The Checklist You Need to Follow Before Purchasing Pre-owned Devices

Millennials today want it all. The foreign trip, the latest smartphone and the best food. But, how will you achieve this without shelling out all your earnings? Easy. You buy pre-owned products. Call it urban poverty or smart buying; the bottom line is that you can live the best life without jeopardising your savings. It’s always wise to be careful while buying anything, be it brand new or pre-owned. With almost anything available on the internet in a multitude, cases of poor buying decisions are inevitable without the correct research. We bring you a few pointers that can be kept in mind while contemplating the purchase of a pre-owned smartphone.

Checklist Before Purchasing Pre-owned Devices:

Firstly, examine the physical condition of the phone. 

It’s common for the phone to have been dropped multiple times by the previous owner. Check the volume of the phone and the speaker while being on a call. It’s essential to check the physical appearance in terms of scratches or if any part of the body is chipped.

Besides cosmetics, it is also important to check the ports of the smartphone. Sometimes, the phone looks good, and the display is functional, but the ports may not be in a perfect working condition. It may have fallen or been exposed to moisture which may lead to subtle internal damages. It goes without saying that the display also must be examined while buying a pre-owned smartphone. You must check the touch thoroughly throughout the screen because even new looking devices may have internal damage that may not be visible. The swiping fingers and the buttons on the phone if any should be tested.

Keep the bill and all other accessories in place. 

It’s easy for the seller to avoid giving you a valid bill and the other in-box accessories for a pre-owned product. This is where you must act smart and ask for the bill of the product since it shall contain important details of the smartphone such as the IMEI number which will prove to be helpful if the phone is lost or stolen and needs to be tracked or at the time of claiming insurance. It will also have company details and the original model number of the smartphone that will be required if you have to get it repaired at any point in time. The official service centre of the brand may not entertain you if the valid bill is not furnished.

Double check the battery capacity.

While weighing the pros and cons of buying a pre-owned phone, it will be smart for you to test the battery. If the phone is less than a year old, see that the battery capacity is as good as new. A good quality smartphone will work as promised by the phone maker for at least a year. So, ensure that the battery capacity is the same as what is guaranteed by the phone maker. If the smartphone is more than a year old, it’s a decent buy if the battery is working at 70% to 80% of its capacity. Make sure that the battery is original and hasn’t been replaced by the previous owner. You may think that if the battery is replaced with a new one, it’s a benefit, but there’s a good chance that the replaced battery will be a second copy and not the original.

Verify the identity of the previous owner.

It’s best to know the identity of the previous owner. This will help you be positive that the phone isn’t a stolen or fake phone. After buying the product, you don’t want any surprises like the smartphone was reported stolen or was used by a criminal. This comes back to asking the seller for a valid bill and confirming that the phone wasn’t used for any unlawful activities.

There is a simple test that can be used to ensure all components of the smartphone are working as promised by the seller.

There is a secret code in all smartphones, which is readily available online. This code can then be keyed in on the phone’s dialler app, and you can access the service menu. You will find numerous options such as Service Test, Service Info and Customization Settings. You can run tests for the touchscreen, microphone, battery, etc.

The camera isn’t fit; you’ll be in a blur

For most of us, the camera is the best part of the phone since it helps us capture moments. And so, the lens of the camera must be checked well to ensure there are no scratches, moisture or any other kind of damage.

Online pre-owned smartphone dealers have authentic certification process in place. All phones are 100% original and inspected by experts. The smartphone comes with a 1-year warranty and a 7-day return policy.

Keeping these points in mind, scanning the market for the ideal price and using trusted sources like Zanooz will ensure you don’t go wrong while buying that new pre-owned smartphone.

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