Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands in Malaysia

The islands of Malaysia find a sweet spot among the travel lovers. Malaysia has always been the land of dreams. The beautiful and the peaceful beaches entice one while the exotic dinners provide an experience of a lifetime. Be it romancing someone or a trip with friends, the options are endless. The white sands of the beaches are welcoming at the very least, while one cannot ignore the adrenaline rush of underwater sports.  These islands garnered the love and attention of all.

Here is the list of Most Beautiful Islands in Malaysia

Enjoying the green lushes of Langkawi Island

When it comes to the beautiful islands in Malaysia, the Langkawi island steals the show. The location is filled with some of the exciting plants and mountains and allows one to spend the afternoon beneath the warm sunshine. To add on top of it, one can feed the monkeys and eagles in the location. The location also serves some of the most exceptional beverages. A bath in the ocean after complement the drinks and allows one to spend the most delicate times.

Langkawi Island
Langkawi Island

Mabul Island: The Hidden Island

Mabul Island is one of the most exceptional locations one can ever come across. The island is known for its untouched beauty and is known for the emerald water and the white sand. The hidden island in Malaysia counts itself among one of the best exotic locations and hence has garnered attention in recent times. To add to it further, the place is suitable for Kayaking and the world’s most beautiful sunrise and sunset. This, in turn, has made Mabul Island one of the best islands in Malaysia.

Strolling across the streets of Penang Island

While Penang Island does not precisely suit the needs of one of the most exotic islands in Malaysia, the place proves to be one of the most enthralling locations in the region. The rich culture and the metropolitan setup attracts people from the fast fledged lands and enjoy strolling across the streets of the town. From the colorful temples to the refreshing breeze, every other factor invites tourists. The islands in Malaysia have some of the best locations across the world.

Penang Island
Penang Island

Playing Beach Volleyball in Rawa Island

The Rawa Island, owned by the Sultanate of Johor, is one of the best islands in Malaysia one will ever come across. The place counts itself among one of the best islands in East Malaysia and is perfect for a royal, scheduled vacation. The grand beach, along with the most beautiful sands, attracts thousands of people all across the globe.

Getting the celebrity treatment on the Redang Island

Redang Island is one of the most exotic locations one can ever come across. Located near Terengganu State, the place is known for its celebrity type facilities and has also been the primary spot for shooting various advertisements and movies of all time. A simple query on the popular search engine sites about islands in Singapore will rank Redang Island among the first spot. The place is known for some of the upscale tourists who come to the area for some exotic solutions.

Redang Island
Redang Island

Spotting some Whales at the Layang Layang Island

Despite being one of the premium places, Layang Layang Island finds its application in one of the most celebrated beaches of all time. A long drive along the beach can refresh your mind while the beautiful whale sharks incite an adrenaline rush. For nature lovers, the place is a heaven on earth. Sunbathing and bird watching have emerged as one of the most popular locations in the region.

World’s Most Beautiful Island: Tioman

In 1970, one of the leading magazines of all time ranked Tioman Island on the top of the list. The beautiful island finds its space in some of the most amazing locations and is known among one of the lushest green islands in the nation. Tioman Island does not retain the title as of now but is known to have a strong presence as one of the best islands in Malaysia. The influx of tourism proves the fact as a higher number of tourists visit the island every year.

Tioman island
Tioman Island

Enjoying the Empty Beaches at Pangkor

If you have desired a scheduled location with your family, then the Pangkor Island is the best thing that can happen to you. The beach counts itself among some of the most beautiful islands in Malaysia and is the perfect spot for all relaxing days off. The beautiful palm beach is surrounded by some of the exciting jungle trails and hence has been attracting tourists from all corners of the world. A simple sunbathe and sometime in the sea will help you eradicate all your problems.

Malaysia’s Best Diving Spot: Sipadan Island

The puny island, Sipadan Island is known to have some of the most exotic locations all across the globe. Traditionally, the place has been known for being the best diving spot in Malaysia. However, the area was marked as protected in the year 2002, and since then, there have been very few tourists that are allowed to dive around the rich flora and fauna of the space. A one hour ride along the beach make sure that the crystal clear water and swarms of the turtle are spotted in the process.

sipadan island
Sipadan island

The Pom Pom Island

Pom Pom Island is one of the most enthralling locations in Malaysia. The island is beautifully decorated with some of the most beautiful resorts of all time that share a clean beach. The diving spot has emerged as one of the most significant diving spots in Malaysia, which has a rich flora and fauna in the entire region.

When it comes to islands in Malaysia, there are hundreds of islands around the nation. The long beach and the modernization of the same help the industry grow by leaps and bounds while the nation has been taking aggressive measures to give a significant boost to the economy. Hundreds of Thousands of flock in the region to spend some quality time with the family.

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