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Top 10 Career and Job Websites | Best Career Resources for Indian Students and Professionals

When it comes to job hunting and or seeking career advice, it is quite confusing and frustrating at times. You might be uploading your CV on numerous job portal websites, or following few blogs on career advice, and still not being to able to make that desired career move. Whether you are student, early-stage professional or a mid-career pro, you can face quite a few challenges. It is quite difficult (and not advisable) to use one single website. In such cases the best thing to do would be it use a balanced resources of top 10 career and job websites. You can consider it like a balanced diet – you need to have a little bit of everything and tweak it accordingly.

Top 10 Career and Job Websites in India

In this post I am going to list our top 10 career and job websites in India as per as my experience (mostly first-hand).

1. LinkedIn

It’s a business oriented professional networking platform, and currently the largest one in the world. LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com) has got more than 433 million users (Wikipedia). Here you can look for jobs, and more importantly network with people, which is very critical for getting jobs these days. It is very effective and very popular – currently India has got more than 35 million LinkedIn users (The Hindu, Forbes). Personally I found LinkedIn quite helpful during My Journey of Job Hunting. Social media hiring has been a trend these days, and LinkedIn is a must use platform for all students and job seekers. In November 2015, LinkedIn also launched LinkedIn Placements, which is LinkedIn’s first India specific product, and aimed at helping graduating students to bag their first job.

You can connect with industry experts, HR personnel, recruitment consultants, head hunters, hiring managers and more. You can follow your targeted (dream) companies, get connected with their current employees, and get to know about possible vacancies and press releases. You can also join specific groups (e.g. IT Jobs in Gurgaon, Biomedical Jobs, Internships in/around Mumbai, or Bangalore startups) as per your background and career interests.

It is definitely among the top 10 career and job websites all around the globe. Employers from all over the world use LinkedIn for searching and hiring potential employees through advanced search tools. Your LinkedIn profile is basically the resume, which is accessible to all potential employers. So, you need to maintain a neat profile, along with a professional profile picture (not the cool ones you upload on Facebook or Instagram). Here are few useful blog articles that will help you to make your LinkedIn profile more effective:

2. Indeed

Indeed.com (www.indeed.co.in) is an employment related meta-search engine for job listings. It is a widely used job portal website with more than 80 million unique visitors and 1.5 billion job searches per month worldwide (SiliconIndia). It is an excellent website and very user-friendly (even the Mobile App). You can upload your resume and apply to jobs for free. You can search jobs for specific location, industry and function. You can set up your searches (different job functions or industries), and you will receive relevant job vacancies in your inbox. Hence, you do not need to visit the website every time. I included the Indeed over other job portal websites because of better results in terms of relevant jobs and features. It is simple and effective.

3. CareerBuilder (The Career Muse)

CareerBuilder (www.careerbuilder.co.in) is one of the fastest growing online job sites in India, with over 23 million unique visitors per month (SiliconIndia). It is a young job portal in comparison to few other big names. But, you can use it as an alternative source of job listings. You can upload up to five resumes and cover letters (publicly or privately). You can also create job alerts, which will reach to your inbox daily or weekly (as per as your settings). The unique thing about CareerBuilder is its Blog site – CareerMuse. You can find lot of useful blog articles on industry insights, networking events, job fairs, soft skills, CV/resume tips, interview tips and personal branding.

4. Simply Hired

Simply Hired (www.simplyhired.co.in) is similar to Indeed, pulls job listings from thousands of websites including job boards, company career sections, government sites and so on. What is unique about Simply Hired? It also connects your contacts from your social (and personal) network. You can use “Who Do I Know” feature to find friends and personal connections at particular companies in parallel with your job search results. Like CareerBuilder, the Blog section of Simply Hired is also a great resource for job search and career advice.

5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor (www.glassdoor.co.in) is a unique jobs and career related website that gives you a 360 degree insights about the jobs, and more importantly about companies. You can find information about salaries, company reviews, interview questions and more, which are all posted by employees (or ex-employees or may be someone who had attended the interview at that company) anonymously. Since employees can write about their organizations anonymously, more often than not you can get a real picture about the company culture, work dynamics and benefit reviews. Job seekers and employers also write about their organizations on Glassdoor. Besides, you can also use the Job Search function to find and apply to jobs. Not only in India, but Glassdoor also features in the global list of top 10 career and job websites.

The Salaries feature is a popular one. When you are not sure about how much salary to ask for, or what is the industry standard for a particular domain or industry as per as your skills set and experience, Glassdoor is very useful. The feature is quite similar to PayScale.com (which is more popular in the US). You can have a look at one of my previous articles – Career Prospects of Big Data Analytics in India. Here I presented the Median Salary for Specific Job Functions in the Big Data Analytics field from PayScale.com.

