Top Cross Browser Testing Cloud Solution – Lambda Test Review

Over the recent years, we have noticed a steady incline in the usage of online or cloud-based computing/testing services and the start of something that we envision will only multiply or become something better over the coming years.

Something that has really worked in the favor of cloud computing really is the fact that you require little to no computing power at all to make use of all its services. Whether you have a limited amount of time or limited resources cloud testing has something to offer for each and every single one of us.

Picture this, you’re in a race against time and opposition to publish the next best web app. You have it all, the App is ready, your code is bug-free and ready to go. All you need to do is test out whether your application works well on different platforms or browsers and you’re good to go. This is where you’ll stumble. 99% of the time. Because of lack of time or resources, you’ll either end up skipping the testing period altogether, which is disastrous for the future. Or you’ll end up wasting important time in the testing period and watch all your competitors get the attention you and your web app should be getting.

LambdaTest Review

This is when a service like LambdaTest comes up clutch. LambdaTest is basically a remote cross-browser testing service that lets you test out your web application on different browsers and gives you real-time results in the form of screenshots. There are also a bunch of other perks and features which we shall now take a deeper look at.

Lambda Test Features

Here are the features as follows-

An online Cross Browser Compatibility Tester

That’s quite a mouthful, isn’t it? Luckily the work it does is not that complicated. What LambdaTest aims to do is simply take your web app and test it across different environments and configurations of Operating Systems, Browsers, Browser Versions and much more.

You can also take a step up and test your web application on mobile browsers with different resolutions or screen sizes.

The remote browsers also come equipped with a bunch of development tools so that you can make changes to your code on the fly, without having to actually have the IDE on your computer. One of the best features that can be found on the tool is stated above.

Testing across countless browser options on mobile and computer

Last we checked there were around 2000+ configurations you could run tests on with the help of LambdaTest. And this is not only on Windows and Mac which have several browsers and browser builds included. But also the mobile versions of the browser on popular brands like Apple, Google, OnePlus and more.

This helps you test out different combinations and helps you narrow down results super easily.

Automated Screenshots, Geo-Location Testing and a brilliant issue tracker

With LambdaTest the way to go about testing is via running your app across different browser configurations. And the way you track your results is via automated screen captures and screen recordings which are sent to you in real time.

A Geo-Location Testing feature helps you see how your web app performs on browsers in different parts of the world. Helping you better optimise your app for your users. This is said to be the best feature of the application as stated by publications and users.

Another brilliant feature is the Issue Tracking system that is included in the service. With this service, you can see user logged issues on the fly and sort and filter then in whichever way you want.

For an initial price of $15 per month, this service proves to be cheap and effective for developers who want to simply get more work done in less time.

This goes hand in hand with the free month-long trial they have available on their website:

Do test it out before you buy the whole thing. It’s the thing that you require, so don’t hold back and grab the opportunity with both hands.

Final words –

That’s it from us on part of the best crossword cloud platform. The information stated in the article has been provided and collected by their official website and company respectively.

Thank you for being a kind reader and let us know if we have missed out on any of your favorite point of this platform or you can also comment your favorite point that is already stated in the article.

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