How to Prepare General Knowledge for Jobs Entry Test

To prepare for general knowledge for jobs entry test candidates first need to understand what actually general knowledge is. In simple words, general knowledge means the basic knowledge that you have in various fields that is different from your field of expertise. General knowledge is useful in different ways in our daily life, for example, to interact with people very easily and to discover news things general knowledge plays a vital role.

How to Prepare for General Knowledge

In jobs entry test there is the number of questions are of general knowledge for this students need to understand that how to prepare general knowledge for jobs entry test. The steps to prepare tests regarding general knowledge are discussed below:


Anyone who wants to increase his chances to perform well in general knowledge test will have to observe things around other than studying. By this, he will be able to answer more questions easily. In your routine life activates you get lot of knowledge.


Don’t be nervous just focus on test and do it. you can done those Questions first on which you have full confidence on their answer, in Last 15 mints you can done doubtful answer. If in your test a criterion is negative marking Base then don’t attempt “TOKA”.


If you don’t know which type of questions can appear then consult the past papers of previous years regarding general knowledge. Try to find out your job past paper then you easily understand what’s their criteria and how to divide the divisions of world general knowledge, General Knowledge about Pakistan, Islamic general knowledge and their numbers. You can easily find past papers from the different past paper book and online form different portals.


Prepare the exams with your own notes this is probably the best method to remember everything for a longer time. This kind of notes helps you in last-minute preparations. In your personal Notes, you can write down in Points, which points mean you easily understand and easily link their concept that one you prepare from any book.


Always update yourself with general knowledge. The easiest way to get yourself up to date is by using newspapers and different books or listen daily informative TV programs. If you read newspaper daily basis then you improve your three things in one time. First, to Read newspaper you improve your knowledge and second to improve your grammar and sentence structure how to make your sentence more beautiful and attractive for the reader, third and least to improve your English vocabulary, you can easily get some new words


Do regular preparations because there is no short cut method. Your continuous effort makes you successful. If you study one day then whole week you have not open even book then after a week you also study one day it’s a useless method for studying even in a week you study three to four days also not the appropriate method. You can study a regular basis indeed you study three to four hours.


Prepare a proper routine set up a time table. Through time table you can manage everything in your daily life activities.


Cover your weak points by reading different books regarding the required syllabus so that you may overcome all the issues that are being faced. At this time it is important as well as easy for candidate to improve these topics.


Gather knowledge from where you find it whether you get it from people, books, newspapers, articles or different things and make notes. Book is your best friend No doubt you can find lot of knowledge and life exposures form book and also find different people experiences.


Mostly the questions are altered to confuse the candidate in this case don’t panic and understand the question first then answer it. Read the Question carefully because most of the time candidates did not understand the easiest Question due to altering Question.


Take rest while preparing for test because with tired mind and body you will not be able to remember anything but because of this you may also get the things you learned. After Fajar prayer is the best time for studying, in this time environment is very relaxed, before Breakfast you can easily study three to four hours then you can take some rest. Then after some relaxation, you can start studying again.


The conclusion we get from all the things discussed above is that in general knowledge test for jobs and admission, the candidate needs to gather information by himself to so that he may understand it properly and performs well in entry test. After proper plan and integration, you may become successful in any test, without your dedication and determination you can’t become successful in the test.

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