Tips for Making Long Distance Moving Easier

Moving, any kind of moving can be very stressful. However, long distance moves take the cake above all others. If a regular move is stressful then when it is interstate it is a totally different kind and level of stress. This is why we want to attempt to share a few tips that will help you achieve a less stressful move if you are currently faced with one or whenever you are faced with one.

Understanding What Qualifies as a Long Distance Move:

Long Distance Moving
Long Distance Moving

First things first; what exactly is a long distance move. Yes, we know it most likely refers to relocations that are interstate but is there a definite criterion that has to be met before it can qualify to be called such?

There are two factors that affect how your relocation will be classified. The first is distance and the second is location. If you are relocating to another state, meaning that you are crossing state lines then many moving companies will classify it long distance. This will be regardless of the actual distance covered.

In the same vein, some movers can also classify a move within the same state that is above 50 miles as long distance. However, one criterion that is a constant across board is if the move is above 400 miles. Everyone agrees that this is a long distance move. Now that we are all on the same page, let us move on to some tips that will help make our relocation less stressful.

Tips for an Easier Long Distance Move

Start the Process Early

One of the greatest problems you can have will come from rushing to get things done within a short time. This is a recipe for disaster and major stress. Start the entire process early. Begin to put things in the house together gradually so you do not have to rush through the process almost when it’s time to move. This of course is only possible when you are aware of the impending move a long time before the actual time.

Have a Checklist

A checklist is simply a way of keeping things sane and organized for you. Preferably, attach timelines to everything that you have on your checklist. This will help tell you how on-track you are. Tick things off as you get them done and before long, you will notice that you have been getting major tasks completed with little stress.

Determine How You Want to Move

This is a critical part of the process. What’s your plan for the move? Do you want to do it yourself or you want to totally hand it over to a moving company? Making this decision at this time will help you know what you are preparing for. If you are outsourcing, then you will need to begin to look at moving companies very early so you will be able to decide on which one to use. If you also decide to do it yourself, you will need to begin to prepare everything you need for the move.

Sort Through Your Stuff and Take Only What You Need

Whether you are having movers pack your stuff or you are packing them yourself, you need to sort your stuff out properly. Aside from ensuring things are packed in an orderly manner, you should also ensure you are only taking just what you need.

Actually, sorting through your stuff before the movers come might help you save cost especially if you can identify heavy items that you may not actually need in your new location. This will be a good time to give stuff away or even organize a yard sale to make some money while reducing the clutter. You will also have less stress unpacking at your new location.

Used Detailed Labeling

Properly labeling your stuff will be a life saver when you get to your new location. Any experienced mover will tell you that this is usually the time that people lose or misplace stuff. Have every item packed and labeled properly. If possible, write the items in a box on the body of the box.

Ensure the Accommodation at Your Destination is Ready to Receive You

Many times we are so taken up by the packing and moving process that we do not pay much attention to where we are headed. You should ensure that your new accommodation has been cleaned and prepared to receive you. You will arrive tired and stressed so having to begin to do any kind of cleaning is not something you will enjoy.

Another thing you should do is ensure that the utilities are turned on before you arrive. It will be really inconveniencing if you got to your new location only to find out that you do not have power, water and other essentials. Be sure to take care of this.

Have an “Open Me First” Box

This is another thing that can save you a lot of stress. There is stuff you will need immediately you get to your new destination. Be sure to pack these in a separate box and keep them with you and not in the moving van (if you will not be going with the van).

Without having something like this, you will be forced to begin to tear through different boxes when you arrive. Some movers experience a greater level of stress at the new destination than when they were leaving. This “open me first” box reduces this stress.


Moving can indeed be stressful but this can be seriously mitigated if you can implement the tips we have shared above. By carefully taking charge of every aspect of the move and knowing exactly what needs to be done, and when you need to do them, you will reduce the stress usually associated with moving.

Another important thing that can increase the difficulties associated with a move is working with the wrong moving company. You should, therefore, be especially careful about how you go about making your choice in this regard.

Here’s to a stress free long distance move.

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  • Thank you so much for pointing out how important it is to prepare the utilities when you arrive at the new home you’re moving to. The new house I purchased is a lot bigger and more complex than my current one, and having a house that big seems like a lot more responsibility. With how much moving and relocating we’ll need to do, I can expect to already be tired when we get there, so I’ll definitely do some preemptive cleaning and preparing before I get a local removal service to help us move to the new house.

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