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Road Trip from Bangalore to Coorg- Tourist Attractions in Coorg

Road Trip from Bangalore to Coorg- Coorg has been capturing the imaginations of modern Indian travellers for a while now. Whether it is the promise of exciting off-road and river rafting adventures, or the prospect of digging into a rich and distinctive cuisine, there is no dearth of experiences when you drive into the green hills of Kodagu district. On the way, travellers also get to witness some iconic locations. A road trip to Coorg is best done in a sturdy vehicle, so one can find a reliable self-drive car rental and pick up the suitable ride.

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A Road Trip from Bangalore to Coorg:

Attractions En-Route Mysore

The drive from Bangalore has many detours. Just outside town, lies Ramanagara. The terrain here is straight out of a Wild West classic, and the granite formations are now popular with rock climbers. Ramanagara is also a good place for bird watching. The next major stop in the initial phase of the Coorg road trip is Srirangapatna, a historic town that was the site of Tipu Sultan’s last battle.

The Royal City

Mysore has been chronicled over the years as one of the region’s cultural capitals. The imposing Mysore Palace is a grand affair, an opulent mix of different architectural styles. Another place worth driving to is the sprawling Brindavan Gardens, known for its musical fountains and topiary. Take some time off in Mysore to explore its silk and sandalwood markets, and drive to the summit of Chamundi Hills for panoramic views of the region.

A Tibetan Experience

After Mysore, the trip finally reaches the district of Coorg. The area of Bylakuppe is home to two of Karnataka’s largest Tibetan settlements, which were founded in the 1960s. A surreal experience awaits those who enter this vignette of a culture that was almost lost to the world. Visit the monasteries of Bylakuppe, where one can spend some moments in soothing silence and admire the detailed Tibetan architecture.

Tibetan coorg

The Wild Mountains

Coorg’s most iconic symbol is the one beast who rules its thick forests. A bit of chatting with informed locals would eventually lead to a story about the wildlife of the place, and the tiger is always at the centre of it. Nagarhole National Park spans more than 600 square kilometres and is home to a wide variety of terrains and ecosystems. Apart from the Bengal tiger, predators that prowl the region include leopards, Indian wild dogs or dhole, and the striped hyena.

mountains in coorg

An enchanting stopover

If you have time on your hands, and the freedom to pick your own itinerary, a stopover at Chikmagalur is a must-do. There are several places of interest in and around Chikmagalur town. Hebbe Falls is a monsoon special, with its roaring waters hidden deep in the forest. One of the most prominent wildlife areas close to Chikmagalur is Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, a Project Tiger reserve. Apart from the breathtaking scenery, visitors will encounter many rare and endemic species here. Some of the animals that call Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary are tigers, leopards, elephants and gaurs – the big four of South India’s forests. Birdwatchers will also enjoy a safari through these pristine surroundings. Avian species found include emerald doves, Malabar parakeets and multiple species of hornbills.

Exploring Kodagu district in one’s own vehicle will lead to a lot of trails that crisscross forests and plantations. Always be ready for a wild encounter as these woods are teeming with many deer and primate species.

The rustic and wild settings of Coorg also provide a perfect stage for adrenaline junkies. Culturally, the residents of Kodava district are known for their love for the outdoors. From wild boar hunting to fishing, there are many distinctive local pastimes.

Add some exciting adventure sports to the road trip itinerary while in the hills of Coorg. River rafting is a popular activity, and there are many camps in the thick forests where one can hit the rapids and cascading streams. Nature excursions would include trips to secluded waterfalls and a night of camping is always recommended. A trek to Tadiandamol, the highest peak in the district would be an ideal break from the constant driving. Angling is a more relaxed way of soaking in the peaceful environment.

When in Coorg, foodies have to try out the local cuisine, which is vastly different from the fare one gets in the plains of Karnataka. The Pandi Curry is a celebrated pork delicacy.

Karnataka is a state blessed with natural riches and exploring every corner will require a lifetime and more. However, even a slice of this beauty experienced on a trip can rejuvenate even the weariest of minds. For those looking for self-drive cars, Bangalore offers good options. Companies like Zoomcar offer a wide range of vehicles at very affordable plans. It is time to round up the friends and make plans.

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