Top 7 Tools for Creating Impressive Meme Templates for Your Business

Memes play a vital role in advertising your market products. As it is one of the trendy ways of attracting people of all age groups. Memes are easy to make. All you need is some creative ideas and images. Sometimes people lack ideas and look for images or templates. If you are new to the meme, you might want to use a template to create memes.

Reddit and Tumblr are the two places where memes were born. We shared a good laugh for years. However, it’s time for creating and sharing memes all by yourself. If you are looking forward to creating meme templates, then this article will give you everything you want to know about the tools to create meme templates.

Some people are meme freaks who love memes on the internet and share them. Well, in that case, you would love everything from your witty captions to the images of the meme. You can take any image of your choice and add your humor. Sometimes it gives a good laugh with a huge share among your friends.

Top 7 Tools for Creating Meme Templates

It is not easy to make memes, and looking for the right image can be difficult but great for your business. With the developing technology, various tools in the market help you generate meme templates without any added effort. 

In this article, we have listed the top seven popular tools that people are using today to create meme templates.


When you are looking for creating meme templates, the first thing that pops your mind is, as it is quite popular among the funny bones around the internet. 

You can choose character, menu, colors, and trend and even scroll to look for the memes others have created. Once you have a clear idea, you can click on start to make your template.


  • You don’t need any user account to create memes.
  • The editing captions and image procedure is simple.
  • You can have a clear idea from the similar memes that are already made by someone.
  • You can use a customized image.


  • The only thing that you will not like about the tool is that you cannot change or edit the size of text size, location, and color.

2. LOL Builder

Remember the forever lone guy from the Rage comic series? He was hilariously funny, wasn’t he? If Rage guys work perfectly for you, then this tool is made for you. The tool is made by the cheeseburger network and quite popular among the meme makers.


  • Consists of various meme making tools.
  • You can load your image from the URL.
  • You don’t need a user account to create memes.


  • It might not always work the way you expect it to.

3. Imgur

One of the popular and biggest meme hosting platforms has its tool for creating memes. Imgur helps you to select an image for the meme from its collection, or you can search in other sites as well or upload your own. All you have to do is edit it and share it with your friends.


  • There are various memes already present, which only asks you to edit.
  • It is easy to use than any other meme generator tool.
  • You can use your choice of customized image from any place.


  • You need a user account to share your memes on social platforms.


DIYLOL is an abbreviation for do it yourself, shout out loud. It helps you to look for memes and rate them. You can also create your meme and meme templates by uploading an image from anyplace and adding a caption. 

If you are using an Apple phone, you can use the iPhone version of the tool. The only difference is that it is not updated since 2013. 


  • Consists of unique features like multiple textboxes.
  • You can customize the text color and size.
  • No user login is necessary.


  • Only a few template options available.
  • You cannot share your meme directly from the tool; you can download it.

5. Meme Center

The meme generator tool of Meme Center is a pile of four main tools. These are the quick meme, meme builder, GIF maker, and the uploader. However, you cannot start without signing up, which is free of charge. Meme builder helps you create advanced memes, and the quick meme helps you add captions and share instantly.


  • Make customized memes easily by using the already existing ones.
  • Consists of an advanced meme builder.
  • A collection of memes to choose from.
  • It helps you save and post memes on social sites.
  • Works perfectly on smartphones.


  • You need a user account to start anything.
  • It is a little difficult to use compared to others.

6. Make A Meme

It is easy and quick to make new memes with the help of Make A Meme. You can upload your image or browse through the list of pre-existing meme material images for the background. 

The pop-up builder helps you edit your caption text and preview it to recheck before saving it. Once you are done, all you need is to click the “Make A Meme” button.


  • Variety of meme backgrounds available.
  • You can easily share your memes.
  • You don’t need a user account to create and share memes.
  • You can upload your images to create memes.


  • You cannot customize the text boxes and sizes.
  • You cannot use it on android mobiles.

7. Meme Creator

Meme Creator is a simple tool that gives you a wide range of choices of meme images to choose from. You can easily edit the pre-existing meme backgrounds and create your meme and share it on different platforms. You can also view the trendy memes on the main page.


  • Advanced features for making new memes.
  • Recreate the already existing memes.
  • Similar memes can be found.
  • You can use customized images to create your memes.
  • Various freehand tools are available.


  • You cannot delete any memes you have created and shared with the tool.

So, if you are looking for meme templates for your business, try these, and create funny and meaningful memes.

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