Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Students

Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Students- Majority of students around the world are emotionally drained, and it is evident in their poor academic reports. Despite making special efforts for uplifting IQ, they’re unable to give their best, and the reason is quite ostensible. Emotional intelligence, popularly known as EQ, is an individual’s ability to recognize, manage and express emotions. EQ helps students to control their emotions and deal with challenging life situations appropriately. Diminished emotional intelligence in students can lead to disruptive behaviour, bad relationships, and hindered academic growth. However, the best part about emotional intelligence is that it can be improved with perpetual practice. Owing to its proven efficacy in ameliorating performance, educational institutions around the world are integrating emotional intelligence into their curriculum. In this article, we will discuss the importance of emotional intelligence and place emphasis on how it can help the students with their academic endeavours.

Why is emotional intelligence important for students?

In this age of ever-rising competition and unending challenges, students are more burdened and stressed than ever. The dearth of emotional intelligence has taken a grave toll over their performance. And it is not just scored, lack of EQ prevents students from performing up to their full potential in various spheres of life. Besides giving a boost to academic scores, emotional intelligence paves the way for powerful learning. Students with excellent EQ scores are exhibit increased self-awareness and manage themselves better. They become clear-headed and relate to their surroundings better. In addition to that, emotional intelligence makes it easier for students to cope with stress and remain motivated. The communication skills and decision-making ability of the students are greatly improved when they put in considerable endeavours to ameliorate their emotional awareness. On all these accounts, students can benefit a great deal by making emotional intelligence a part of their study schedule.

What Are The Benefits Of Emotional Learning For Students?  

Let’s take a look at the various benefits of emotional learning for students.

  1. Effective Management Of Emotions

Considering the current trends in the world, effective management of emotions has become increasingly important. With adequate emotional intelligence, students can easily keep up with modern day competition. Students with an outstanding EQ score can get through the most difficult circumstances without any hardship. Besides, they can easily deal with grumpy and ill-tempered people. Since they have proper control over their emotions, they are less likely to be impulsive and restless.

 2. Improved Relations With People

Emotional intelligence is given utmost importance as it helps students build healthy relationships with people. A notable increase in EQ makes it easier for students to socialise and develop new bonds quickly. Hence, a student with a good EQ will not find it herculean to blend with peers who have different opinions. This can be very beneficial for students, especially in an academic setting where the continuous exchange of thoughts takes place.

3. Better communication

Communication is the key to make others understand what you are exactly going through. Many times, students experience mixed emotions such as anxiety, envy, happiness, melancholy, and wrath. It is very important for students to make certain that such emotions do not affect their sense of right and wrong. Emotional intelligence turns the students into better and responsible communicators. With an improved EQ, students can express their viewpoints and ideas effortlessly. Since emotional intelligence ameliorates the ability to communicate, the language proficiency of students improves automatically.

4. Empathy And Compassion

Empathy and compassion are all traits of a good human being. Students who have high emotional intelligence understand the problems and concerns of others. Not just that, they sympathize with people and help them vanquish the hurdles they are facing. Hence, emotional intelligence makes them a better individual.

5. Reduced Stress

It is a known fact that academics and stress go hand in hand. Be it schools or higher educational institutions; students have been stressed for ages. The concerning point is that stress can soon turn into a big obstacle if students do not work on overcoming it. Furthermore, stress hampers productivity and the overall performance of the student. Stress can become a real issue during important exams as it prevents students from focusing on their preparation. With high emotional intelligence, students can indulge in the smart study while effectively managing stress irrespective of how herculean and challenging the situation is

Final Words

One cannot deny that EQ plays a major role in maintaining the balance between work and life. Emotional intelligence in students is an indicator of academic success. As a matter of fact, multitudes of students in Kota have been practising emotional intelligence as it helps them secure higher grades. Taking the current scenario into consideration, the students need to realise that higher emotional intelligence can work wonders for educational pursuits and career development.

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