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The MS admission process for foreign universities could be daunting. Moreover, if you are aiming for the top the process, the process could be overwhelming due to stiff competition.

Top universities look for more than just high GPA (grades), excellent test scores and extracurricular activities or work experience. They look for candidates who can be a good fit for their class. They want students with motivation, potential, and demonstrated interest. They want to judge if you are really interested in that program and whether you can successfully finish the course.

Last but not the least, they want to know your career objectives and how you justify the rationale of pursuing a Master’s program from a particular school.

At the top tier universities, the acceptance rate could be as low as 6%. So, how to beat the stiff competition?

Of course, you can work on your applications, and I recommend doing that – research on the internet, and check out various (but credible) education and study abroad portals. But, working with a consultant can certainly improve your chances.

I do advise to approach admission consultants by all means if you think that’s in your interest. But don’t treat it like outsourcing. They are not going to write the SoP, CV or LoR for you. Firstly, it’s unethical. Secondly, that’s not going to work for you in short-term or long-term.

For anyone looking for a consultant should understand that there is no magic in the process. Consultants cannot get an average candidate into an Ivy League or Elite school. But, they can suggest things, which transform the applications from average to above-average and good to great. It’s as simple as that.

I have been working as an admission consultant for last 3 years. I have studied and worked in three foreign countries – UK, Netherlands, and Australia. I have been at some of the best universities in the world – Aston, Oxford, Utrecht, and UNSW.

Admission consulting started as a passion (during my research days abroad); now it’s my full-time profession. I love working with young brains who want to achieve the best possible career outcomes.

Study Abroad Admission Counseling

I believe an MS degree is a tool towards a brighter and better career. You should treat it as a way to reach your greater goal – having a good & meaningful career.

My previous clients have got into universities like University of Pennsylvania, TU Munich, Cornell, Georgia Tech, York University, Imperial College London, Queen’s University Belfast, University College Dublin, TU Delft, WWU Munster, Macquarie University, University of Queensland, UNSW and many more. You should also check out what few of my previous clients have to say about me.

My admission consulting charges and standard packages are given below. I am also happy to provide further customization, should you need it.

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