8 Reasons Why You Should Participate in Jungle Run Challenge 2020, Mukteshwar- Ultra Trail Running Carnival

Ultra-trail running is a sports activity which combines running, but not as a classical marathon, but it is a longer race on a steep gradient, with unpaved surface and slopes. In all, it ends up with a tremendous challenging activity but with a blend of fun and adventurous contours and indulges with some great unveiled experiences.

It is similar to both mountain and hill running, but not as difficult as mountain running since they have paved sections, but trail running in all take on good paths, though on mountainous terrains, but consider to be a safe play as compared to mountain running. As Jungle Run Challenge back with their 2nd Edition at same place Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand.

Jungle Run Challenge


This ultra-trail running will be quite beneficial for all the folks, here are the top reasons listed below, which will trace the importance of participation in Jungle Run Challenge

1. In order to overcome your fear and to master in your own anxious thoughts, that one can do it or have the ability to do, only when a person experiences it thoroughly.

2. To experience something out of your comfortability zone will give you enthusiasm and self-confidence within you and representing yourself as a motivational factor in you by stating, that, I ‘M SCARED BUT DOING IT ANYWAY’.

3. To make your mind and soul rest into peace but, with a proactive approach of participating into a trail jungle run within gradients mountainous regions which is nevertheless a better option rather than running a road running or participating in a marathon conducted within polluted and populated cities, since one can even feel a close proximity to nature with this Ultra Trail Running Carnival.

4. In order to permit failure to yourself on the trail of success, one should be determined in committing with the work, no matter if get a failure on the path, but one should keenly commit oneself in developing skills, instead of setting back with the fear of falling off.

5. To explore something newest under adventurous activities with some uniqueness and distinct characteristics in the trail running.

6. It is a treat for the ultra- runners, in order to explore themselves and to gain an unspeakable amazing and transcendental experience, and get engrossed with the newest form of running a marathon or in a sports challenge activity.

7. This ultra-trail carnival will aid you to discover the joy of running in trees rather than in traffic and experience the natural spectrum of nature rather than speed bumps.

8. It brings you with some other perquisites, by giving the opportunity of making some new friends with an ultra-circuit of travelling alone but again sharing the best bits with someone, will make you happier and one can explore oneself by swapping stories while experiencing it.

Why You Should Participate in Jungle Run Challenge

Under this ultra trail running carnival, the tortoise beats the hare, which is the major factor of participating in the Jungle Run Challenge since one can relax their body and soul with the act of merriment and socialization. Moreover, these ultra- marathons mingle running with fun and some thrilling enjoyable activities to revived oneself from the regular hassle of life.

Jungle Run Challenge 2.0 is the 2nd edition of Ultra Trail Running event to be held in Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand from 10th-12th April 2020.
There will be fun, joy, bon-fire, dance, music, party time.
Three types of running events will be held 60km, 30km and there will be a special 11km challenge for beginners/friends/family.
Medical facilities provided at the race. T-shirt, cap, food is included in the ticket price.
What are you waiting for Running in Ultra Trail Run is not an event, it is a way of life.
If not Now, Then Never!!
Book your tickets now 25% offer valid till 25th Feb.

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