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President of India: Ram Nath Kovind Wiki, Biography, Family

Ram Nath Kovind Wiki- After much conjecture and prediction, NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind was declared the 14th President of India, on Tuesday at Rashtrapati Bhawan in a glittering ceremony. Ram Nath Kovind served as the former governor of Bihar and he is the second Dalit leader. Coming from a modest family in Uttar Pradesh, Ram Nath Kovind has served several roles in public life. The NDA candidate received 65.65 per cent of the votes in the Electoral College and defeating Opposition candidate Meira Kumar. When Kovind got nominated for the NDA candidature of Presidential election he resigned from his position as Governor of Bihar. The nomination was a surprise to many, as the party had given some hints that their preference is Draupadi Murmu, who is the current governor of Jharkhand, as the official candidate. The thought of having a respected Dalit representative with a clean and strong activist reputation gestured greatly to the NDA- who can now fight their anti-Dalit stigma and win over the ideas from all sections of the society, especially with the 2019 Lok Sabha elections in the scene.

President of India: Ram Nath Kovind Wiki:

The new President of India (Ram Nath Kovind) was born at Kanpur Dehat, Uttar Pradesh on October 1. Kovind has a degree in B.Com and LLB from Kanpur University (Uttar Pradesh). He has been a very successful lawyer. As an advocate he was very successful and won many cases in Delhi High court during his tenure from 1977 to 1979. Bihar’s governor’s website states that he has accomplished many things in his life as an advocate.

Ram Nath Kovind became Advocate of the Supreme Court of India in 1978. He had practiced law in Delhi High Court as well as Supreme Court for about 16 years until 1993. In United Nations he has represented India and he was also addressed in United Nations General Assembly. Kovind visited some counties for a study tour as a member of parliament. These countries are Thailand, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Germany, Switzerland, France, United Kingdom and USA.


Ram Nath Kovind’s father was a hardworking farmer, and because of the poor situations in the family, they realized the lack of means and importance of hardwork in life. Ram Nath Kovind was hard working child and wanted to learn a lot pf new things in his life. So, he decided to get education and earn respect and knowledge for himself. Later in life, he married his wife of over 43 years- Savita Kovind, who bore him two children, son Prashant Kumar, who is married and daughter Swati. These are some of the facts from Ram Nath Kovind’s Biography.

During his reign as Governor of Bihar, he took charge of number of series of judicial commissions so that he could look into the practices of corruption disturbing the educational system some of them were- personal favors during admissions, promotions of undeserving and unqualified teachers and mismanagement of funds.

Under his reign, there was a change in the educational administration of Bihar and they witnessed many improvements. Kovind’s position as an advocate pushed him to took a lead in providing free legal aid to some backward sections of the society, especially SC/ST women and the poor under “Free Legal Aid Society” in Delhi.


In 2010, Ram Nath Kovind encountered a controversy because he said that “Islam and Christianity are alien to the nation. Although this controversy did not gain much attention of the people.

Ram Nath Kovind’s history shows that, he has done a lot for the country and now his position as the 14th President of India will prove to be good for the nation.

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