6. Lets Intern

Internships are always useful for in terms of job hunting and overall career development. Not only you gain real world experience, but you also build first-hand contacts in your industry. Besides, there is always a chance to convert your internship in to a full time job offer. Lets Intern (www.letsintern.com) is a dedicated website aimed at students who are looking for internships (paid and unpaid). Lets Intern has been placed by Economic Times and Nasscom among the 50 startups to look out for in 2010 and 2011 respectively. It’s not like a meta-search engine. Here companies come and post their vacancies that are of short-term duration or part-time in nature. With more than 290,000 opportunities (as claimed) across India Lets Intern is the top place to look out for internships and gain professional experience before graduating.

7. Internshala

Internshala (www.internshala.com) is another internship portal like Lets Intern. In terms of website traffic, internshala is quite ahead of Lets Intern. They have got more number of internships along with summer training listed on their website; and quite more organized. Besides, the Blog section and Virtual Training section are also impressive. As mentioned earlier, it is always better to check more than one source for jobs. The same goes for finding internships as well.

8. Careerizma

Careerizma (www.careerizma.com) is an online platform where professionals can build their online brand. In today’s digital age personal branding is very important for career success. It is relatively very new (founded in August 2015), but it’s unique and has got tremendous potential. The beauty about Careerizma is that unlike other websites, you can have much more than your resume to showcase and build credibility for your professional brand at a global scale. You might have several skills, but you don’t know how to showcase them. On Careerizma you can produce knowledge-based, detailed and articulated contents that are focused on your core skills. You can then promote the articles on other social platforms; and certainly, add to your CV. Thus your online visibility can go beyond your existing network and you can enhance your online visibility. Know more on what is Careerizma and how does it work.

Apart from building your professional brand, you can have access to various resources  such as industry insights, occupations, recruitment process, tips for resume writing, entrepreneurship, higher education, and stories on job experience, internship experience & career change. Careerizma is a platform where people share knowledge to help their career progression. Hence, the quality of articles is very high; and you will definitely benefit a lot by learning about various industries, skills and careers. Here is a little more on How to Build an Awesome Personal Brand.

9. beBee

beBee (www.bebee.com) is global networking platform where users can connect with like-minded people based on their professional interests. Basically beBee is an affinity based social network where you can connect and build relationship with people having similar hobbies and experiences. Thereby it allows you to increase productivity, career opportunities through exchange of knowledge and ideas.

On beBee you get the opportunity to customize your experience with users (called bees) in similar fields (called hives). You connect with people on smaller circles and hence it is easier to build real relationship. Being a relatively new site, even the influencers are more accessible.

LinkedIn is more focused about business opportunities, marketing, and directives; whereas, beBee is more about engineers, accountants, human resources and other professions. In the modern era, employers and organizations want to see much more than your CV and want to have a look at real you. Recruiters want to hire someone who can be a cultural fit to their organization besides being academically qualified and with required skill-set. Likewise you should also choose an organization where you can find your groove and express yourself, rather than being a mere corporate slave or work-zombie. Job should be fun, and an ideal career is the one where your skills (and knowledge) meet your interest and passions (and hobbies). On beBee you can join hives related to your professional background (e.g. Engineering, Accountancy, Data Science, Finance, Creative Writing, Social Media Marketing, Arts & Design etc.) and hobbies (badminton, chess, painting, running, cooking etc.).

You can also build your personal brand on beBee through blogging. You can have the platform, and groups to share as well. You can then also share your article on other social platforms including LinkedIn. Currently there are around 971,053 beBee users in India (as confirmed by Netta Virtanen, Chief Communications Officer at beBee), and more than 548,000 listed jobs around the globe in 30 different sectors. Due to the affinity-based style, it is also useful for students to find internships. After gaining more than 10 million users in the first year, beBee is certainly making a buzz. Hence, this could be a very useful career resource for Indian students and professionals. Know more on what is beBee, how beBee is becoming the World’s fastest growing Social Media Startup, how beBee is LinkedIn’s First Competitor and differences between LinkedIn and beBee.

10. Quora

If you cannot find something on Google, you can use JustDial. If you still don’t find the relevant information, just post your query on Quora (www.quora.com). You can find enormous amount of information, tips and tricks regarding industries, jobs and career on Quora. Quora can connect you to anything, and it is very easy to find useful information. Quora claims to be the easiest platform to share and post content form the web. It organizes people along with their interests and expertise. You can also ask someone directly and anonymously. You can also follow influncers and experts on Quora like on LinkedIn and beBee. As posted by a Quora-user and Quora-addict (Jacky Dror) – Quora is like a fountain of knowledge and wisdom that you can tap by asking your own questions.

Top 10 Career and Job Websites

Rather than depending on couple of job search portals, or spending too much time on a single platform, it will be wise to divide your time for using a combination of websites. You do need to use job search portals in order to view jobs, and to get idea about job descriptions and keywords. You need social networking platforms to reach out to people, and get career counselling and mentoring. Doing research on companies and job hunting strategy needs to be done on separate websites. Last but not the least, you also need platforms to showcase your personal brand. There is of course no point of using 50 different websites. But, you will need to use at least these 10 resources.

The above my list of top 10 career and job websites for Indian students and professionals is based on my personal experience and research. Please feel free to post your feedback in the comment box below. If you liked the post, please share it with your friends and contacts.


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