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5 Tips for Students to Save Their Time | Time Saving Techniques

College is the place where everything happens at such a speed making you feel that you don’t have time to do everything you would want. Especially when the exams period starts, then you immediately feel that you need to do something to have more time for studying. But, how do you do that when there are still a lot of events to attend and places to discover? Is there any magic recipe to help you save more time? This article is going to show you which are the most efficient tips to save your time when you are a student.

On the other hand, you are young and curious. So, don’t expect that once you finish reading, you will learn that you should stay in your room and study. On the contrary, if you manage to save your time, then you will have more time to spend not only on preparing for exams but also on meeting new people and attending exciting events.

5 Time Saving Techniques for Students:

When you become a student, it is perfectly normal that you will have to deal with a lot of different subjects. Therefore, you might feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to organize your schedule. So, you need a bit of guidance to help you come back on track and spend your time wisely.

1.) Start with a Master Schedule:

One of the most frequent mistakes most students make is that they don’t create a schedule for their activities. You may have already noted down your classes schedule. But, this is not enough. Apart from seminars and classes, you will also attend a lot of optional courses or you will attend various events organized on your campus. In addition, when the exams are approaching, you will also need to have a very clear schedule of all the exams’ dates together with the preparation period. This means that you should start your first weeks as a student with a master schedule. It should include all your activities from the first moments in the morning until you go to sleep. Plus, once you have finished it and put everything in order, you should make it visible in your room so that you don’t forget about anything you have to do during the day.

2.) Set Clear Goals:

Each student is different and has his own vision of how college life should be like. Therefore, once you have finalized your master schedule, the next step you should follow is to set clear goals for each study session. There are students who prefer to obtain average grades but to spend more time socializing or attending optional courses which interest them more. There are also others for whom grades are the most important and they would rather study for exams instead of going out with some colleagues. Depending on which type you identify yourself to be, you will be able to set your goals and focus on what interests you the most. As long as you know exactly what you want to achieve, you will be able to organize your time in such a way to achieve the results you want.

3.) Avoid Multi-Tasking:

“One of the biggest mistakes students do is trying to do various tasks at the same time. After all, they are able to watch TV while cooking. So, how hard can it be to work on two or more projects at the same time? Multi-tasking divides a student attention into different places. For a student, who doesn’t have enough experience to multi-task, it will become very difficult to focus and deliver results”, says the managing partner of one of the best writing services for students. One of the most common multi-tasking activities is to work on a project while also listening to music. Especially when you are a junior student, you will find it difficult to concentrate on the subject while you also listen to music. Therefore, you will spend more time preparing for an exam.

4.) Keep your things organized

Everyone knows how messy college students can become. When they go out of their parents’ house, they have the tendency to forget about the house rules and find it difficult to adapt to their new room and schedule. Therefore, when you enter a student’s room, you will most probably find the books in different corners of the room, mixed with various non-college items. When you live in such a mess, it is usually very difficult to concentrate on what is really important. In addition, you may even have difficulties in finding the books you need for a specific exam.

So, instead of spending a couple of hours studying and then going to a party, you will have two options. Either you spend a few hours looking for the books, tidying your room and then prepare for the exam. This means that you might lose the party. Or you will choose to go to the party and study less because you couldn’t find the books on time. Thus, keeping a tidy room will be of great help when you want to save more time for your hobbies.

5.) Take breaks

When you work on a project and you want to be effective, then it is very important to consider taking breaks. You will be able to save more time if you take a short break of 10 to 15 minutes after each hour of study. We know that you want to finish studying fast and then have more time to spend with your friends, but if you don’t take breaks you won’t save more time. When you study for a couple of hours without stopping, your brain will get tired and you will notice that you cannot assimilate the information. Therefore, you will spend more time repeating the information, struggling to understand it and be prepared for the next class. On the other hand, if you give yourself a break every 60 minutes, then you will be able to concentrate better during your study sessions and use your time more efficiently.

The student life is unique. So, you should take the best out of it. But, you need time to enjoy all the opportunities you can have during this period. Thus, use the tips above to save more time and focus on your areas of interest. Plan your activities ahead and take breaks whenever you feel you are getting tired. Moreover, don’t forget to reward yourself and celebrate each success.

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