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Rajnikanth’s Robot 2.0 Movie Review and Star Rating | 2.0 Budget

Rajnikath’s Robot 2.0 Movie Review, 2.0 IMDB Review, Box Office Collection prediction and movie star rating can be checked at www.edumovlive.com. Here comes another great work of the director S Shankar by presenting a sequel of Robot which was released in 2010 which tends to be the first science fiction work featured under Bollywood Big Cinemas.

About Rajnikanth’s Robot 2.0 MOVIE

Robot 2.0 movie drawing the same fictional and speculative science-based phenomena that are not accepted or dejected by the mainstream sciences due to their category of speculation which is hard to accept for real sciences. The development of Robot 2.0 movie is done on the grounds of appreciation of ENTHIRAN movie released in 2010 in Tamil, the film led to a great success which provides the base for another efficient work which is wholly expected to be an another Blockbuster in Bollywood.

The movie is featuring Rajnikant as expected, but the viewers will be stunned by the entry of Akshay Kumar in the movie which is a complete surprise package in the film which serves the viewers as a complimentary dessert and a double bonanza with Rajnikant.


After getting a great success over ‘Gold’, Akshay Kumar depicting under another finest masterpiece which expectedly makes his future touch heights. Akshay is featured under a negative role in Robot 2.0 movie as Doctor Richard.

Rajnikant is drawing an optimistic personality in the film by defining good measures for the society which is depicted under the role of Dr Vaseegaran and the other is Chitti.

Moreover, Amy Jackson is featured against Akshay Kumar and Rajnikant, by seeing her in the snapshots of the movie, it can be collarary assumed that she is playing a role of a robot in the film due to her costume that we have seen in the snapshots of the movie, but still it is a prediction of the viewers and the truth is still hidden and can be well unveiled at the time of the complete trailer release.

Robot 2.0 Movie Review:

It is been said by the filmmakers that the film tends to release on Diwali but since the film still has some VFX work needs to be incorporated in the movie acts, one cannot feature it under Big Cinemas.

The film teaser 2.0 got to face mixed reviews from the viewers and as per the trade analysts. The film gets great acceptance in the South since for them the thought was that the Director, S. Shankar has taken ‘Enthiran’ to the next level. On the contrary, the fans of Akshay Kumar though find to be little disappointed after the teaser of 2.0 since not much resemblance of Akshay Kumar is there, which is a bit concerned and questionable thought over its role since the Director portrayed Akshay under one of the lead roles.

But might, the upcoming movie will reveal the real sense and cleared the thought process of the viewers. The VFX works already expressed the budget that the movie took and viewers can easily make out after the digital teaser got released on YouTube.

Watch here 2.0 Movie Official Trailer:


The viewers gave mixed reactions over the teaser but the fans of Akshay left disappointed after the teaser since Akshay Kumar is shown less over it. In India, people are likely to go with the life experience rather than going for the things which they have not visited before.

Some viewers gave an average 2.0 movie review and said ‘let the theatrical trailer be out’, then it can be judged more optimistically.


IMDB reviewed this film as one of the biggest hit of Bollywood since it involves a lot of finance and funding (approx. 500 crores investment) led to making this film, which makes this movie a costlier affair for Bollywood cinemas.

It is being reviewed under the analyses that 2.0 movie 90 minutes teaser sheds a large impact and without Akshay Kumar also it can earn 8-10 crores as per its master visual effects.

But it has been pointed under the analyses that if Akshay Kumar efficiency is exhibited on a correct scale the film can easily win the hearts of the masses and it can no longer be challenged that the film can earn beyond the sky limit.

Ending the survey on greater hopes that the release of 2.0 movie on 29th November captured the heart of the masses and plunders to be the biggest hit of Bollywood Cinemas by getting streamlining at every movie theatre.


It has come into the notice after the analyses that the film involves a lot of VFX works which took an enormous investment of 75 million dollars which can be approximately calculated as 547 crores as expressed in Indian currency, which has beaten the records of any Bollywood film.

Moreover, it is more interesting to review the film on the upcoming theatrical teaser which tends to be released on 29th November.

TO share your views on Robot 2.0 Movie review, feel free to write in the comment section.

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