20 Top Cities of India for New Year Celebration 2020

New Year is knocking at the door, and people are finding the right vacation spots to enjoy their new year and the zero night. To your astonishment, India is filled with numerous destinations for the New Year celebration. Make your shopping list and sit back with your family to decide your favourite destination this year to celebrate New Year’s eve. The winter season is filled with chills and thrills while December comes with Christmas, followed by the grand New Year celebration.

In this article, you will know about the 20 best destinations in India that are famous for its New Year celebration.

Best Places in India to Celebrate New year

  1. Goa

Anyone who lives in India or has been to India is fond of Goa. The nightlife, beaches and the sea make it one of the most happening destinations to celebrate New Year in India. The foreigners name Goa as the Las Vegas of India.

new year celebration in goa
new year celebration in goa

2. Mumbai

Mumbai is a lively city that never sleeps and parties all the time. Mumbai becomes the most visited place during the festivals and New Year. Do the New Year celebration in style at the famous beach parties with your favorite cocktail and dance.

3. Bengaluru

Bengaluru or most popularly known as Bangalore is known for partying hard, keeping aside the bulk IT workloads and impressions. Bangalore hosts the best DJ parties in the whole of India. Visit the lakes and the monuments nearby to spend leisure time. Enjoy the zero night in the DJ parties with the whole city crowd.

new year celebration in Bengaluru
new year celebration in Bengaluru

4. Kolkata

The city of joy welcomes the party lovers for the New Year celebration. There are many resorts and lake parties hosted, especially for making it the best New Year celebration spot. In the leisure time, spend time shopping and have the taste of the local delicacies. The New Year celebration at the Orchid Garden is renowned in the city of Kolkata.

5. Delhi

Delhi hosts electrifying DJ parties and invites celebrity performances to gather more crowds for the zero night celebration. The famous hotels and resorts of Delhi invite the guests to celebrate the new year with them at a minimal price and unlimited food and drinks.

new year celebration in delhi
new year celebration in Delhi

6. Gulmarg

Have you been to the paradise of Snow? Gulmarg is the place where everything you see is silent and mesmerizing. The city is not full of parties and DJ celebration but is appreciated by the people who love silence and peaceful fun. Enjoy snow sports with your friends and family this New Year to add more fun to your travel diaries.

7. Pondicherry

Pondicherry becomes one of the most visited New Year holiday destinations in India. The city hosts mesmerizing fireworks and born-fire gatherings at the beach that goes on for the whole night. The youngsters also plan for street dances to show their energy and excitement for the upcoming year.


8. Kerala

Do you wish to add some south India fun to your New Year celebration this year? Visit Kerala and enjoy the serene beauty of the region. The destination hosts beach parties for the entire night with amazing performances. Book a houseboat stay or spend your time at the beaches for more fun.

9. Manali

The snowy fun continues, and Manali becomes the best-known place for a winter vacation trip for the New Year celebration. Go along with your family and friends and attend the special parties hosted for the New Year celebrations in several hotels. The snowy roads will give you a feel of natural touch.


10. Kasol

The scenic beauty attracts the people of India and foreign countries to visit this destination. The place hosts mad parties for New Year celebrations and also offers the fun of trekking and hot spring baths. Kasol gives you a chance to enjoy camping in the beautiful spots of Kasol for this New Year.

11. Jaipur

Jaipur is the historical heaven of India that gives a traditional touch to all the festivals hosted in the place. The famous pubs of the city host the most happening New Year celebration parties along with the famous local delicacies.


12. Udaipur

The city of Maharajas, Udaipur, has beautiful lakes and monuments, making it one of the best touring destinations. The parties by the lakeside make the best moments to celebrate New Year in Udaipur. During your leisure hours, you can shop in the local markets and take a glance at the historical monuments.

13. Kodaikanal

The hill stations are meant to give you a morning chill with the foggy and beautiful scenic beauty around. It is known as the princess of hill stations that has beautiful resorts that host New Year parties on a large scale.


14. Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The beautiful Island is away from the hustle and bustle that is known for serenity and peace. There are many different types of water activities for the travelers who want to enjoy the New Year celebration in style. Enjoy the beach parties and shop the local goods in your leisure time.

15. Lakshadweep

The stunning beach parties with cocktails and drinks make it the most loved party destination for celebrating the New Year. The scenic beauty is responsible for making your stay memorable and peaceful.


16. Gangtok

Gangtok is covered with light Snow during the winters that make it a serene place for New Year celebrations. Enjoy snowboarding or skiing for your New Year fun and enjoy the parties held at the famous bars or pubs.

17. Gokarna

Gokarna is the beautiful beach paradise next to Goa. This place is away from the city hustle and is peaceful and silent. Enjoy bonfire parties here with your friends and family to celebrate New Year eve.


18. Rann of Kutch

The Rann Utsav of the destination is famously known for attracting the tourist from all over the world for the New Year celebrations. The white desert is the pride of Gujarat.

19. Varanasi

Enjoy New Year with a taste of Indian culture in Varanasi. Attain a peaceful aarti to bring happiness to your New Year celebrations.

20. Ooty

Enjoy the New Year amidst the skies by visiting Ooty. It is a place that loves silence and welcomes the people during New Year to enjoy a peaceful vacation. Enjoy boating, explore tea factory, and much more on your trip to Ooty.

These are a few of the many destinations that welcome tourists not only from India but from all over the world to celebrate a memorable new year.

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