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Shahrukh Khan’s Zero Movie Review and Star Rating | Film Budget | IMDB Reviews

Shahrukh Khan’s Zero movie review and star rating, Zero IMDB Reviews- With the upcoming release of 2018 ‘’ZERO” movie, as directed by the Aanand L. Rai , featuring the great SRK with Anushka and Katrina the big faces of the Indian Bollywood is a romantic Hindi drama film with the outlook of a physically challenged person who retreats its life even with incompleteness and is full of charm with a pinch  of arrogance.

The movie is scheduled to be released on 21st December 2018, as the directors’ states while interviewing that since December is a time of celebration, hence this December we are celebrating incompleteness/imperfections struggling with completeness or perfections.

zero movie review
zero movie review


After Jab Tak Jaan, the release of 2012, we are again scene SRK with Anushka and Katrina together, which again provides the director an assurance to fetch positive responses from the public due to the SRK fan following, casting King Khan with the two beautiful gems of Bollywood Cinemas gives the director a chance to uphold the movie with positive responses.

SRK featured as Baauu Singh, who is playing a role of the dwarf, but is full of life and wit, and being brought up in a wealthy family of Meerut, has a pinch of arrogance too.

Katrina playing the role of the hot actress named Babita and Anushka playing the role of a scientist who is physically challenged, but is full of positivism and happy in his incompleteness too.

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Zero Movie Review: IMDB REVIEWS and Public Reviews

IMDB reviewed the film with a positive outlook and stated that this might shutter all the records of BOX OFFICE as created by SRK in this Bollywood career.

SRK playing the role of a rich and wealthy person but physically challenged man who keep on struggling to find his perfect match with his incompleteness , but his experiences with a superstar (Katrina) and an amputee( Anushka who is physically handicapped but is a NASA scientist) eventually leads to many adventures in life which helps him filling his imperfections with perfections.


The public has given positive reviews after the trailer got released on 2nd November 2018, on the occasion of Shahrukh Khan’s 53rd birthday. The fans of SRK were pleased and stunned with happiness after seeing the trailer unveiled on 2nd November.

After watching its trailer, SRK fans are impatiently waiting for the movie to get released. The most impactful is the entry of SRK and Salman in one of the songs of Zero movie puts the movie forefront with unduly expectations and endowed them with enthusiasm.

The poster revealing SRK and  Anushka shows the synopsis of the storyline and gives their fan glimpses of an emotional and comedy romantic Hindi Bollywood drama and pinched them with an emotional belonging too.

As per public, a 3-minute 14-second trailer might shatter all records of SRK out of the box in the Bollywood Box Office.

ZERO movie posters put back a throwback on SRK fans promises to provide an emotional charge film.


The movie “ZERO” expectedly get a positive revert from the trade analysts, hence, it is stated already after the review by the IMDB that the movie highlights a positive midst of relationships which sometimes taken for granted and how one can convert oneself from imperfections to perfections even with its incompleteness in its life.

AMIR KHAN too gives a thumb –up to SRK for the movie “ZERO” and even many film trade analysts congratulate Aananda L. Rai for his peculiar directorial.

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The movie produced on a total budget of 200 crores(US$28 million), this reveals that this film of SRK tends to be the most expensive film within his till now the career in Bollywood. Due to the VFXworks on a heavy panel, the film took a budget of 200 crores where SRK’s VFX laden film, Ra One took a budget of 85 crores, which is again a low figure as compared to SRK’s movie  ZERO.

After ‘Manikarnika’ and ‘Thugs of Hindostan’  ‘Zero’ is trending to be the high budgeted movie to hit the BOX OFFICE.

It has been reviewed that the movie makers have already recovered 130 crores with the digital rights and satellite rights. The Sony and Netflix also bagged the digital rights and the filmmakers already recovered a much amount out of it.

It has been elucidated that Aananda Rai’s oriented film, “ TANU WEDS MANU,” MADE 150 CRORES AT THE Box office , so it is read obviously that being SRK featured in the film, the movie can easily earn a whale figure out of it and hence, making a business of 500 crores cannot be a difficult task for SRK  as reviewed over by most f the film trade analysts too.

For more success updates for the movie “ZERO,” keep tuned with www.edumovlive.com

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