Home Technology Location Privacy App: Check the App Which Hides Your Location From Third Parties

Location Privacy App: Check the App Which Hides Your Location From Third Parties

Are you looking for, “How to Hide Your Location from Someone Else?” Use this App named, Location privacy App. Check below for more details.

Location privacy App- A team of Linke Guo who is the Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Binghamton was leading the team who developed an app which block the third party to identify the location of an individual person who is searching something online. They also received the “Best Paper” award at a recent conference. for this research. So check out which is the New App Which hides your Location or Location Privacy App.

Location Privacy App Keeps you safe Third Parties:

A research team of Linke Guo, the assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Binghamton University, get an Award at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) GLOBECOM Conference for  their paper titled “Privacy-preserving Verifiable Proximity Test for Location-based Services.” Globecom is one  flagship conferences of IEEE communication society. In this, the organizers  received approx  more than 3000 paper in which only 949 paper accepted and only one paper is selected for the “best paper” in different 12 categories.

Location Privacy App

This is absolutely connected up to everyday living,” said Guo, who represent the paper with graduate students Gaoqiang Zhuo and Qi Jia. “The trend of people using searches and social networks on smartphones which aren’t well-protected is going up. Sometimes people share too much information. This is a way to help provide some security.”

Location Privacy App

“With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other we offer a large quantity of information to the service suppliers every day. Especially, we also give the personal photos, location data, daily updates, to the net with none protection,” Guo said. “There is such an opportunity for tragedy if that data is used to in a bad way.

Smartphones send gobs of information to servers within the background of native searches, GPS directions or check-ins for foodie apps. If the app developed by Guo and his team is developed any, it might facilitate hide that data. The app isn’t presently offered to the general public however, it should be within the future.

“When we give the personal data to the Internet, it’s out of our management, and may be simply searched and used for malicious functions,” Guo said. “We are trying to supply a lot of economical and possible solution to make sure that kind of information is secure.”

So very soon we might see a new App with Guo and the team being the new owner. The name will be announced soon and we are going to tell the name of the App live here. So Stay connected to EduMovLive.com and read more and more.

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