IMPORTANT TRENDS IN HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT- Human Resources, popularly known as HR in any office space, has increasingly become of utmost importance. Your HR facilities will determine if your employees are content and satisfied with their jobs, whether they are being of optimal productivity and if the overall environment of your office is healthy and conducive for work. The Human Resources department of any office ensures that the employees are free from an environment of harassment, and have a healthy work culture. Human Resources are the mediating agents between the company officials and it’s employees. With a change in times and how employees approach their work-life, trends in Human Resources has to keep changing. Considering that it is a people-centric occupation, you have to always be in touch with the people you work with and have to be a good communicator. If what the job entails interests you, you should try a HR management course to become a certified HR specialist.


human resource management
human resource management

A few trends in the Human Resources sector in 2019 is as follows:

  1. Personalisation

Standardisation of the workplace and the needs of the employees do not work well anymore. Individual issues, problems or in general the space which gives any individual the thinking space has taken a priority. Within being in a good mental headspace, no one can work well and contribute to the organisation. If you want an office where your employees work hard and are encouraged to work more, you need to personalise the office according to their needs. Many offices have smaller rooms with comfortable seating as well as desks for their employees. According to their needs, they can use either. This encourages productivity and the ability of people to work without their space being encroached upon. Many HR specialists also suggest that gifts, lunchtime food, and written notes also helps boost morale and the will to work at an organization. This keeps your employees interested and content at the workplace.

  1. Sense of trust in one’s workplace

Employees need to trust their employers for a healthy work environment. They need to have trust in the work the office wants to do, only then can they wholeheartedly work on any projects. Apart from that, they have to trust the technology which the office uses, and have a general sense of trust regarding their well being and financial security at the job. Employers who delay in paying the salary of their employees have a breach of trust between themselves and the employees. For any employee to be loyal and to work hard, they need to trust the work their workplace engages them with. Offices need to be transparent, show a clear picture of how they work, where they work and with what. This sense of transparency along with pay at the right time and a hospitable communication chain in the office hierarchy will help build and retain trust among the employees and employers.

human resource management
human resource management
  1. Hiring other services to strategize for your company

It is a good idea to hire organisations for the growth and development of your company. Most offices hire a tactical analyst to plan their quarters. It is beneficial to analyze your own records and your competitors to come up with the best possible strategy for your company. This new trend in Human resources, where they hire a third-party organisation or a tactical analyst has led to the sector of development being looked at as a service. Research and development as backend work are changing the landscape of how we view the development sector with respect to private firms.

human resource management
human resource management
  1. Erosion of office paternalism 

Globally we are seeing a decline in the rigid top-down paternalistic approach in offices. Employees are getting more autonomy, and their competency is being judged on their ability to take initiatives and on the basis of leadership roles. There is more focus on understanding the needs of the employees and what more can be done to increase their productivity. The previous notion of hierarchies is eventually breaking out. This has led to healthier office spaces where individuals feel more at ease.

  1. People Analytics

According to the needs of the organisation, people analytics is an important part of office life. People Analytics analyses how people’s personal lives may affect their potential work lives. It also seeks to locate any breaches of trust that there might be in the organisation. People Analytics focuses on the broader issues of the office and tries to tailor employee needs accordingly. The issue of data ownership is also important.  Under this purview, most organisations make their employees sign non-disclosure agreements to safeguard their official data. People Analytics is an important part of any organisation and it also helps to safeguard its data.

  1. Being people-centric

Previously HR only used to focus on the needs of the organisation and how to make the employees work to their maximum capacity. However, dehumanization and alienation of the employees from their work have only proven to decrease productivity. Human resources have finally understood that it’s all about the employees and understanding the differences in each of its employees. The fact that they have different needs and wants and expectations. Personalisation has proven to be effective in changing how people work.

Trends in human resources will keep altering depending on what’s affecting the daily life of its employees. HR always has to be kept on its feet to ensure their employees have a good work life balance and job satisfaction.

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