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iPhone 7 is Exploding: True or Fake News? | iPhone 7 Explosion Images

Here we have iPhone 7 Explosion Images. iPhone 7 is Exploding: is It True?

A Reddit user on Friday 30 September 2016, posted pictures of exploded iPhone 7. He claimed that iPhone 7 exploded when it was on its way from factory to the delivery location. It’s a sulky repetition of Samsung Note 7 inevitable ignition, for Samsung that’s not an issue to look after. After the user posted on Reddit, pictures of flared up iPhone 7 went burgeoning across the internet. The Reddit user named ‘Kroopthesnoop’ posted iPhone 7’s exploded back and wrote ‘Don’t know what went wrong in between delivery and coming out of factory’, this post pinpoints that iPhone 7 was exploded when it was on the way for its delivery to its user.

iPhone 7 is Exploding: is It True?

Meanwhile, the phone was being delivered iPhone 7 sustained deterioration. The type of batteries being used not only by Apple but also companies like Samsung, Motorola, Sony etc. are usually considered to be safe. But only if they sustain any kind of puncture inside then they tend to explode or set on fire frequently, manufacturers are responsible for it. Apple’s phone are prone to get damaged or dented by any kind of problem heat or pressure causes to it.

This viral news will still not give a neck to neck battle against Samsung Note 7, Note 7’s explosion news from every corner of the world was casual. Samsung Note 7 came out as a disaster for the company and a piled up complaints of its users. Till date no such complaints were registered against iPhones and this problem also seems to be an issue of a wrong delivery way.

Note 7 often explodes when it’s being charged and seems to be not a user’s wrong way of use. A wide number of Note 7 phones has set on fire or exploded until now. In addition, Samsung washing machines have also started exploding vigorously. Believing on the pictures and the post, this news we are considering it to be true. The way it has gone viral over social media, a little of conspiracy might be hidden behind it.

iPhone 7 is Exploding

For smartphone users it’s a ringer, every phone uses this kind of battery inside and the user should stay cautious with it. Airlines have banned the transportation of these batteries as cargo because of its high tendency to blast. Past year a man while cycling fell down on his phone and it exploded on the spot, this not only gave him injuries but also did a hole in the pocket.

Reportedly in Dijon, a Frenchman walked inside Apple store on Saturday and started smashing the Apple iPhones, iPads and MacBooks using a steel ball. His video went viral over the net, he was spotted wearing glares and was angry by Apple’s service providers. Later on, he was arrested by French police as reported by French media. The damage made by this angry French customer has been roughly calculated at thousand euros approximately. Later on, a video came in which this man was spotted fleeing while he was snapped by the security present at the store.

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