get the surgery in these two stages. The first two stages of piles can be cured with medications. Below are mentioned Five Facts that you should know about the laser surgery for piles if you are considering the treatment option.

  1. Short Recovery Period

The laser surgery lasts for about 30 minutes and is not at all painful for the patient. Local Anesthesia is given to the patient before the surgery. Specialized and expert doctors perform the surgery. The patient would have no pain even after the surgery ends and the effect of the anesthesia wears off. The patient can go back home from the hospital the same day after the surgery. He or she can resume normal life from the very next day post the surgery. Although, there are some diet and other precautions suggested by the doctor that the patient has to follow after the surgery. The patient heals very faster in case of laser surgery as compared to the other ones.

  1. Laser Surgery is the best option for Surgical removal of piles

There are many surgeries such as Hemorrhoidectomy, Sclerotherapy, Rubber Band Ligation, etc for removal of piles. But no surgery is as convenient as the laser surgery. Other surgical options come with a high risk of infections and complications. There is no pain, blood loss, major cuts or stitches on the body or major precautions after the surgery. Also, it takes just 30 minutes to do this surgery. All the reasons add to the advantages of getting laser surgery for piles instead of other surgical options available. 

  1. Piles cannot reoccur after Laser Surgery

In the laser surgery for piles, laser energy is used at an optimum level to burn or shrink away the affected tissues (in simple words, the lump formed around the anal area in piles). The hemorrhoid is destroyed in such a way that it can never reoccur. A laser scalpel is used in this procedure instead of the actual surgical scalpel.

  1. Diet and Lifestyle after Laser Surgery for piles

The patient is discharged the same day after the surgery. The patient can eat normally after the surgery. In fact, one meal is given by the hospital. There is no pain while passing the first stool after the surgery. Make sure you do not put much effort or pressure while passing a stool after the surgery. If you face any inconvenience while on the toilet seat, do not put much force and contact the doctor immediately. To avoid such complications, the doctor gives a diet and exercise to follow for some days after the surgery. The patient also is advised to avoid sitting on chairs for long hours as it may again lead to swelling of the veins around the lower rectum and cause pain or complications.

  1. No surrounding tissues are damaged

There are high chances that the surrounding tissues may be damaged accidentally during other surgical methods for removal of piles. Such damage can cause severe complications after the surgery and can cause further more pain and inconvenience to the patient. There are many options further in laser surgery to treat a patient. For example, the doctor may use a wide or narrow beam of laser energy for the patient, depending on the size and location of hemorrhoid.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Surgery for Piles

The laser surgery for piles is a choice for a patient. There are alternatives available for removal and cure of piles. But, this is far more beneficial and has much more advantages than the other surgeries. Below are mentioned both the advantages and disadvantages of getting laser surgery for piles instead of other options. 


  • The laser surgery is completely pain-free. Every patient has a lot of pain for several days after other surgeries of piles. Laser energy is used for treating hemorrhoid. The laser energy shrinks and eradicates hemorrhoid.
  • Upon being treated by laser surgery, there is no chance of reoccurrence. This is the biggest disadvantage of laser surgery. In many cases, hemorrhoid reoccurs after surgical removal. But the laser surgery is the permanent cure for piles.
  • Apart from being pain-free, this procedure is completely safe. The patient does not require any cuts, sutures or stitches for the surgery. This reduces the risk of infections post the surgery. No smoke, steam or sparking is there during the surgery.
  • There is minimal bleeding in this surgery. Obviously! There would be no blood loss if no cuts or stitches are involved.
  • The surgery is quick. It takes just 30 minutes in the operation theater to remove piles with the laser surgery.


  • Increases the risk of Herpes Simplex Virus which can cause genital herpes or cold sores.
  • In rare cases, there can be a risk of infections after the surgery.
  • Rarely, a patient may complain of pain in rectum post the surgery.
  • Patients with sensitive skin may have the trouble of scars, marks or skin pigmentation around the treated area. This is also a very rare case and does not happen very often.
  • Follow up treatment might be required for some patients. Patients with severe cases of Grade 3 or Grade 4 of Hemorrhoids may not be completely cured or may reoccur. This happens in acutely rare cases. The patient may require medication or consultation from the doctor after the surgery.
Hemorrhoids Laser Treatment
Hemorrhoids Laser Treatment

Just like any other medical surgery, the doctors put their best efforts to treat the patient. But some patients react differently to surgical procedures. It depends on patient to patient and body to body. The patient must understand that all complications in such surgeries can be controlled. The patient and his family need to stay calm and co-operate with the doctors in such cases.

Why consider Laser Surgery for Piles over the Conventional Surgery?

There are several options to treat hemorrhoids. The doctor gives the patient all the possible options available in his case. Grade 1 and 2 of piles can be cured with prescribed medication and following a healthy diet chart and exercise schedule.

The traditional surgery for the removal of piles has some major risks and side effects. Patients with other complications like heart or lunch conditions may have a difficult time with the traditional open surgery. The general recovery period in case of open surgery is 21 to 25 days. For patients with low Haemoglobin, weak immunity or slow nervous system may complain of even slower recovery. The patient also has a difficult and painful time while attempting to pass stool. Another major complication faced by many patients after open surgery is Urinary Retention. The doctors now suggest patients choose laser surgery and save themselves from such risks and complications.

The laser surgery is a day care procedure. It means that the patient does not require to stay at the hospital over-night. The patient just is advised to take rest in the hospital for some hours after the surgery. This is done to make sure the surgery went successfully and no complications are there with the patient. Before the discharge, the vitals of the patient is again checked to make sure he or she is fit to go home.

On the day of the surgery, after reaching the hospital, the patient is first changed to the hospital gown and cap and then taken to the operation theater. During the laser surgery, the patient is first asked to lie down and then given local anesthesia. Soon the anesthesia starts to show its effect and the doctors then prepare to start the surgery. Laser energy is used to remove hemorrhoid permanently. The surgery is performed very precisely and carefully to make sure no surrounding tissues or blood vessels are damaged.

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