Most Important Tech Jobs for 2020

Top 10 Most Wanted Tech Jobs for 2020

AI architect

Tech Jobs: Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more common in business and consumer lives. By 2020, companies will seek a skilled workforce to meet the demand for AI-enabled products and services. Most companies are looking for an artificial intelligence architect with at least a master’s degree in computer tech jobs, data science, or artificial intelligence, as well as previous experience working in data or analytics. Candidates with experience in machine learning, natural language processing, AI integration, AI application programming, and knowledge of change management are in high demand. You want to hire an AI architect who understands the technical concepts, but it’s also important that he has the communication skills to gain leadership on board.

Skills and knowledge to watch:

Machine learning and natural language processing skills

Strategic thinking, time management and organizational skills

Knowledge of programming AI applications

Knowledge of change management

Business intelligence analyst

BI analysts need expertise in database technology, analytics and reporting tools. Companies usually look for candidates with a degree in computer science, information systems, or engineering. You will need to hire someone with the skills to understand your organization’s specific data needs and then communicate them to stakeholders. It is a duty with growing emphasis as a pivotal activity from gathering to understanding data.

Skills and knowledge to watch:

Knowledge of database queries

Archived methodological writing

Online Analysis Processing (OLAP)

Father’s technology

Strong speaking and writing skills

A constructive cloud

Cloud builders control cloud computing and are responsible for sending, managing, and supporting clouds. Cloud builders are generally well versed in a variety of systems in addition to networking, scheduling, and security technology. Businesses should look for people with deep knowledge of cloud services, such as Amazon on the Amazon website, as well as experience in ITSM, I&O, management, automation, and product management.

Search Skills and Experiences:

Knowledge of cloud technology and modern storage technology.

Experience with software testing in the cloud

Understand the cost, performance, and construction of the cloud system.

Collaboration and communication skills.

Experts in information

Information experts are in high demand as companies store more information than ever before. The company needs scientists, analysts, and engineers to help store, categorize, and analyze data collected by the organization. Information can be very confidential, so it is essential to have trained staff who can use relevant information without compromising the business. Depending on the time, you will want to get candidates with a degree from a computer science or science degree to candidates with a bachelor’s degree. They have the experience to start a program. When you use media experts, the expertise and experience you value will depend on your industry size, size, and unique approach to your company’s media strategy.

Search Skills and Experiences:

Experience in collecting and processing basic information

Ability to provide insight into news media and report on achievements to business leaders

Be aware of new information provided to the family.

Experience of working with technology and engineering teams on data integration projects

Developer (web, software, mobile)

Web, software and mobile developers are responsible for the design, development, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems. The job requires coding, designing, and building applications, websites or mobile apps, working with various programming languages ​​such as C #, C ++, HTML, Java, Microsoft .NET, and SQL Server. Developers must be able to understand customer needs and be able to make suggestions for improving the web, software, and mobile applications to ensure they meet user needs.

Skills and experience to seek:

Knowledge of several programming languages

Analytical and technical skills

Strong communication skills

Bachelor’s degree in computer science

Two-year degree with certificates, bootcamps and previous work experience

DevOps engineer

Tech Jobs: DevOps training is encouraged to implement fast code with fewer errors, so many hiring DevOps engineers also have experience in controlling code, documentation, and development. DevOps engineers often manage IT infrastructure, provide resources, oversee software testing, and monitor performance after release. These workers help simplify code updates, allowing companies to continually change and improve processes in the organization for computer science.

Skills and experience to seek:

Programming and scripting skills

Skills in automation, data management and IT operations

A deep understanding of DevOps best practices

Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Helpdesk and desktop support professionals

For business dealing with customers, customer support is an important part of running a successful business. As the first line of protection for customer service and troubleshooting, help desk employees must have the right technical and weak skills for the job. Robert Half Technology divides the role of assistant desk technician into three categories, as job information and needs can vary greatly in operations.

Viewing skills and experience:

Step 1: For admission requirements required at least two years of experience, a degree support, or classes at a boarding school

Step 2: For requirements requiring two to four years of experience, a two year undergraduate or graduate degree with appropriate work experience

Step 3: Four or more years of experience in a gas station environment, a degree in land tenure, and certification

Communication or cloud control

Communications management is responsible for managing LAN / WAN protocols, software, and tools. The cloud administrator is responsible for managing the cloud, and the communication service and cloud support programs are on the other side of the project. Both sites spend a lot of troubleshooting time and often need to be available in the event of an emergency or breakdown. What you see in the experience will depend on the breadth of your communication needs, but there are skills and certifications that can help you get the most skilled employees.

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