10 Interesting Things To Do In Delhi For Free

Delhi is considered as one of the expensive cities in India. It comes in the top five if we rate the city in expensiveness. People always see posh hotels and swanky cafes, which don’t provide any kind of fun and, most importantly, within their budget. There are many other fun things to do in Delhi, which will we budget-friendly, or else you can say it’s for free.

There are many fun places in Delhi to be visited where you can enjoy yourself with your friends and families. Delhi is the capital city of India. The city is popular because it has a rich heritage and culture. The historical monuments and buildings are present in this city. People from around the world visit to see this monument.

Here Are Some Fun Things to Do in Delhi for Free

There are many beautiful gardens present which is away from busy city life and pollution. Delhi has a history of empire succession from Mughals to Delhi sultanate to British; Delhi is now considered as one of the fastest and largest developing cities in the whole world. Delhi is a city which is very much loved by the tourist who visits and also by the inhabitants who live in the city. Delhi is also called the city of spice and wise.

1) Spending a day in Indian mountaineering foundation will be exciting

You wouldn’t have thought that a city like Delhi has a place where you can do mountaineering, but yes, it has. IMF or international mountaineering foundation is the home of the artificial climbing wall, which is of international standard.it is located in the heart of Delhi, which gives chances to the people who are adventure lovers and keep interested in mountaineering.

It mainly offers wall climbing related activities for adults, school children, and also for students who go to collages. The basic thing you should wear while doing this wall climbing is shorts or track pants, and the shoes should be lightweight. When you start climbing the wall, you have plenty of water with you. The climbing may become tough for you once you start going up. But it will be one of the exciting things to do which you will remember for the lifetime.

international mountaineering foundation
international mountaineering foundation

2) You can visit JNU campus which is rich in various culture and diversity

JNU is one of the prestigious universities in India, which has given India many famous personalities. It also considered one of the tourist places where people visit and explore the campus of this university. It also free of cost to visit the university campus; it one thing to do in Delhi where you don’t require any money.

It a beautiful campus which is spread across 1020 acres of land in New Delhi, the capital city of India. One of the best experiences of this campus is exploring the large forest cover mainly during summer evening’s .here you can find the natural point covered with forest and trees. People across India visit the university campus. You can have delicious food which comes at less price.

You should visit the Ganga Dhaba and Parthasarathy rocks on the university campus. You shouldn’t miss the various cultural events that happen every day. The university campus is considered as Delhi attractions for the people who visit from different states. One thing you should remember that vehicles are allowed only with a student id card, so if you are a tourist, then you can take a walk from the university campus.

3) Don’t forget to visit bird sanctuary at Okhla

It is one of the most important things to do in Delhi, to visit the bird sanctuary, which is situated in Okhla. This sanctuary is spread across 4 square kilometers and has 466 varieties of bird areas present in Delhi. You may not know that Delhi is a place which is ranked second for having different varieties of birds. The best time to visit this park is early in the morning, where you can easily spot the birds.

bird sanctuary okhla
bird sanctuary Okhla

4) Guards changing ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan

It is one of the best things to do in Delhi to see the guard changing at Rashtrapati Bhavan; it is free of cost. This ceremony was first started in 2012, which later on was made accessible for the public. It happens every weekend. To see this ceremony, you just need an identification proof. The timing of this ceremony is 10:00 am-11:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday.

Guards changing ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan
Guards changing ceremony at Rashtrapati Bhavan

5) You can visit book cafes in Delhi to read books free of cost

It is one of the best things to do in Delhi. If you have leisure time or some spare time with you, then don’t forget to visit these book cafes in Delhi. It is considered a place where you can spend some peaceful time. You can have a great time reading books and having food together. If you want to spend some peaceful time by yourself then this the place, if you have visited Delhi in summer, then you don’t have to worry because these cafes are all air-conditioned.

6) Bangla sahib langar

The langar at Bangla sahib dishes around 10,000 meals every day. If you can’t reach Delhi central, there are many gurudwaras in the city that will offer the same experience. You can have free food here without paying a single penny. Bangla sahib langar is very near the metro station.

Bangla sahib
Bangla sahib

7) Visit and jog on Jahan Panah forest

In the middle of the Delhi city is the Jaha Panah forest, which is spread across 800 acres of land, which makes this place very suitable for jogging within nature. It is one of the best things to do in Delhi. This forest is situated near greater Kailash, Chirag Delhi, Ambedkar Nagar, and Hamdard Nagar. You can start your jogging early in the morning to avoid strong sunlight. Early morning times are best for visibility, and it’s very important because if you are a first-time visitor, then you may get lost.

8) You can visit NGMA for contemporary artists

The national gallery in Delhi is one of the most important places to visit in Delhi. This large gallery for modern art has a collection of around 14000 arts, which are shuffled every week. It also shows arts from new artists. Arts from famous artists like Thomas Daniel, S.H.Raza, and Rabindranath Tagore are present here. And it is one of the best things to do in Delhi. The gallery opening time is 10 AM, and the closing time is 5 PM. You will need an entire day to complete the visit to this place.

national gallery in Delhi

9) Don’t forget to visit Jama masjid

It is the largest mosque in Delhi; the construction was completed back in the 17th century. It is a landmark of old Delhi and one of the most important places to worship. This mosque can hold around 25000 people at a time, mainly during Friday prayers. It has many entry and exit points. The entry is free for all nationalities. You just have to cover your up your body from head to toe.

10) India gate a must visit

One thing to do in Delhi if you visit the city is the India gate. It is made in the memory of those soldiers who lost their lives during the Afghan war. This landmark is very iconic and historic. The height of this gate is around 42 meters high.it has got the names of 13500 soldiers who lost their lives at the northwest frontier. The best time to visit this place is in the evening when it is properly lit up, and the fountains are switched on, which will give a beautiful view for visitors.

India gate
India gate

There is some best place to visit in Delhi. Tourist place to visit in north Delhi is much more than a place to visit in south Delhi like Adventure Island, splash Water Park, Japanese park, and many more.

1) Water park

It is a place of attraction not only for the people of Delhi but also from Panipat, murthal and sonipat.it has got multilane slides, mushroom falls with various adventure rides like minibus and Ferris wheel which attract a lot of visitors.

2) Japanese park

One thing to do in Delhi if you are with your kids is don’t forget to visit the Japanese park, which is located in north Delhi; it is newly constructed. The park is situated in Rohini.it has a tiny pond with a green play area for kids. This park is favorite among kids.

3) Adventure Island

It is one of the most famous spots for tourists and for the people of Delhi. The adventure island is very much favorite among adults, and as well as kids. There are various rides present here which you can enjoy, like sky riders, wild wheels, wave rockers, splash dunk, and bumper cars. You can also do window shopping which has all the latest brands. If you have visited during lunch or dinner time, then you can enjoy a lunch or dinner with your family. The thing about this place is the connectivity. It is well connected with the metro where people can easily visit this place without any inconvenience.

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